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Looking for reviews. Utopia vs Dystopia

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Johnny Moscato (johnnymoscato) | 3 comments If you're interested in reviewing a free mobi or pdf copy of The Project please reply with your email address or send me a message directly. I'd like reviews posted on amazon and goodreads.

Welcome to Adrianna, a new country isolated for years and shrouded in mystery. It’s home to the Leafers, an assembly of the most intelligent minds in the world. When Leafer President John Greenleaf opens Adrianna’s doors for the filming of a documentary, the young country’s secrets will be exposed changing the world forever. Can the Leafers really cure cancer, diabetes and heart disease with a miraculous new plant? Can they provide free food and free wireless electricity to the entire planet without pollution? Adrianna’s technology guarantees to cause a complete collapse of the global economy. But will the rich and powerful allow it?
Wars will be fought. Economies will collapse. The true origins of human life on Earth will be revealed. The project must be completed.

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Johnny Moscato (johnnymoscato) | 3 comments John Greenleaf establishes a new country (Adrianna), where everything is free, in order to take on the greedy corporations and corrupt governments that control the world- a group known as The Alliance. With no system of currency, Adrianna’s technology is not limited by money. After offering to give the entire world free wireless electricity and a cure for cancer, Greenleaf gets the attention of The Alliance who vow to destroy Adrianna and its technology before it eats into their profits. When The Alliance uses the American military to attack Adrianna, American cities start disappearing one by one. New York City. Washington, DC. Los Angeles. Twelve million people….gone. Can anyone stop John Greenleaf from taking over the world? Does anyone really want to?

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Evan Parkin | 3 comments Just joined and want to start contributing. Send me a pdf of your work to:

I will do my best to get to it when I can.

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Myra (ohjustbooks) | 21 comments hi is it okay if it's just a goodreads review? I am setting up my blog I can post there too. I'm not on amazon. If that's okay, let me know :) cheers!

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Johnny Moscato (johnnymoscato) | 3 comments Book bloggers, please add your site when requesting a copy of The Project.

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