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racist and cliched

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Lisa I'm gonna rant, sorry: I'm only 29% through but already finding parts of this book to be really racist and clichéd, especially when the author basically says that Sarah is attractive "for a black girl" and cites her light skin and long hair as factors that apparently make her more attractive... ugh! that makes me so angry and its just so clichéd... like it wasn't bad enough having to read the n word several times, knowing that its written by a white person and then this! luckily it was only 99p but I'm really wishing I hadn't bought it now... and I really hate the cringey front cover illustration that shows the 2 main characters

Nila I just finished this book. I have to say it made me uncomfortable when Linda was saying all that stuff and then the teacher saying that Sarah would most likely be a house slave because of her light skin. I could go on and on about that and the European beauty standards... gosh. It also bothered me how much they said the n word too, realizing this was written by a white author and almost every chapter had it thrown in there somewhere.

Lisa Yep :(

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