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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments description

After Osiris's banishment, Caspian refuses to let anyone into this room except a trusted servant and himself.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Caspian was laying on Osiris's bed with one of the stuffed animals in the room. "I miss you. Why did we have to fight. I need you"

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia heard Caspian as she walked by the room and frowned, stopping beside the door to listen. She now felt bad, realizing that he hadn't truly lied to her and that she'd overreacted. She listened, hoping to have a chance to apologize and comfort him.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments "I miss you. I need you. all these miles away" Caspian said, hugging the stuffed animal close. it still smelled like Osiris

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia felt her heart break slightly at his words. It was just how she felt when away from her brother, especially now in court. She couldn't imagine what Caspian must be going through. She slowly, hesitantly, lifted her hand and knocked on the door softly.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Caspian sat upright and quickly walks over to the door. "what do you- oh its just you..."

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia curtsied respectfully before standing. "Pardon my interruption, My Lord. But... I wanted to appologize for my behavior earlier. It was disrespectful, uncalled for, and you did not deserve it. I sincerely appologize. Also... I couldn't help but overhear you, and I wanted to let you know I understand what you're going through and if you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm always here." She said and gave him a small, kind, genuine, and warm smile. Her eyes held genuine care for him, not like those who judge him or pity him.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments "I forgive you. I know you meant no harm" Caspian said. and yes, he was still holding the stuffed animal

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia smiled and it only grew slightly when she saw the stuffed animal. "That's just like the one my brother and I shared when we were younger. He had a black one and I have a golden brown one. They are twins so that when we're apart, we're still connected..... Or, we were." She said, looking down a little sadly. She hadn't parted with her brother on the best of terms.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Caspian sighed "I can tell you are in a similar place as I am with my brother"

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia nodded sadly. "My brother is a knight to England.... Let's just say he was less than thrilled when he learned I was to be sent here to possibly become Queen of France." She said quietly. She didn't know why her brother was mad at her, though. He knew she hadn't wanted to come yet he was still angry with her to the point where he cut is twin stuffed animal in half.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Caspian nodded. He remembered the fight he had had with Osiris

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia blushed slightly at the awkward silence between them. "W-Well, I suppose I'll be seeing you at dinner. Remember, don't hesitate to speak to me about anything. Sometimes we just need someone to listen." She told him, smiling warmly before turning to leave.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments "wait" Caspian said, putting a hand on her shoulder

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia stopped and turned slightly, looking over her shoulder at him. She looked at him with slightly wide eyes but not in fear or shock, more in a way to where she waited for him to say or do something, to know why he stopped her.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Caspian moved closer to her and kissed her softly. he quickly backed off. "a farewell kiss"

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia blushed slightly, looking at him slightly shocked, before turning and walking down the hall towards her room. Once she turned the corner out of his sight, she leaned against the wall and gently put a hand to her lips. She'd never been kissed before, let alone by someone she barely knew who was also the crowned prince of France. Yet just remembering it gave her goosebumps and sent a shiver down her spine. She felt her stomach fill with butterflies and smiled softly. She found herself slowly falling for the Prince, her, a Baronetess, one of the lowest rankings a girl could posses and still be in court.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments ((I just realized he never got her name. XD ))

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Caspian walked back inside Osiris's room. he sat on the bed hugging the stuffed animal

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments ((no he didn't))

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia was walking down the hall when her eyes widened in shock. She'd never given him her name! She quickly ran to find paper and a quill and scrawled quickly on it in beautiful penmanship, 'Anastasia Howard' and then put it outside Osiris's door silently before hurrying off again.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments "Where are you?" Caspian asked quietly to himself, not knowing what Anastasia had done.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia hoped he went out the normal door. As she walked, she was so deep in thought about Caspian and the kiss she didn't watch where she was going and ran into a candleopera, falling to the ground with a bang, the candleopera falling on top of her. "Ow, why is it always me?" She muttered aloud, rubbing her arm where she'd hit the candleopera.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Caspian had heard the crash and gotten up to investigate. When he walked out of the room he noticed the paper and picked it up, reading it.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia slowly put the candleopera up again and groaned, standing up and rubbing her head before dusting herself off again. "I really am having a clumsy day." She said to herself quietly.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments "Anastasia Howard" Caspian said out loud to himself. He had an idea who it might be of course he couldn't be completely sure until he saw her again

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia heard someone say her name and frowned, walking down the hall towards the voice and peeked around the corner, smiling slightly when she saw it was Caspian and he had gotten her note.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Caspian looked at the note, tracing each letter with a finger, gently. He folded up the note and put it in his breast pocket before looking each way then walking back into Osiris's room

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Anastasia blushed slightly and leaned against the wall, smiling before heading back to her room to prepare for dinner. She wondered if he would invite her to do something soon. Though, having heard the rules, she was frightened by the idea of not being able to say no to whatever it was.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Caspian sat on the window bench. "Fate has been cruel and order unkind. How can I have sent you away? The blame was my own; the punishment, yours. The harmony's silent today. But into the stillness I'll bring you a song and I will your company keep. Till your tired eyes, and my lullabies, have carried you softly to sleep..."

