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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 157 comments Resident of Ophelia Woods and whomever else. Post away.

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Ophelia dropped her keys on the kitchen side and searched through the cupboards for something edible, well edible and healthy. She was currently on a health kick through how long it would last she didn't know. It wasn't like she needed to diet but she tried to stay as healthy as possible without exercise. She didn't particularly like sweating and avoided it whenever possible, through she would go swimming. She finally found a can of tin peaches and made a mental note to see go grocery shopping, it wasn't the maids job and it wasn't like her mother would go. Ophelia placed the can of the side and jumped up so she was sitting on it, glad no-one was here to scold her for it. She opened the can and dug into her tinned fruit. Wasn't as nice as fresh fruit but it would do. She scrolled through her phone to see if anyone had contacted her since she had gotten home but nope nothing new. Seemed she was unpopular today,

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Hayley | 173 comments ((Britt, if you pm me a picture of your Elle fc's room, i'll add it))

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