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message 1: by Ernesto (new)

Ernesto Pavan | 2 comments Hi, everyone!

I'm looking for a few beta readers (the more, the merrier) for my novel Revived. The book is about 60.000 words long. As you may have guessed from the title, the book is a bit confused about its genre, so I'll post the blurb here and hope it will shed some light:

For deadpan snark queen Violet Sharpe, death is not the end.

If you think life sucks, wait until after you're dead. After finding out she's contracted porthmeos, a nasty parasite, Violet is faced with a choice: either meet her end before her thirtieth birthday, or become one of the Revived, which is the politically correct word for... well, a zombie.

But the challenges of her new un-life are way worse than she thought. As part of a new minority, she faces discrimination and hatred, not to mention a laundry list of physical limitations and the looming ghost of depression. Can she meet these challenges with her usual strength and dark humor? Or is being Revived a fate worse than death?

I can provide you with an .epub or .mobi version of the book, depending on your preferences.

It would be lovely if you could, after reading the novel, answer to a beta reader questionary I will send you.In the meantime, thank you for your attention. ;-)


message 2: by Ernesto (new)

Ernesto Pavan | 2 comments Dunno if it's okay to dig one's posts up, but... I'm still looking for beta readers! Anyone interested can message me at :-)

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