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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee The Blade Bar is where assassins come to be themselves. There is several floors. When you walk in, you first see the bar. If you are a visitor, you would think that's it. However, assassins who go here often are fully aware of the downstairs, and the secret passageway you enter. In the basement, assassins are allowed to freely train with others. In this bloody and violent bar, there is no such thing as rules.

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Maltra slammed the wooden doors open, and the assassins inside hushed themselves. Then they laughed raising their cups full of the strange but unique drinks the bartender, Bernist, makes. Maltra strolled in, blankly staring at familiar faces. When he sat down at the bar, he was crowded by assassins.
"So, how's it been? Serving the queen?"
"She hot, isn't she?"
"Who've you killed so far?"
"Been having fun?"
Maltra got the famous bubbling blue drink that was cold, but still caused smoke to rise when it was poured. He downed it, then said with a wicked grin, "Money has never been easier." They laughed at it, even though it wasn't funny, and started babbling on even more.

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((sorry I didn't get a notification for this!))
Aelin followed Maltra to the Blade Bar. She knew this was where a lot of the assassins came when they needed a moment to relax. She just didn't get why Maltra would feel the need to relax. From her.
She opened the door and sauntered in. The smell of beer and sweat flooded her nose in a wave. Her black floor length dress with gold on the bodice swished around her feet as she stood by the entrance.

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Rachel Bybee Maltra kept his head angled away from the door as he glanced. A bloom of anger seemed to open in his chest. He wasn't a guard. He was an assassin, and now she's acting like a puppy looking for its owner? She only needed him if she wanted someone to die. Assassins. Don't. Protect. They're the ones attacking. Maltra snatched an assassin by her arm and tugged her in. His breath barely came out as he said words so hushed. He was fully aware of Aelin's excelled hearing, so he spoke too softly. But the girl was an elf. With her pointed ears, she too, had good hearing. She nodded, and together they went off. The group automatically followed as Maltra turned into the restricted hallway. Half the group was cut off since they weren't allowed. The guard kept them from following the rest of the group as they went off.

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Aelin saw Maltra whispering to the elf girl and jealousy blossomed in her. Did he really expect to act like a jerk to her when all she's ever done is protect him? She saw them get up and head to a back hallway.
When Aelin tried to follow and the guard tried stopping her, she hissed at him with her fangs elongated. Anger rolled off her in waves and she could feel the eyes of every one of the assassins on her. She didn't care though. This queen was not one to be messed with. Especially tonight. The guard stepped aside and she brushed past him.

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Rachel Bybee Maltra, aware of being followed, snatched the elf girl's hand. He whispered lightly to her ear, and she smiled. Her long green silky hair caught the moonlight perfectly as she snatched Maltra's hand. Together they ran, and the group quickly tried to follow. They went straight to the window, and jumped. The elf girl laughed as they fell. Her body twirled as she transformed into a giant hawk, catching him by the arm and lifting him on the roof. She dropped him, and she quickly transformed back, sitting next to him. She questioned what they were doing here. Maltra handed her a few coins she would have gotten in two months, and muttered encouraging words. He leaned back and watched as she flew away, carrying the gold coins in a talon.

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Aelin knew what Maltra was doing. She knew that he was trying to make her jealous and angry. She watched as they fell out the window, but didn't scream because she knew Maltra would never try to kill himself.
She leapt out the window while everyone watched her. She let herself fall. And fall. And fall. Before her wings unfurled and a roar tore from her throat. Aelin's wings were a mixture of shadow and light. They were breathtaking.
She flew behind the building and landed without a sound behind Maltra on the roof. She crossed her arms and watched him.

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Rachel Bybee Malta sat facing the moon with crossed arms. His mouth slowly turned into a frown. His eyes stared blankly at the blinding full moon. "Your a stubborn queen," he muttered. "Why'd you follow? To keep an eye on your precious assassin? To protect me? Well guess what?" He whipped around fast at her and spat, "IM AN ASSASSIN! YOU SHOULD BE FULLY AWARE OF WHAT I CAN DO, SO I DONT NEED YOU OR YOUR PROTECTION!" He had never rose his voice. When he did, it was scare. It caught himself off guard, but he didn't show it. Still staring at her, he finally turned and crossed his arms. "So unless you followed me all this way just to tell me for somebody you want dead, leave me alone. The assassin working for the queen doesn't have to be with her all the time."

