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ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments so I have an idea but I wanted to know if you have anything in mind or anything I should know

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments okay

Muse A is a famous bestselling author. His books are loved by teens and adults alike. However, Muse A has a dark secret. He was an ex gang member from the notorious gang The black Hydrangea. Muse B is a fan of Muse A's books and has the tiniest bit of a crush on the author so when A arrives to live across the street from him B can't help but try and make the man his,not caring if Muse A's past will soon try to tear them apart.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments cool beans. Can I be Muse A?

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Sure thing do you want to go first or shall I?

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Sure thing!

Name: Carter Terence

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments cool I like how he looks :) Where do you want to start at?

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments We can start with them at a book signing?

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments sure thing.

Carter couldn't remember the last time he had seen so many people for his books....actually he could,but at the moment he was nursing a pretty bad headache from the lack of sleep he had gotten that he was momentarily stunned by just how many people had shown up to get a signed copy of his book. His book. Something that Carter wrote by himself and became a hit with nearly all of the teens and the adults. It never failed to shock him really at hkw far he's come to being a famous author but as soon as he sat in that chair the shock faded,replaced itself with a tired happiness that begged for attention but also a good nights rest. Why he decided to go to a signing just after a deadline meeting with his editlr was beyond him bht there was no backing out now. Carter set a polite grin on his face as he signed away book after book that was thrust his way.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Signing helped to keep the headache in he back of his mind and Carter was greatful for that. He never worked well under headaches but no one would ever be able to tell that from the polite little smile on his face that never faltered or fell with each excited reader and fan. He scribbled his name down absently,writing kind words for those who needed it and smilely faces for those who didn't need a pick me up but he wanted to give one anyway. While Carter was signing he kept his eye open for anyone suspicious. It was old habit that was yet to die away...something he was certain would never die away but Carter didn't care too much. He'd rather have this instinct than half of the ones he has now. There was no one out of the ordinary unless you counted the wormer that kept peeking at him through nervous eyes but Carter didn't count him because he often got looks like that. Instead he offered the young male a small smile before directing his gaze back to his work.

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ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments The lines weren't getting any smaller but it was nearing that time in which Carter would have to end it off soon. The last thing he wanted to do was stay here all afternoon and night signing away until the day started again and created a horrible cycle. Carter was well aware that it wouldn't happen exactly like that but it still urged him to hurry it up all the same. Carter was about to stop it at the person he was currently signing when he caught the face of the boy who was staring at him earlier. He looked cute up close,very nice looking. He offered the kid a sweeter smile unlike his normal ones and took the book. "Consider yourself lucky,"He said with a teasing smile. "you're the last person I'll be signing today."Carter glanced up at him,eyes twinkling with slight amusement as he gazed at JJ.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments As Carter signed the book he glanced up at JJ and let out a soft laugh. "Thank you,it really means a lot." Carter heard compliments like these so often that it didn't really affect much anymore however when he heard it from the guy it felt...sincere,in a way that made Carter's cheeks darken a little as he handed the book to JJ and stood up. "Thank you for reading. People like you are the main reason why I write today so..."He gave JJ a sweet smile. "Thank you."

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter chuckled lightly,everything the kid was saying was so sincere and kind,he couldn't possibly think it was really true that a kid could be so nice. He gave JJ a small wave of his own as the rest of the people in line began to either file out or wander along the bookstore. Cute came across Carter's mind before he could stop himself and the man tried not to frown as he packed up his things and walked out to where his car waited. People like JJ were people Carter shouldn't associate with. They were too innocent for their own good. Pair them with a monster like him...only despair follows.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter headed home in a cheerful mood. Despite the headache that was pounding at his head softly,he considered it to be a great day. As usual a of booksigning was always a good day to him. As he drove,his mind wandered to the boy. He didn't look extraordinary in any way but for some odd reason he was stuck in Carter's head. His cheerful attitude,that shy face, the- No, Carter thought fiercely shaking his head as he pulled up to his small house. I will not think about him. I cannot have matter how much I would like to.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter had just gotten out of the car when he heard the sound of a lawnmower. He turned and caught sight of the very person he was trying not to think about.The guy lived right across the street from him. And currently he was shirtless. Carter felt his mouth go dry the longer he stared and he glanced away,wanting to walk inside to his house but unable to do so the more he peeked over at JJ. Grumbling a sigh,he mustered up his courage and walked over to the other side of the street where the other male was. "Hey!"He waved to grab his attention.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments He smiled a bit at the look JJ gave him and took his hand,shaking it gently. "Well,the house has been mine for years I just move around so much that I never had the time to come back until now." Carter laughed lightly. It wasn't exactly the truth.The house was his but he hadn't lived in it for reasons far darker than moving around so much. "It's nice to meet you,JJ...and to have moved so close to you too. It really is a coincidence."He replied with a gentle smile. "Do you live here by yourself?"

