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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments And in this moment... The greatest role play in all of goodreads history begins!!!!!

Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments Katherine sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, trying to get the sweat off her neck. A huff escaped her when her hair caught the chain of her necklace, and she spent the next couple seconds untangling it.

The necklace was a gift from her father, a successful scientist. The world didn't know it yet, but in that locket was a watch. Little did the world know, if the holder adjusted the time or date on the watch, they would travel to that time.

After fixing her necklace, she headed back to the bar, "Damn Rebecca!!! How many shots have you had!?" Kat asked her best friend. "Shut up! It's my party!!!!" She chuckled, "You're turning 18, not 37!!!!" Katherine joked, then asked the bartender for a shot herself.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter strutted into the bar and looked around, looking distasteful. He hated nothing more than people. It was quite ironic and annoying how he always had to be around them to get what he needed.

He walked towards the bar and sat down, not even bothering to check that his weapons were out of sight. They always were. He was always in place, not a hair out of it. He looked at the barmaid but said nothing, he didn't feel like drinking. He had something to do. He needed to someone and maybe it was morbid that he didn't give a damn about that someone. So, he sat and waited for someone to make the first move so he could find his way to the girl—that was if the girl didn't approach him first.

Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments Kat took the shot and huffed, not liking the way it felt down her throat. She was kind of a badass but still, who likes the feeling of fire in their throat? That was Katherine's first shot and probably her last for the night, she wasn't planning on driving home that night. She knew everyone here, well, everyone worth knowing! But there was someone across the bar she didn't know, and normally that wouldn't bother her, but he was pretty attractive and it bothered her.

He was edgy looking, the dark messy hair made her curious. He looked even more mysterious with the shadow casting over him. She didn't dare go over there, instead to grabbed a soda and sipped it, watching him casually while Rebecca gossiped about her birthday gifts.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments ((Sorry for taking ages to reply but I'm watching Once Upon A Time, so I wont reply now xD.))

Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments ((No worries!!! I need to sleep tonight anyways (plus I've heard that show is awesome!!! Plan on watching it soon) Enjoy!!!!!))

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments ((It's really good, I'm on season 3. Remind me to reply to this tomorrow xD.))

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter didn't have to wait long before a girl approached him. He looked to the girl and though she wasn't the girl, she would have to do. "Hello," he said with his deep, rumbling voice. He talked to her, pretending to be interested but then he leaned forward. His eyes changed to the red that would compel the girl to do as he asked.

"Do you know who the girl with the necklace is?" He asked. "Pretty blond hair, blue eyes, short?" He asked her and she told him who it was. "Thank you for your assistance, love," he said and told her to go away and not remember a single thing about what he asked her. Then he turned around and listened quietly for that name because there were too many blondes. Hearing her name would be easier.

Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments "Kat?" Rebecca called, "Kat!? Katherine!!!" She said, shouting over the music, making Kat jump, "Damn Rebecca!!!! Shut up!!!" She snapped, "I'm trying to show y- wait!!!!" Kat rolled her eyes, she got caught, "We're you eyeing someone in particular?" She giggled. "You're drunk." Kat joked and shoved her friend then chugged the rest of her soda then tossed the can into the trash bin on the other side of the bar.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunters eyes calmly wandered to Katherine. He watched her, his eyes wandering to her friend and then back to her, sizing her up, watching who he was up against.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments Kat chuckled softly and was starting to get sick of her best friend, and looked back up and the gentleman she was watching before and happened to meet his eyes. She rose a brow and watched him for a moment before standing and walking over to him. Katherine sat herself in the seat next to him. "What do you think you're looking at, hm?" She asked him in a more playful tone than angry. Her damn curiosity always got the best of her, Kat knew that and so did everyone around her, but that never stopped her.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter stared at her as she approached but didn't turn when she sat down. "Appreciating art isn't a crime," he said, leaning back against the bar with his elbows.

