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Hiiii! :) Did you have any ideas? Because I have a couple, but if you have somethin you wanna do that's fine! :)

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A girl, who's father left her and her alcoholic abusive mother along when the girl was 10, gets pregnant by her boyfriend at 17. She tells her boyfriend, and he blames it on her, and leaves her.
Its four years later, the girl is working her ass off trying to make enough money to support herself, and her mom who hates her, and her daughter who is now in a home. Her boyfriend shows up out of the blue, after being away and making something of himself. They run into eachother, and one thing after another and all that jazz. :)

Idea number 2
A girl and her best friend are in love with each other, but refuse to admit it, since they are both with other people. One night, at a party, they get drunk, and it all comes out in bed. She ends up getting pregnant, but doesn't know how to tell him and keeps avoiding him.

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HA WOW I just realized how totally braindead I am. XD

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Cool! Do you have any ideas?? IF not, we can totally do that idea. :D

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Why thank you. :) Do you want to start it? Feel free too. :D

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oh yeah!! hehe sorry I forgot!!
Name: Elaina Rodrigez.
Age: 18
Appearance: Hispanic looking, long dark curly hair, dark eyes, tan skin, rounded face that is usually smiling. Her face lights up when she smiles, lighting up the room. She is tall, has a rounded figure, and usually wears jeans and a sweatshirt, although when she goes out to a bar or party, she wears a short dress, with some sort of leather jacket.
Background: She lives with her mom, who hates her. Her Dad, isn't home very often, but she loves him to pieces. She really has no reason to be as happy as she is, but still.
She has dated a few guys, never going anywhere because her entire life, ever since she could remember, her heart has belonged to her best friend.

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OOOh hes a hunk. XD Very nice!!!

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How about... The day of the party?

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Sure thing! :)

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Sure thing! :)

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Another party at another house. Another boy asking her to go with him. Elaina sighed, and inwardly groaned at the thought of going to the party with Jake Donalds. He was known for being the biggest jerk in school, and probably in the town. But its not like anyone else had asked her... Kent certainly wouldn't be asking her, he'd probably ask some girl with long blonde hair, and a perfect figure.
"Sure Jake. I'd love to go with you."
"Sweet. I guess I'll see you in a couple hours." He gave her a cocky grin, she wouldn't be surprised if he had already started drinking.
"Guess so."
"Oh, and wear something small, and fitted. See you at 8 sexy."
Sexy? Small and fitted? Could he get any grosser?!
"Yeah.. see you."
She slung her backpack over her shoulder, and walked off of the big yellow school bus, onto the cement sidewalk in front of her house. Looking inside the windows, she could see her mom passed out on the couch, and of course her dads car was nowhere.
"Great." she muttered, and sat on the front stoop, taking her time going inside. She took out her phone, brushed a stray curl off her forehead, and dialed her best friend since infancy, Kent's number, hoping he would pick up.

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She smiled at his voice, and then it faded as he mentioned he was going out with Brittney. head cheerleader, with a perfect body, perfect looks, and... Ugh she was perfect.
"Howdy Kent. Yeah I'm going... With Jake."
If it was possible, she would throw up. Just ask him, ask him out. No, that would put their whole friendship at risk, and she might loose him for good. He knew her better than anyone. He knew everything about her, except for the fact that she was in love with him.
"I just wanted to call... Ask you if you were going tonight... And you are! So I'll see you there... Bye." She hung up quickly, then facepalmed herself. Great. Why was she so clumsy, not only physically, but also socially. Groaning she walked in her house. It was messy, as usual. The air reeked of alcohol.

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Elaina walked up to her bedroom, and shut the door. She threw herself on her bed, and stared up t the ceiling. She never told anyone about what her home life was like. Even Kent, who knew everything. He knew she had some domestic problems, but he didn't know the extent of it. She just put on a smile, like she always did, and that was it. Her mom was usually drinking, or out at a bar or casino Her dad usually left for three days, but lately he had been leaving for two weeks at a time. She didn't ask where he went. But she knew it wasn't for work. He had to get away from her mom, but why wouldn't he take Elaina with him?
As the minutes ticked by, her stomach growled. She walked downstairs, pulling her thick long dark curls back into a sloppy bun, and opened the fridge in the kitchen. Leftover enchiladas from last night. She smiled, they were her favorite. Taking them out, she put them in the microwave, and watched the seconds go by, waiting until she could tear open the door without the beeping noise, so her mom would stay asleep. It happened, and she executed her plan successfully. SHe carried the plate of food up to her room, and set it on her dresser, taking a few bites while she turned on some music, and opened her closet. She didn't have many clothes, but she still didn't know what to wear.
She thought of what Brittney would be wearing. If she even wore anything. She selected a sleevless red dress with a low neckline, that's hem reach her mid thigh. She picked out a brown mock-leather jacket, and some short cowgirl style boots. Finishing her food, she began to get ready.

