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Rue curled up in a corner of the library. It was overwhelming..all of the ghosts made her head throb. The cries of pain and angst
It was murder!....My hand slipped..I didn't mean to stab her....I didn't want to die.....I wish I had a chance to say goodbye...I regret not being able to tell my family...Revenge, I want revenge....It was an accident!....I didn't die..I was killed!...
Rue curled up smaller, like a child..hoping the pain would stop..the voices would go away..soon..

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Rue opened her eyes "Y-you should get out of here..before they g-get to you too" she mumbled, covering her ears with her hands..hoping the voices would go away.

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"The voices..they are so..loud....I can't make it stop.." she said, shaking. She heard screams and cries of pain of the ghosts that had previously inhabited the earth before them. They were naturally attracted to her because she could see and hear them.

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Rue looked up, you could see her pupil-less eyes fully. She looked like a small child that had a nightmare. "Oh wait..normal..people don't hear voices..." she said before looking back down. "My name is Rue"

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" know anyone else..who can hear voices?" she asked, hopeful that there were others like her. Don't listen to her...listen to us instead Rue covered her ears again "Stop...please stop...I cant take it anymore..just..stop" she mumbled, looking scared.

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"I cant..the voices..just have to go away...on their own." she mumbled, her eyes going dull. The voices had died down a bit, she couldn't see anymore ghosts.

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