((Sorry, I'm still pretty bad with detail.)$

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments Kat chuckled lightly, she was very flirtatious, so blushing didn't come easy, "I must admit, that's probably the best line I've heard yet!!!" She said nodding, "I'm honestly surprised, I'm Becca's best friend and know pretty much everyone that's worth knowing, so how do I not know you?" She asked, propping her elbow on the bar.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter stared at the crowd, seeming to scan each face, memorizing them, carving them into his memories. "I guess I'm not worth knowing," he shrugged nonchalantly as he ran a hand through his hair, leaving it messed up again.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments With a shake of her head Kat said, "See, if that were the case, I wouldn't be over here." She crossed her legs and looked up at his hair, "But I see, you're one of those guys with an ego big enough that anyone else's opinion doesn't matter, right?" She asked, glancing at the crowd where he was looking. "You gotta name, or shall I call you the 'art critic'?" She joked, referring to the line he used on her.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments "You're over here because I'm too good looking to resist," Hunter answered and then paused a little. "My ego's bigger than everything," he shrugged and turned around to the bar. "I have a name, Katherine. But it's up to you what to call me." He said.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments Katherine laughed softly, "Is that so?" She asked then nodded at his second statement, "I can see!!!!" She then paused and rose a brow at him, "Well aren't you prepared, got the slick moves and you already know my name!?" She chuckled, "Well I'd prefer to call you by your name, especially since you have one, smart ass!"

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter let out a chuckle that he couldn't help but release. "I name is not what I need, love," he answered. "Names are nothing but something you need to fill a hole. So call me what you like. I have no name. Not to others." He answered with a smirk.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments "To others?" Kat rose a brow, kind of bothered that he wouldn't share his name. "Well, fine. Don't tell me, Picasso!" She huffed, then looked out into the crowd, "So what other pieces of art are you appreciating?" She asked, thinking about who here would know his name. Kat turned around and leaned her back against the bar, looking out at the crowd.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments "Don't bother trying," Hunter said. "No one here knows who I am," he told her, chuckling. "I don't always appreciate art. When I do, it has to be an exceptional masterpiece," he told her, his eyes lifted to hers for the first time.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments Kat suddenly felt a rush of heat rise to her cheeks, one she hadn't felt in a while. She kept her eyes on the crowd, refusing to look back at him with the blush on her face, "How many drinks have you had tonight. Or are you always like this?" She asked with a small chuckle, trying to not let her smile get too big, afraid her blush would deepen.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter watched her with his deep, grey eyes. "I'm always like this," he promised, watching her blush. "And if I were drunk, you'd know because I wouldn't be here just talking to you. I'd be taking you to the back and fucking you until you screamed out a random name that you'd always call me."

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments With a bite of her cheek, Katherine turned to him, "Is that so?" She said raising a brow, "You'd fuck a girl who didn't even know your name?" She shook her head and looked into those grey eyes with her bright blue ones, "Saying it out loud makes it sound a bit fun actually," she admitted with a small chuckle.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments ((Actually, make him 21, so he could drink legally xD))

"Lets go then," Hunter stood up and held his hand out for her to take but... He would do no such thing. It was part of the plan. It'd show her just how dangerous he was, but she wont think so.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments Her hand slapped into his and she gave it a gentle squeeze, "Oh but sweetheart, I'm not drunk enough to fuck some stranger." Kat said, feigning disappointment. "That's your thing, I never said it was mine." She challenged, raising a brown with a slight smirk.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter could tell that she was toying with him. He didn't mind it. He was toying with her, too. So he stepped closer to her until his hips pressed against hers against the bar. He slid a finger down the side of her face. "Too bad I'm not drunk either, and you're too young for me," he chuckled. "Tell me, Katerina, have your parents never warned you never to talk to strangers?"

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments A small smirk spread across her face, liking the attention she was getting from him. He was interesting, and she was curious, "They did." She said simply, not mentioning any specifics about either one. "Tell me, Mystery Man, has your mother ever taught you about respecting a lady." She challenged with an eyebrow raised, her cheek tingling from his touch.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter lowered his hands to either side of her. "No," he said. "But my father taught me to treat them like dogs," he said, wondering what dangerous game they were playing. "Give them treats when they answer to what you demand," he said. "Stroke them to make them like you." He said and leaned down, pressing his lips to her ear. "Put a leash on them to keep them in line," he whispered hotly into her ear before pulling back and stepping away.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments Kat gasped softly and bit her lip at what he said, taking a moment to not fall for his dangerous trap. "Too bad I'm no dog," she replied, "I'm a Kat." She said, referring to common nickname. She sat herself up on the bar when he stepped away and looked him over. "Ya know, I like you." She said squinting her eyes a little, "You're dangerous, yet exciting." She smiled a little, cocking her head to the side, causing her bangs to fall in front of her face.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments ((Btw that was probably the most seductive thing I've ever read in my life... Very well written!!!))

