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what's the name of this book?? > A (Russian?) book about Peter and Fevronia?

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message 1: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte (charlotte_riggle) | 93 comments I found this link with illustrations of the lives of Saints Peter and Fevronia. They look as if they must come from a picture book, but I can't find any evidence (other than the illustrations) that such a book exists. Does anyone here recognize the illustrations, or know of the book?

message 2: by Cheryl is busier irl atm., Newbery Club host (new)

Cheryl is busier irl atm. (cherylllr) | 6252 comments Mod
I can't even find anything else helpful on Alexander Prostev, listed as the artist, except one brief excerpt on google books that only confirms there was an artist by that name.

message 3: by Kathryn, The Princess of Picture-Books (new)

Kathryn | 5768 comments Mod
Alas, I don't know, either.

I did move this to the "what's the name of this book??" folder and it might have a bit wider readership than the PBC folder. Hope you'll find your answer!

message 4: by Michael (new)

Michael Fitzgerald | 367 comments I don't believe there is a children's book. This page talks about a festschrift titled "The Image and the Word" which is 500+ pages on icon art.

The artist himself seems to be active on this social media site:

Lovely paintings. Thanks for drawing this to my attention.

message 5: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte (charlotte_riggle) | 93 comments Michael, thank you! I don't read Russian, but this link is on the artist's social media site. Is it a children's picture book? A coffee table art book? Can you tell me what the title is in English? Thank you!

message 6: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte (charlotte_riggle) | 93 comments Oh, look at this! This was on the Amazon-like book site, too. It has to be Peter and Fevronia! Is it a picture book?

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