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Laxman Rao (laxmanraoauthor) | 1 comments Read this romantic novel for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Narmada by Laxman Rao Click here -


This novel is a poignant depiction of life of a beautiful girl ‘Narmada’ who belongs to valley of Baitul in Madhya Pradesh, India. Protagonist ‘Babu’ is studying engineering from IIT, New Delhi. His parents want him to get married to his childhood friend ‘Varsha’, a highly educated and sophisticated girl.

When Babu in summer vacations reaches his home in Bhopal he falls in love with Narmada at first sight. Narmada is grand daughter of leader of laborers who works at construction site of Babu’s father in Baitul. Babu forgets Varsha. Narmada also gradually seems to be in love with Babu, while on the other side Varsha is not in the state to marry any other guy except Babu. She is quite jealous of Narmada.

Meanwhile, Narmada’s relatives fixes her marriage to a man named Govardhan in their own caste. When Babu comes to know this, fear of losing his love Narmada starts flourishing in his mind.

Now Babu is in a dilemma whether to fight for his love or to marry Varsha whom he doesn’t love. What will Babu do? Read on to find out.

message 2: by Spark (new)

Spark D'Ark (sparkdark) | 1 comments Janus Quadrifrons

Janus Quadrifrons is a dark mind game written in order to manipulate your perception of Human Identity, Self Awareness,Freedom of Choice, Reality and Time.

Janus has the ability to connect with other people's conciousness. Alex enhances that ability at a secret, dystopian laboratory using genetic engeneering, quantum mechanics and advanced technology in order to bend Reality and Time. Mark is a doctor who maintains the balance between Janus and Alex.
Each one of them is on a quest for his own personnal "Happy Ending" while both "Happy" and "Ending" are deceitful.

message 3: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Altman | 2 comments Hi everyone, new to the group and wanted to say hello :)
I'm Jordan, a Geologist and new author.
I have just released my Fantasy novella The Shaman's Carving!
The story is in the KU program for you to read with ease.
An honest and polite review is welcomed.
Thank you all for your time and have a great day.

The Shaman's Carving by Jordan Altman

message 4: by Beth (new)

Beth Green (thegreenauthor) | 2 comments Hello everyone!

I wrote my first Christian novel, A Rose For Jonathan, and it was so successful (winning several awards) that I was asked to continue the story.

Quiver is my new book and it continues the journey but this time with Jonathan. My books are full of a variety of characters and I hope that I not only give you a full fledged adventure, but also a love story mixed with some humor as well.

So what is this series about? Well, A Rose For Jonathan (AR4J) is about a young preacher who is battling with visions of light and darkness surrounding people he loves. He eventually starts seeing more into the spiritual world and then uncovers secrets to his past that lead him to bring a town to it's knees.

In the sequel, the demons and angels ramp up their efforts to control young Jonathan, the last character you meet in AR4J. He has inherited a spiritual gift as well...this time more dangerous.

I don't want to give any more away but please check them out and let me know what you think! They are both always free on Kindle Unlimited and available through Amazon.

message 5: by Beth (new)

Beth Green (thegreenauthor) | 2 comments A Rose For Jonathan


Multiple award winning books in a series.

Both are free on KU.

A Rose For Jonathan is a story about a young man who has a liver transplant as a child and then discovers that he inherited a spiritual gift as well. As he matures, he begins to see into the spiritual world around him and discover the effects of what we do on the angels and demons that surround us.

Quiver is about a young boy named Jonathan (appears at the end of the first book). This book can be read without reading the other; but several characters are continued into this one.

As he matures, Jonathan discovers that he has the power to heal but it comes with a price. He struggles not only with not being able to heal everyone and then is forced to make a decision to flee and leave the woman he loves in order to save her from the demons that are tracking him. A host of new characters and more intense battles between the angels and demons fill the pages of this book that will keep you guessing until the last paragraph.

message 6: by Halvern (new)

Halvern Black | 1 comments The Untethered by S.W. Southwick

The Untethered is available on Kindle Unlimited.

Book trailer here:

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