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter chuckled slightly, "and then I have an ego bigger than my head, Katherine?" He said and stuffed his hands into his pockets. "I never really was a cat person, though," he turned around. "See you around, Kitten." He told her before walking away and out of the bar.

((Thanks lol. You flatter me too much xD))

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments "Kitten..." She repeated softly, "That's new..." She said and bit her lip, watching him leave. Was she gonna see him again? She didn't know, but she definitely wouldn't mind it. He was interesting... Very interesting... "Kat!" Becca called and she turned to her friend, "We're playing beer pong! Wanna join?" The birthday girl asked. Katherine would've jumped in but the boy was stuck in her head, it bothered her that she didn't get his name and that she probably never would.

((Where to next?))

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments ((Hmm.. Idk :/... Maybe a few weeks later? She sees him at a cafe?))

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments ((Sure!!!! U start?))

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter sat in the dark corner of the cafe, as if waiting for someone. He watched the door for Katherine, waiting patiently because he knew she came here to hang out all the time.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments It was about a week after the party and everyone was still talking about it. Rebecca was not only able to rent out the place, but tip the bouncers and bartenders enough to let in and serve the kids they knew were under aged. Katherine was over it and had even almost forgotten about the guy she met there.

Her wallet hung from the attached wristband and swung with each step as Kat walked into the cafe she went to every other day. She stood in line and looked up at the menu even though she was already certain what she wanted.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter watched her walk inside. He growled when she didn't even look wt him. He lifted a hand and curled his hand into a fist, pretending to lean on it as he made her heart hurt just a pang, just enough to make her look up at him, to make her catch him stare at her.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments Suddenly, she found herself looking toward the darker corner of the restaurant and there she spotted her Mystery Man. A small smile spread across her face and she stepped out of line, walking toward him, "What do you think you're looking at, hm?" She said in the same tone she did at the bar. Without asking or being invited, she sat herself in the seat in front of him.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter watched her, still leaning forward on his fist. "Appreciating art isn't a crime, I believe," he said in the same nonchalant tone he had that other night. "Whats a little Kitten doing wandering around a cafe full of hungry hounds?"

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments With a roll of her eyes she responded, "She was going to ignore the hungry hounds and get herself some coffee." Katherine said with a small smile, "But her curiosity got the best of her." She admitted, brushing her curly blonde hair off her shoulder.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter smirked slightly before leaning back against the chair. He watched her, not answering her latter indirect question. "Do you believe in magic, Kitten?" He asked her, seeming random and nonchalant. "Or is it science you believe in?"

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments "Science." She answered immediately, "Though, if it weren't for my dad I'd probably believe in it a little bit." She stated and brought her hand to the necklace around her neck, playing with it gently,moving the pendant up and down the chain. "What about you. Magic or science."

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments "Magic... Science, whichever will give me what I want," he shrugged and his eyes wandered to her necklace in her hand. He raised his eyebrows, "from a fallen lover?" He asked after a few moments, knowing the answer already.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments She looked down at the necklace and moved her lips to the side, "What's it to you?" She asked, tucking it in her shirt and looking up at him with a slight chuckle, "How much do you plan on knowing about me before I get your name?" She asked, raising a brow

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments Hunter shrugged and watched her. "I already told you, I have no name," he said. "Not here," he told her. "Here, people call me whatever they prefer."

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments Katherine squinted at him, "If you don't have a name, then where do you have one?" She asked raising a brow, "And what do they call you there?" She asked looking him over. Her guard was starting to get up, maybe it's because she didn't have any alcohol in her system.

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments "No where," Hunter shrugged and watched her, "they call me Nothing," he told her, chuckling slightly. "Go get your coffee, Kitten," he said, smirking slightly at her because he could almost literally see her guard going up.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments Katherine bit her lip and shook her head, "Don't really want it anymore." She said leaning back in her chair, sizing him up, "Okay Nothing, let's make a deal, before you ask anything of me, you tell me something about you. Sound good Picasso?"

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Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 46890 comments "Why would I ever ask anything of you?" Hunter wondered, stroking his light stubble as he watched her. "Alright, though." He said. "If you do the same," he agreed.

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Weeds or Wishes? | 2109 comments Hunter then received an eye roll, "Of me, about me shame thing, you know what I meant." Kat said and thought for a moment, "I come here on the days of the week that end in Y, how often are you here?" She asked, attempting to start their little agreement.

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