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Usually just name, age, and a small summary of background. I don't like too much background, because I like to leave room for more ideas, if any pop up. Oh, and appearance.

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Hehe awesome! I am babysitting my bros kids, so I will be kind of busy. I might fall asleep too. XD I'll have my character up in a flash.

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Name: Loralei "Rory" Taylor.
Age: 17
Appearance: Medium length dark brown hair, usually kept in two braids. She wears eyeliner surrounding her deep blue eyes, that are always alert. She wears a guarded expression most of the time, hiding everything about her from everyone. She has a small tattoo of a sparrow on the base of her neck, and a small flock of birds on her lower hip bone, that is covered up with clothes. She usually wears jeans, and a hoodie, or if its warm out, shorts and a plaid/flannely type shirt. She has her ears pierced in a double piercing, that she usually keeps fake diamond studs in.
Background: Rory lived with her abusive alcoholic mother ever since her abusive father left her and her mom on their own when she was 8. He now owns a big business company, and is re-married, and never contacted Rory. She smokes, which is part of the reason they sent her to the place for troubled teens, the other part, is because her mom beat the dickens out of her, to the point where she now has several medical records. They (the police) picked her up one night after neighbors in their apartment heard her screaming because of her Mom's temper. They contacted child services, and that's why she was here. When she was younger, her best friend, Bryan, became her boyfriend. She was completely smitten with him, and did anything he asked... Even selling his drugs to people. She never took them, but the main reason she was there, was because she sold them, for him.

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Awesome! Since its your idea, you can starat it off. :)

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Hehe sounds good!! :)

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