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message 1: by S.J. (new)

S.J. Romero (sjromero) | 10 comments Hi, all. My name is S.J. Romero and I'm hoping to create interest / dialogue for my debut novel H narratives: Divulgence.

What if Hell was real? What if it was divided into regions and could be manipulated at the blink of an eye? What if Hell was survival for some and entertainment for others?

H narratives are the stories of Hell through the eyes and emotions of its participants and caretakers. H narratives: Divulgence, is the mind-altering epic introduction to an afterlife never imagined, a journey like no other and a disturbing truth — death is not what we thought.

Read the first three chapters FREE at the book website - - and if interested, contact me for a FREE digital copy of the complete book (please specify mobi or epub format).

A quick side note: I've tried listing this work in a variety of groups, but am finding the best reception comes from those who enjoy reading horror, as compared to those who "enjoy reading everything". This is not a "knock" against those who enjoy all genres, but a caution that maybe this work is best-suited for true horror fans. That written, I'm hoping to increase reviews for this work, so please leave a rating, review, or both, upon completion. Thanks for your time, enjoy the journey!

message 2: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Cubias (dcubias) | 9 comments Are you taking inspiration from Dante's "Inferno"? Many of the cantos can be modernized, with more contemporary sinners and sins.

message 3: by S.J. (new)

S.J. Romero (sjromero) | 10 comments Hi Daniel. While I have heard of Dante's Inferno, and know of its general story, I have never read it. No inspiration from DI, but Hell as a topic has interested me for some time. From what little I do know, DI presents a tour of Hell, showcasing different levels or circles. H narratives presents the world(s) of Hell as an action-adventure (horror) story, with regions organized according to human history and everything controlled by demon rulers. This first book, Divulgence, introduces the reader to the main group of humans, as well as their demon instructor who initiates the group into Hell's inner workings and premise. Check out the first three chapters (using the link above) and see if it might be to your liking. Thanks Daniel, always fun to chat about Hell. : )

message 4: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Cubias (dcubias) | 9 comments "Always fun to chat about Hell" Yes, exactly!

message 5: by Melissa (new)

Melissa It sounds like a pretty interesting book. Will it be graphic, or more tame? I'm a fan of Dante's Inferno, so it would definitely be interesting to read another version of circles of Hell.

message 6: by S.J. (new)

S.J. Romero (sjromero) | 10 comments Hi Melissa. Unfortunately, my idea of "graphic" might be different than yours, so I would hate to mislead you. I don't consider it too graphic, but there are definitely some rough parts. If it helps, my mom enjoyed it and she hates horror. Granted, it's my mom so she's definitely biased, but she did tell me that she had to put the book aside for a few days, before picking it up again. Ultimately, she did get through it and she did like it.

Maybe this will help... if you have seen the movie "Poltergeist" (original 80's version) and you remember the scene where the guy peels his face off in front of the mirror : ) but then moments later he's fine, as if nothing happened? There are a few scenes like that in this book (stuff happens that doesn't really happen), with some action-adventure type violence thrown in, and then some psychological button pushing to round it out.

If you like, click on this link - - and you can read the first three chapters (FREE) on any mobile device or computer. If you like that, shoot me an email and I'll then send you the complete book as a digital file (FREE). Thanks for your interest, Melissa. Cheers!

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