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((Sorry i had to go to my grams))

Aelin stared at him with a solemn expression. "Did it ever occur to you that maybe I care about you? That maybe I wake up every morningand see your face in my mind. The way I can make you smile, the way your eyes burn into mine, it all keeps my mind occupied! I am terrified of that one day that you wont come back. That one day that you wont come back to me! I dont want to semd you to kill people but i know that if I didnt then I would be keeping you from what you do best. That i would be the reason your heart would break. And i dont care what people think of us! I dont care about what they think! Its my life and ive alresdy gave them EVERYTHING! so forgive me if my feelings for you anger you! Everyday i fall more and more for you yet i feel like Im being a fool because i know that you will be my downfall. But i dont care because i will tear this world apart for you. I will battle a thpusand men if it means that I could be with you. And im sorry that I love you since it seems to cause so much pain for you!"
Aelin could feel the tears racing down her face but she just shook her head. She would not let him see her cry. Even though he had already, this was for an entirely different reason. She turned around and started walking away with her head held high.

message 11: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bybee Maltra just turned to stare at the moon. He cared. But he shouldn't. He sat on the roof to stare at the white sphere for the rest of the night. By looking into the white abyss, he made a decision. Let her care. Let her have feelings. But him? He will do his job. Sooner or later she'll send him off, and he'll do what he does best. Maltra smiled at the thought. He fingers itched for his weapons. The familiar hunger for death filled his insides, and the dragon inside gave a slight pull. The reptile was hungry as well. Soon. Soon, he'll be gone. Soon, she'll send him off. And when she does, he'll be happy. The light purple eyes glowed fiercely in the night as he stared intently, dreaming of a sword slitting throats. Aelin never got the chance to see the true assassin inside.

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Aelin made a decision right then. She wasnt going back to the palace. No she would fly as far as she could. She needed to clear her head. The duke could handle things for now. He always did. She flung herself off the roof and flew north.

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((Now what? I could create a new thread for aelin traveling north))

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Rachel Bybee ((Okay but I'm gonna stop here since Maltra is kinda just sitting))

message 16: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) ((okay this place is fabulous))

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((right? It was Rachels idea so.....btw Rachel, what is Maltra's next move?))

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Rachel Bybee ((He's just going to behave as a regular assassin. If Aelin orders him to do kill someone, he'll do it. So he's no longer acting as a lover or a guard))

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Rachel Bybee ((In other words he is just chilling))

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(( 'starts crying'))

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Rachel Bybee ((Srry it was his decision))

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((lol. We'll see....;) ))

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From one of the buildings near the bar a lone assassin watches through his black mask smiling...
an elf, and who is that with her? MALTRA! oh this will be an epic fight!
Dread jumps from one roof to the next and lands behind Maltra

((Ok, ok I know this thread is kind of finished but I kind of wanted it to last longer...))

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((Rachel is done roleplaying, sadly. Her characters are available for adoption though!))

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Oh ok cool

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Quiver walked into the bar. She moved over and sat in a stool a few men whistling at her in appreciation. Rolling her eyes she ordered an ale and avoided eye contact with the other men in the room, knowing fully well that they were staring. Her red eyes glowed lightly, ready to use her abilities at any moment.

message 27: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) Benji stomed into the bar and threw himself into an empty stool. A few men whistled at the girl next to him. She was quite beautiful he had to admit but the men had no tact. "A beer for me please," he yelled to the bartender. He planned to drink it all at once.

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Quiver jumped slightly as the man next to her yelled. She had no idea why she was so jumpy. Maybe from the near death experience the day before. She shook her head slowly as the bartender brought both of their drinks to them. She smiled and said, "thank you." Before taking a long gulp of it.

message 29: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) "You're here to drink away your troubles I assume," Benji said to the girl next to him. He chugged his beer quickly, slamming the glass down on the table. "What's someone so jumpy doing in a bar full of assasins anyway?" The beer was starting to go to his head.

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Quiver glared at him lightly before rolling her eyes. "I am normally not this jumpy." She said lightly and watched him chug his entire beer. Raising an eyebrow she shook her head. "And no, unfortunately I have too many troubles to just...drink them away. I just like getting drunk." She smiled before looked around feeling eyes one her. "Seriously, get a life!" She growled to the men who continued to just mindlessly stare at her.

