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Christians and Christian fiction.

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message 1: by Marlene (new)

Marlene Banks | 2 comments I belong to a book club and find, to my surprise, that many people who say they are Christians do not like Christian fiction. They prefer secular novels that promote a lot of ungodliness...a whole lot of ungodliness. Yet they complain about a book if it mentions God, the Bible or Christianity in any other way than blasphemously. Has anyone else had the same experience?

message 2: by Edward (new)

Edward Arrington | 4 comments I have never been in a book club so I can't speak directly to this. However, I have worked with people who profess to be Christians and go to church regularly but their choices of entertainment are far from Christian. I don't think we must avoid all activities that do not bear a "Christian" label, but I think God would want us to honor Him with our choices of reading and all other forms of entertainment. Some that is not labeled "Christian" is still clean and suitable but much of it is not. The question the people need to ask themselves is whether these are the kinds of books they want their kids or grandkids reading and emulating. If not, my position is to not have them in my house. I'm not judging anyone else but simply stating my personal guideline in these matters.

message 3: by Marlene (new)

Marlene Banks | 2 comments Thanks for your feedback and I agree. I'm not saying everything we read, watch or listen to has to be Christian. Like you said, there are decent secular stories and movies out there (although they are getting fewer). And not every Christian form of entertainment has to be squeaky clean because if it depicts real life it can't be . As a writer I am faced with this decision often. However, as followers of Christ Jesus we need to be mindful of our entertainment. I have had to cease viewing many programs or reading and listening to certain music because I didn't want to put certain things into my spirit. And yes this is my personal opinion as well.

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