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message 1: by Maddie, Co-Creator (new) - rated it 3 stars

Maddie (maddie_heartfullofbooks) | 66 comments Mod
1. Eau de Witchcraft

2. All of these literary illusions are impressive and everything, but if this is set only twenty years after most of the books references were published would they have reached the height of popularity enough for Tessa to be constantly thinking about them? Like, quoting Jane Austen or Charles Dickens would be impressive in the 21st century, but in the time they were written, the quotes haven't been given time to gain any salience.

3. Tessa as Jessamine going out with her brother on a date. Clare just can't seem to get around incest one way or the other.

4. Is Jessamine part of the dark side, or is she a double agent, then?

5. Demon pox are sure getting a lot of mentions. Are they the small pox equivalent?

6. Hyacinth is pretty and everything, but if even Will is questioning her relevance, so am I.

7. Married??

8. Tessa will be exactly like the Gothic heroines she describes if she faints right now.

9. Magnus Bane as the ultimate cockblock. I didn't know I could love that guy more.

10. And he quotes Shakespeare. Stops Will and Tessa making out, and quotes Shakespeare. There's something for both me and Sarah!

11. 'Could you split your heart in half?' No. The answer is no. That's called having your cake and eating it to and that's not fair or right.

12. 'Oh, I cannot decide between Will and Jem. Whatever shall I do?' Jessamine said in a high-pitched voice. Jessamine is me in this scene.

13. So, Jessamine has a dark side. And probably with good reason. I still love her.

14. At least we finally know what Tessa is. 314 pages into the second book.

15. Why did Magnus kiss Will? Is everyone slightly in love with him but Sarah and I???

16. A rune of Quietude??? Seriously, that's ridiculous. Is it so Shadowhunters can torture their enemies in private?

17. 'Tessa is fearless'. I beg to differ, after she wanted to faint just at the sight of a demon not thirty pages ago.

18. What is Tessa's position as Nate's sister going to do if Nate's disowned her? At least be logical, guys.

19. I do enjoy the Sophie subplot, so that's something.

20. 'You should not have to apologise for not returning my feelings.' OK, Jem is the most considerate bae ever. He doesn't even stress about being in a love triangle. If it wasn't clear before, I'm 100% team Jem. Not team Jem-and-Tess. Just Jem.

21. And Jessamine is doing everything she can to redeem herself, and explain her actions. Let's hope I grow to like Tessa and Will more in the next few chapters...

message 2: by Sarah, Co-Creator (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sarah (stacksofsarah) | 52 comments Mod
Number 12 - in which Jessamine is all of us. Also, don't get me wrong, I like Magnus, but he's not the fave. In other news I ship Jem and Happiness.
P.S yay Shakespeare!

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