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Miss Dubber
Liza May Liza Jun 19, 2016 04:52PM
ho was Miss Dubber; or maybe I'm asking, what was Miss Dubber's significance?

Did Miss Dubber know that they were waiting outside for him, at the end?

What on earth was the letter from Aunt Al, who was "Ali the dhobi who stole her lace," and why was this letter to Miss Dubber included there in that final scene?

Aside from being the landlady of the boarding house which Magnus uses as a safe-house, Mrs Dubber, I think, is a surrogate mother for him: someone to whom he can show genuine affection without the demands of sexual love, and to fill a gap in his life that has been there ever since his real mother vanished from him.
She wouldn't have known the marksmen etc. were waiting outside: it's the business of such people to be as invisible as possible.
Aunt Al's letters from Sri Lanka, which Magnus, the 'dutiful son', reads to her, are like a soap-opera for Mrs Dubber. When she remarks that he isn't really interested, Magnus proves her wrong by mentioning something from a letter the year before. The scene is only relevant in terms of characterisation, but beautifully done, because it shows that while Magnus is actually contemplating the end of his life, he still manages to join in with Mrs. Dubber's cosy fantasies of a land far away. Such is the dual nature of his character, as it was formed by his father and that made him 'A Perfect Spy'.

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