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After putting on her underwear, her dress, her jacket, her boots, and her makeup, which was light yet almost seductive looking with her sharp eyebrows, she sat in front of her mirror, and contemplated what to do with her hair. She decided to just straighten it, then curl the long thick dark locks into a soft curl, unlike her natural ones that looked like a lions mane.
On her dresser, was a picture of her and Kent when they were only 9 years old. She smiled, and re-applied her red lipstick. She hated wearing makeup, but everyone else wore it, so that was enough for her. She grabbed her purse, and ignored the box of condoms in her nightstand. No way, in a million years, would she shag Jake. EVen if they were completely totally utterly drunk. That would never happen. She sighed as she walked down the stairs and saw her Mom standing in the kitchen, opening a fresh bottle.
"Hi Mom."
"Where ya going dreshhed like thaaaaat?" Her words were slurred, Elaina could barely make out what she was saying through the drunken slurr and her Mexican accent.
"A.. Party."
"Don't shtay up late."
"Whatever Mom."
She mumbled and walked out of the house sitting on the front steps, waiting for Jake.

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"Didn't you have anything y'know... Shorter?" Jake asked once he showed up at her house.
"Seriously?" She said through gritted teeth. That's the first thing he says? It was going to be a long night.
"Yeah... You look... Fat."
She raised her eyebrows and shoved past him into the car where she fastened her seatbelt, and waited for him to get in. The ride there was totally silent... At least it was for Elaina. Who hadn't been able to get in anything in the conversation, because Jake was busy listing all of the girls he had slept with in the past month. She thought that kind of information should be kept private Although she had a box of condoms, Elaina had never actually had sex. Shed made out with a couple guys, but it always stopped once they saw the mark left by her mother on her hipbone. It was a fairly large scar, that she had gotten when she was 13, because she asked her mom to stop drinking. Apparently, it was a real turn off.
Once they arrived at the party, Elaina invisioned herself hrowing Jake down the stairs in the house where the party was being held, and it made holding his hand just a little bit easier. They walked inside, and instantly Jake was greeted by a friend. She inwardly groaned as they stood in the front hall, talking to jakes friend, but her eyes were scanning the people, trying to find Kent.

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'Thank God.' was all she could think when she finally spied Kent coming over. He was handsome as ever.
"Hey. You don't look to shabby yourself." She smiled, and wrapped her arms around him, giving him a tight hug.
"Sorry about the phone call earlier... I had a million things on my mind and I just sort of got jumbled up... Anyways... Do you want to get a drink?" She asked, her cheeks bright red from his kiss a few moments before.

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Elaina chuckled, and shook her head. She would never get why girls like perfume... It was basically like pouring stuff to make you smell good, but ends up making you smell worse. She glanced at their hands, and once more that aching feeling crept over her.. She wished it could be like this all the time. But she would have to settle for friends. She smiled as she looked at all of the drinks, this was a nice place, so they had fancy drinks. She had drank alcohol before, quite a few times actually, but after about two drinks, she started getting a little tipsy. She didn't care tonight though. Tonight, she would try to have some fun, and get away from all her problems.. And jake.
"I'll have a Margarita." She grinned, it was her favorite, and she only got it when there were fancy parties like this obe.

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"Thanks." She smiled, and took a sip. Perfect. She quickly downed it, and made another one, which she had a few sips of, then grinned, and set her drink down, putting her hand in his.
"Is that even a question?" She smirked, and pulled him out to the dance floor.

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As the slow music began to play, Elaina suddenly felt extremely warm. With his hands on her waist, and her arms wrapped around his neck.. They couldn't possibly get any closer together. Her heart was beating fast... Could he feel it?
"Hey." She whispered, and smiled a little. She could feel the alcohol slowly starting to work its way into her conscious being. She moved slowly, taking each step at a time... She felt herself get lost in his eyes, like so many times before. Why couldn't he see that she was in love with him?

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