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Grace (markedforcourt) "Cheers to that," Beji laughed, raising his empty glass to the sky. He signled for another round. "I apologise in advance for anything I say after my third beer." He smiled back. "Normally I hit up another bar but no one knows me here so I can leave my reputation behind and feel sorry for myself." What was he saying?

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"I can handle you trust me." She said with a wink and laughed looking at him curiously. "Reputation? Is it a good or bad one?" She said raising an eyebrow before ordering something a bit stronger. "You shouldn't feel sorry for yourself, I had a habit of doing it myself when I was younger..but..you just have to think on the brighter side of things."

message 33: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) The bartender gave Benji his second beer and a look that asked why someone dressed in such expensive clothes was in a bar for assasins. He shot the bartender a look that said something along the lines of don't question my choices before taking a swig of beer. "Mostly good," he replied. "But at certain times it's a hassle." He chuckled. "This is the first time I've felt sorry for myself honestly, I'm not as pathetic as I look. You should see me when I'm sober and my-" he cut himself off. He may have been tipsy but he knew when to stop himself.

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Grace (markedforcourt) ((It's pretty late here so I'm going to bed))

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

Quiver raised an eyebrow at him, eyeing him. She looked up and down and noticed that his clothing was rather an expensive choice. She smiled and laughed lightly before taking a swig of vodka the bartender had handed to her. "I don't think you are pathetic." She grinned before winking, "Although you definitely are not an assassin...." She commented lightly.

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Grace wrote: "((It's pretty late here so I'm going to bed))"

((Sounds good:D night!))

message 37: by Funky Fish (new)

Funky Fish (goodreadscompetitcroissant) Echo silently slipped into the bar through the back door, unnoticed. She slunk over to a corner and sat down on a cushy chair riddled with bullet holes. She leaned against the wall and took out her silver knife, then she began to sharpen it.

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The whole time Dread, who blended in with the shadows was watching Quiver and Benji talk.
Not an Assasin but rich, wonderful thought Dread smiling.
"Mimic do your thing," whispered Dread to another figure.
Hello there Benji the name is Mimic and first of all why are you in this bar? asked a voice in Benji's head.
Dread proceeded to walk up to Benji and silently put a small knife to Benji's back.

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Grace (markedforcourt) "You would be correct," Benji replied. It was right about then he heard the voice in his head. I must be even more of a lightweight than I thought he thought to himself. Soon after, he felt a knife at his back. "If you want money I can give it to you once I've finished my drink," he said to his assailant.

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Quiver hissed lightly and stood up from her stool. "Leave him be." She said and grabbed her sword from its sheath. Her red eyes beginning to glow again she looked over at Benji and smiled weakly. "Don't give them anything." She growled under her breath.

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Just when Dread was about to Stab Benji in the back a huge warrior stormed into the bar.
((He looked liked this))

"The finest stuff you have," growled the warrior pushing Quiver out of the way and slamming 10 gold coins onto the counter.

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Quiver fell to the floor and hissed slightly. "Seriously, " She said as her alcohol spilled all over her, earning some more whistles and hoots. Rolling her eyes she placed her hands on her hips and tapped her foot impatiently against the ground. "Excuse me?" She said.

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"Your excused," said the warrior taking the glass of beer and drinking it in one gulp.

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Quiver growled and her eyes glowed bright red again. Ready to suck the life out of him. She place a hand on his back and smirk. "Wanna try that again?" She asked sweetly.

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"Wait a second, Quiver?" asked the warrior turning around and tilting his head.

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Quiver raised an eyebrow and looked at him. Trying to remember who this person was. "Splinter?" She asked lightly before smiling.

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Grace (markedforcourt) "You know him?" Benji asked. He took a massive swig of beer. "It has been an insane week that's for sure," he muttered to himself.

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"Yea!" exclaimed Splinter hugging her.
"Oh sorry that must have hurt, the armour," said Splinter smiling.

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Quiver hugged him back and rubbed her shoulder. "Just a bit." Turning to Benji, she nodded and smiled. "Yea, this man saved me...This is Splinter," she said letting them introduce themselves.

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"Hello and you must be Benji," said Splinter shaking his hand, almost ripping it off in the process.

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