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Ulysses Dietz | 1560 comments Traveling Light
By Lloyd A. Meeker
Dreamspinner Press, 2016
Cover by Temple Dragon
ISBN: 978-1-63476-653-1
Five stars

I have to love a book that starts with a quotation from Heraclitus: “A man’s character is his destiny.” It lets you know right away that this is not a romance novel—although it is a romance in the original meaning of the world for novel—roman in Medieval French. It is a fairly small story, although there are epic implications for its main character, a red-headed twenty-something living in Vancouver.

Ian McCandless is a hospice nurse. His job is to care for terminally ill people in their homes, to make their deaths more comfortable. But Ian is also training to be a shaman, embracing an ancient path of spirituality that ties him into the unseen world, referred to throughout the narrative as the Great Web. It’s no surprise that his developing skills help him in his real-world work. He has a great heart and a loving nature.

Ta-Kuat is an Anasazi shaman. He is sent into the Great Web by his teacher and mentor to find a magical object that will bring rain to his people and end the drought that threatens their future.

These two very different young men, born many centuries apart, will meet in the unseen world. Each of them has a journey; each of them has a destiny. The story of Ian and Ta-Kuat’s meeting is at the core of this novel, but the author’s real purpose is to take us along on that journey, and to open up to the reader an understanding of something startlingly profound.

I won’t delve too much into the various plot arcs, and I’d actually urge readers to skip the author’s blurb about the book at the very beginning. It gives away too much of the set-up, I think. The best way to read this gentle, eloquent novel is to simply relax and open your mind and heart to a different way of seeing things. Embrace Ian and his journey. The rest will be easy.

message 2: by PaperMoon (new)

PaperMoon | 664 comments Thanks Uly - I really like this author.

Ulysses Dietz | 1560 comments PaperMoon wrote: "Thanks Uly - I really like this author." I only just met him--we were discussing a John Inman book, and that encouraged me to read his. He's good.

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PaperMoon | 664 comments I really liked his Russ Morgan mysteries.

Ulysses Dietz | 1560 comments PaperMoon wrote: "I really liked his Russ Morgan mysteries."GOod to know--I bought one of them, too.

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