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Merciless Memories (Brokenness Aside #1)
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C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 8237 comments Eden Rowan is offering copies of her short story Merciless Memories in exchange for an honest review. If you would like to participate please comment below with your preferred format and email address (or message me your email, if you prefer).

For those who read Merciless Memories and are interested, the sequel, Merciless Match, will also be available for review.

Formats: Mobi, Epub

The Blurb
Mercy Minor is broken...She is shattered by a guy that date-raped her when she was at a frat party at semester's end. She hasn't told anyone what happened, except her best friend Gemma of course.
Now, almost 3 months later, the new semester has begun. She's finally venturing out of hiding to start her new classes, but she doesn't think she'll ever trust another guy again.

Then she meets Camden Michaels, MMA self-defense trainer, and all bets are off. He's smart, sexy, kind. Most of all, he's kind.

But does kindness equate to trust?

Not only that, but there's something about him... something altogether different, and it's not just the kindness thing. Mercy can't quite put her finger on it. Will she allow Camden to get close enough to learn his secrets?

Does she even want to know his secrets?
This is episode 1 in a college based drama dealing with dark themes, with some paranormal elements.


Edward Davies | 31 comments This one too!

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 8237 comments :D I figured I would send them all to you. But now I won't forget!

message 4: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (jackiegirl02) | 4614 comments Definitely in!

message 5: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Scott | 466 comments I'm in please! :)

message 6: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Scott | 466 comments Forgot to mention, mobi copies for all the ones I've signed up for please :)

message 7: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (jackiegirl02) | 4614 comments Courtney will get these sent.:)

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 8237 comments Yes, I'll try and get everything sent by this afternoon (or at least the author contacted).

C.P. Cabaniss (cpcabaniss) | 8237 comments Info sent to author, so it should be coming soon!

message 10: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Scott | 466 comments Yep, got it, thanks! :)

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