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message 1: by erin (last edited Jun 20, 2016 03:09PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

erin anne Lets talk about The Crown's Game, but mainly the love triangle in the Crown's Game or anything else you found interesting.

message 2: by R (new) - rated it 5 stars

R Hi :)

When i first started reading the book, i constantly thought to myself that I would have a hard time picking between whether I wanted Pasha and Vika or Nikolai and Vika. But very quickly, my favourite became Nikolai.

I thought he was just overall a breath of fresh air. We finally had a character who wasn't a 'bad boy' or who wasn't someone like Pasha.
I thought that his character and backstory was compelling and that he was really intelligent.

Pasha to me, kind of sounded like the immature 17 year old who just wanted to sneak out and have fun. I like Nikolai better but I hope to see some more character development from Pasha. (Now that he is the tsar)

The best part of the whole book in my opinion was the masquerade ball. The sheer beauty and elegance of Evelyn's words really enhanced the picture in my mind. I loved the way she wrote that scene and most of all, i loved how i pictured it.

This book truly was an amazing read and i seriously can't wait for the second.

erin anne Well hoestly at first I wanted Pasha and Vika. Than when I was like five chapters in it became evidnet Pasha had no chance and I was already supporting Nikolai and Vika 100%.

I'm really excited for the secound book to come out, but I'm sad Nikolai won't be in it. I also hope I can learn to forgive Pasha for what he did for to Nikolai and Pasha.

message 4: by R (new) - rated it 5 stars

R Nikolai isn't in the book?! That makes me terribly upset. I thought his mum would have a part in resurrecting him or something :( oh well, if that's what happens I'll just learn to deal with it.

erin anne I didn't think if that.

message 6: by R (new) - rated it 5 stars

R I think maybe there's a possibility that it might happen. Maybe that's why Evelyn chose to make his mother have the ability to do that, maybe she planned it from the beginning.

I really, really, really, really hope that Nikolai and Vika do get together in the second book and that the author will put Nikolai in the book. I just feel like he's got such charisma and spectacular beauty that i want to explore more of his world, his thoughts and his point of view in general.

I might be a little bias when i say that Nikolai really made the book for me. He got me into the whole story and i lived for his internal monologue. He was just such an amazing character and i'd love to see more of him explored in the next book.


message 7: by R (new) - rated it 5 stars

R Hey :)
It's been long but have you had a chance to read The Crown's Fate yet?

I haven't got the chance to pick it up yet but once i do, it's the first thing I'm reading!

Mandy R wrote: "Hey :)
It's been long but have you had a chance to read The Crown's Fate yet?

I haven't got the chance to pick it up yet but once i do, it's the first thing I'm reading!"

Yes, and its really good. :)

Mandy Also, I ship Vika and Nikolai.. I did like Pasha but It didn't seem like it was going to work out. I mean he kind of seems really immature..

message 10: by Tori (new) - added it

Tori Young Golly this was the first love triangle I've actually liked both the options in a long while. It was a super hard choice for me but I think it worked out in the end ;)

message 11: by Louise (last edited Aug 01, 2020 07:10AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Louise description

i sympathize pasha and i don't know if i want him or nikolai for vika.

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