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments ((firstly, wow. That was beautiful. Secondly, what now?))

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments ((Do something else for now *shrugs*))

Wafflez ~In my world, there is only night and the harshness of day. The darkness stirs and awakens imaginations.~ (wisebooklover) Destiny wandered through the castle, exploring the nooks and cranies. She came upon a door. Osiris had mentioned it, what was it? His room? She inched the door open soundlessly. The room seemed like the owner loved nature, seeing it was painted with trees and other stuff. She startled when she saw the prince on the windowsill. Thankfully, he hadn't noticed her. She pulled her camoflauge cloak around her, and blended in with the forest background, watching the prince silently.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Caspian was nearly in tears. "I love you... I miss you... all these miles away...." Caspian buried his face in his knees. there was too much going on. maybe he should just make his decision now. except with who he'd pick currently he didn't want to push anything on her. he loved her. if he could just show her that.

Wafflez ~In my world, there is only night and the harshness of day. The darkness stirs and awakens imaginations.~ (wisebooklover) Destiny scrunched her nose up. No wonder Osiris didn't like him; It was all about love. Being bored, she took our her flute and began to play a beautiful melody while still staying hidden.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Caspian jumped to his feet, knocking the books around him to the floor. His hand had quickly gone to the sword at his side and drawn it. Someone was in here. no one was allowed in here

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments ((No))

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments ((While Caspian's sense are not as acute as Osiris's they are still very in tune and sound helps him sense presences))

Wafflez ~In my world, there is only night and the harshness of day. The darkness stirs and awakens imaginations.~ (wisebooklover) (( That's okay ))
Destiny ignored the prince's statement and continued playing. She played a beautiful song joyful enough to lift the heaviest of hearts. She played a soft song able to calm the most agitated. She expressed her very feeling into the flute itself. She projected the song; now it felt like the whole room itself hummed along with the music. The leaves in the tree swayed with the melody.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments ((Destiny))

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments ((*Sighs*))

Caspian listened intently, slowly moving towards the person who was making the sound. They didn't belong and he wasn't happy about it.

Wafflez ~In my world, there is only night and the harshness of day. The darkness stirs and awakens imaginations.~ (wisebooklover) (( Ummm... What? Btw he never asked her for her name, didn't he? ))
Destiny noticed him move towards her slowly. She wasn't falling for that. Her music faded away into silence and she put her flute away. She slid along the wall soundlessly, edging her way towards the door. It was as clear as day that he didn't want her here. She didn't plan to go out; but he didn't know that.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments ((No))

Caspian narrowed his eyes when the music stopped. The person was moving. He knew about a creaky floorboard near the door that no one else knew about. That would be enough if they tried to leave. He moved towards the door in a sweeping motion to either find the person or push them over the floorboard

Wafflez ~In my world, there is only night and the harshness of day. The darkness stirs and awakens imaginations.~ (wisebooklover) (( Tell me what you're hiding behind that sigh plez! ))
Destiny jerked back at the last second, but a small bit of her cloak caught on the prince's finger. She yanked her cloak back, ripping off the little bit, then fell still, merging back into the background. She mentally scolded herself for not being fast enough. She should've known that he would do that.

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments ((Reread the discussion in order))

Caspian raised the sword he was holding. He had a general idea of where the person was hiding. He looked in that general direction, completely still

Wafflez ~In my world, there is only night and the harshness of day. The darkness stirs and awakens imaginations.~ (wisebooklover) (( You're telling me he likes her? ))
Destiny saw Osiris' sword, and gasped inwardly. She gripped her hidden dagger, ready to parry if he attacked. Sighing, she slipped the cowl off her head, showing her face. The cloak fell to the floor around her. She tensed. "What do you want?"

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments ((What, no. He noticed someone. You guessed Arianette, i said no then you guessed Annabelle so I said it was Destiny then you said What about it. So I sighed))

Caspian tensed, ready to attack. "Get out of here now" He growled. People weren't allowed in this room

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