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Alison Smith (ateachersbestfriend) | 28 comments Mod
Hello teacher friends! Hope you are enjoying Daring Greatly so far!

Here are this week's questions to ponder:
1. Brown defines narcissism as the "shame-based fear of being ordinary". Do you see that to be true in our society? for yourself? for your students?

2. Brown discusses the issue of "scarcity" or never enough [fill in the blank]. How did that resonate with you?

3. Brown describes the importance of vulnerability and the myths we have surrounding the idea - what myths do you think your students believe about vulnerability?

4. Why is vulnerability important for us as teachers? for our classrooms? for our students?

5. Brown describes vulnerability being "based on mutuality and requires boundaries and trust" - what is the hardest part of that equation for you?

6. Brown makes an excellent point about needing support as we walk our journey. Take a moment to think about those that are "in the arena" with you. Who do you know that you can call when you need support? Do you call on them? How is that helpful to you?

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Alison Smith (ateachersbestfriend) | 28 comments Mod
1. I think narcissism - being obsessed with ourselves - is DEFINITELY shame-based. I see it playing out with people who are so insecure it's painful. And when we focus on ourselves, it's a really dangerous place to be. That's why I think we all need coaches! I have a coach - and I love TO coach!! It's so important that we have someone to tell us when we are being to self-focused rather than others-focused.

2. Ahh - I loved the way she described scarcity. It was a light-bulb moment for me to think of how many thoughts I have each day that contain the phrase "not enough" or generally come from that scarcity-mentality. This is something I definitely need to continue to work on!!

3. I think a lot of boys especially think vulnerability is a weakness. I think girls see success as really vulnerable too. My students were so "low" in their academic ability that a lot of times they were afraid to be "smart" or know an answer in front of their peers. It was something we had to work on a LOT!

4. Oh man - I've written lots of blog posts on this one and could just go OFF on how important honing our ability to be vulnerable is as teachers. I think it yields dramatic benefits to our classrooms and our students!!!!!

5. YES!!! This is so true! I think this is where classroom management comes in as a big part of the equation because that's where those boundaries are set and held firm. That lays an important foundation for trust! I also think we have to model vulnerability, boundaries, and trust for our students to help them see what it looks/feels like and that you are there with them (the mutuality piece!)

6. For me it's not really ever been hard to ask for help - however, it is hard for me to admit when I need to back down (when I've bit off more than I can chew etc.) - and that's when I call in my support team - my life advisory board!!! It's hard to ask for support - it's much more comfortable for me to lend support than ask for it.

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