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments He laughed lightly then smiled a little when he heard footsteps approaching,although some part of him tensed for an attack. When JJ introduced the two as his cousin and the cousin's boyfriend,Carter relaxed a bit and nodded in greeting. "Nice to meet you,"he said politely then caught on to what he had said before. "I'm sorry,I'm holding you up aren't I? I should go..."He trailed off with a sheepish chuckle.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter blinked in surprise at the offer then scratched his cheek as he felt them burn slightly. "We-well...if I won't be a bother then I suppose I can."He replied with a hesitant smile. All thought about staying away from the boy flew out the window at the offer. "What time would you like me to be ready?"

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments "Right."Carter nodded. He could dress quickly, since he had experience doing so from before in the gang. He gave a small smile to the three before heading back to his place to quickly shower and get dressed

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter wasn't sure whether to go with a black button down or a blue one and was just about to pick a different shirt when he caught sight of the time. It was almost time to go. Hastily he put on the blue button down and ran a hand through his slightly damp locks. Just as he hit the last step on the stairs there was a knock at the door. "Hey,"Carter greeted breathlessly as he opened the door and locked it behind him. "I hope I'm not overdressed." He couldn't help but look JJ over. "You look nice too."

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter nodded again. "Thanks."He replied then looked in the direction of the car as JJ informed him of his cousin's dislike for tardiness. "Yeah,being late isn't exactly a favorite of mine either." Being late only meant trouble back in his gang days. He followed behind JJ and slid into the backseat.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter listened to the two go back and forth. Somehow it reminder him of the family he had back at his old home... the family he had left behind all those years ago. His smile faltered a little but he kept it back at the last minute He didn't want to ruin the mood for the night. "Well better late than never."Carter murmured with a soft smile in JJ's direction

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments At once,Carter was uncomfortable. Not only with the fact that Eric was driving while staring at him but the fact that he was asking about family. That was something that Carter often struggled to respond to because for one he didn't know his parents and two who he considered family were a bunch of killers. "Ah...I didn't know my parents."He answered softly. "I lived in an orphanage."

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter smiled in gratitude at Rich and settled into his seat a little bit better when he processed the question. Well,that was something he could answer. "Its a detective series that I'm starting. The main character is an ex member of a notorious gang trying to do right by people and escape from his past as a former outlaw."It was close to himself in a way minus the fact that the main character was more brash and bold in his actions.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments "Are you saying that because you're genuinely interested or because you're not trying to offend me?"Carter teased lightly,an amused smile tugging at his lips. When they pulled up to the restaurant he let out a soft whistle. It didn't look too fancy but it didn't look cheap either. "I forgot to ask but is this a celebration for anything?" Carter asked as they walked inside.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments "Oh,I see."Carter gave a soft noise in acknowledgement although now he felt a little out of place. These people were family and here he was intruding on their time. A part of him wanted to apologize but the other side told him that it wasn't necessary. No one seemed to be upset with him.Not yet anyway.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter smiled but he still felt bad not just because he was intruding on a family time but because he felt normal...although he knew he shouldn't. Deep down,Carter was still a cold heartless killer. But he kept that smile even as he sat. "I wouldn't say loser. Sounds more like third wheel to me."

