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 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 965 comments Name: Mare Skyland
Age: 18
Theme Song- Sofia Karlberg, Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover)

Faction: Dauntless



Mare is one of a kind. She's sarcastic and a bit over the top when it comes to changes. She doesn't know how to express some true emotions when it comes to hard times. It's like her body shuts down. But Mare loves making people smile. It's one of her favorite things to do. Sure her own smile doesn't reach her eyes but if she can make someone else smile and laugh then that's just fine with her. Mare love to states the obvious or be sarcastic when it comes to stupid question. "If you don't want sarcastic answers. Then you shouldn't have asked stupid questions." That's her favorite saying when people get mad at her.

"So you're telling me no one gets their prince charming? I know I will. He'll treat me with respect and love me for me. If I end up marrying some man who wants me for my looks. Shall we both burn in hell....I would've been so blind and not see that he would never love me for me. Well I mean that's just my opinion. I'm sorry what were you asking?"


Mare is the fourth child being the only girl out of the Skyland family. Mare grew up doing many sports and messing around with her brothers. Her main social group was her brother's friends mostly because she hated other girls. Mare developed the love of being loved. That's all she wanted was to be loved for her. Boys only saw the looks but they never saw her. She has the brains and the personality but to her that meant no one would want her. Mare started pulling away from other people blocking them out. Her parents Started to get worried and tried everything they could. The only person that she really ever let in was her best friend Drew. He was like a brother to her.

Her mom Adda age 45
Brother 1- Andy age 19
Brother 2- Mitch age 20
Brother 3- Bree Age 19

Best friends-
Drew Daniels

Important Miscellaneous Information:

- Mare hates it when it comes to people who don't really look at her.

+ She loves to run

- There are times where she doubts life

+ She has her life planned out with a few added things here and there

Results: Dauntless, Amity (Not Divergent)

Job: Security Team

Weapons- Throwing knives

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 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 965 comments Sweet if you wanted She could give some amazing advice to Drew some time

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Whenever is cool

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 965 comments Okay it's up to you when and where you want to do it really

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Honestly whenever but only when you'll be online to finish the entire thing at once

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 965 comments Well I'll be on tomorrow morning. I have softball and everything tonight so how about tomorrow morning?

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I'm going to be on a 8 hour flight tomorrow so prolly not

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 965 comments We can start now and we can finish when you get back if you want

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I'm in the middle of something so tomorrow after 5 eastern time

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I can do now if you're on

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 965 comments Okay is there a way to get her a home?

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Yes so I can't set it up now but you may create a thread in dauntless homes. The name should be her name

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 965 comments It's all set up I'm ready when ever you are

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Have her call him or something?

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 965 comments Okay Do you want me to do it in my thread?

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