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Please use this topic to nominate a Fantasy or Science Fiction Short Story, Novelette, Novella, Collection or Anthology of shorter works for our group's August discussion (beginning August 11.)

If you choose an individual story, it's very helpful if you can indicate where it's in print, either individually or in some anthology or on a website.

You need not have read the title you are nominating; after all, you'll be reading along. Feel free to say why you are making the nomination, if you care to. If your nomination is selected by the group, you'll be expected to take the lead in the discussion.

We read two different SF/F novels and one short SF/F work each month: The short SF/F work may be a short story, novelette, novella, or an anthology or collection of such stories; that discussion starts the 11th of each month. The others are one "Classic" and one "Contemporary" SF/F novel; those discussion starts on the 1st & 21st of each month, respectively. You can always check on our upcoming SF/F discussion topics by scrolling down on the Group Homepage to the "Upcoming Reads” section.

You can review past group selections in the "read" section of our Group's BookShelf. If you wish to continue a discussion of one of those past selections, all those discussion topics are still open in our Book Discussions area.

Note that this is our discussion selection for August. War Stories from the Future has already been selected as our July short story / anthology discussion topic.

Nominations will be open through Sunday, June 26, when I'll collect the nominees and post a poll so members can choose among them.

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So, we skip the August short story thing. Enjoy the beach.

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