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments "Well you guys wouldn't know anyway would you? Too busy making googly eyes at each other?" Carter teased before nudging JJ lightly. "Well today you won't have to look like a loser. I'll be here playing that part for you."He said with a crooked grin

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments "Modest about it too."He added with a snort and a small shake of his head. He peeked a glance at JJ seeing him look a bit nervous and smiled kindly as they sat at the table

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter snorted at Rich's antics then shifted at the question. It was a common question but one he never answered truthfully because he didn't know himself. However since this wasn't an interview he didn't feel the need to lie. "I don't know to be honest. I akways loved to write and just show off. I have a very vivid imagination for the world around me and the thought of constructing that onto paper just really appealed to me."Carter answered feeling his cheeks warm sligbtly. "I-its a silly thing to say, I know."He replied scratching the back of his neck. His imagination for killing,what weapon to use, how to kill someone in the most bloodiest or non bloodiest way possibke was what had made him such a complicated killer and most feared because he was such a wild card. No one knew what to expect. It was also why his books were such big hits.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments "Really?" Carter asked,turning to face JJ. "Do you make your own music?"He asked. He was somehow genuinely interested in the boy. Not only was he handsome but he seemed to be really innocent and sweet. The complete opposite of Carter himself.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter rest his chin on his hand as he listened. "That's amazing though."He murmured. "Would it be okay to listen to your work sometime?" Pull back pull back pull back he wasn't supposed to get close to anyone. But its been years...years since he's been a part of the gang Carter wanted a companion and someone to talk to.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter grinned "Yeah that would be great."He replied going to say something about the look Rich and Eric shared when the waiter came by. "O-oh, um I'll have the steak medium rare please."He answered

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments "Ah water please."He handed the menu to the waiter just as the couple got up to dance. He watched for a moment then glanced back at JJ with a smirk. "Well that didn't take long."

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments "Oh."Carter blinked then blushed at what that meant before turning his gaze back to JJ and giving him a warm smile. "Well,like I said you don't have to feel alone in this. I'm here now so we can be losers together."He grinned,moving his chair a little bit closer to JJ.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter made a face trying not to look annoyed at that and forced a smile. "Yeah,unless he's dense and decides to ignore that I'm here."Something that he wouldn't let happen because of the former gang member in him and over protectiveness.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments He nodded "Well I've never bee flirted with before so I think you should consider yourself lucky for being considered handsome." Then again he would have been if he wasn't scowling half of the time when he was in the gang.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter felt his cheek turn red slightly and he smiled to himself. "If you were flirting with me then I wouldn't be flirting with you like I am right now." He replied nudging JJ lightly

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments "Yes,"Carter laughed. "I'm sort of new to this myself so I didn't know if I was doing this properly." Carter looked at JJ then down at the table. "I mean you are good looking and really sweet so..."He trailed off

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter wasn't sure who was worse,him or JJ. He laughed and glanced over at JJ. "Thank you though. I suppose we're both equally as bad at flirting."

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments He found himself looking at JJ's lips and biting his own. His eyes flashed up to meet with his at the question and he nodded slowly,standing up and extending a hand out. "Certainly."He replied softly.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments He followed JJ to the dancefloor and in response placed a hand on his waist and kept the other in JJ's,glad that he was taught how to dance. "I wouldn't lead you along,JJ."He murmured as they began to move. "I'm not that type of person." he was a lot of things bit wasn't one of them.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments He smiled as they moved lightly to the soft music. "I was forced to learn how."He said with a slight blush. They passed Rich and Eric and he smiled at then softly before looking back at JJ with a tender smile.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments "Oh no nothing like that!"Carter laughed lightly. "Well I mean kind of. It was mainly because I was always cooped up in the house and I never wanted to do anything."He explained with a small smile. Again a half truth but a truth nonetheless. "Besides I quite like long as its with you."He winked.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter wasn't sure how long he danced with JJ until he notified them about the food. "Oh,right."He murmured,taking his hand off of JJ's waist but still holding onto his hand as they walked to the table

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Carter risked a glance and felt his cheeks burn slightly. "So I see."He murmured as he focused back on the table and took a seat beside JJ again.

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