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Word Curd | 2 comments WC
For Writers and Readers.. Read and write... Send your work and explore the variety of works on blog. Be the part of it..

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Birister Sharma (httpwwwreadmynovelasblogspotcom) | 2 comments Hi, Readers & book lovers,
Read my books!

Motivational & Inspirational books:


Nobody can stop you.....: Makes you realize your inner potentials,energy, strength,power,self-esteem,self-confidence,self-control,secrets of success& faith.
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Generate your hidden energy....Generate your inner power: Teaches you about life,love,hope,success,happiness,self-esteem,self believe & self confidence...
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Rediscover yourself.... Find your true-self.....: Helps you to re-discover your self-esteem,self-believe,self-confidence,self-reliance,courage,dreams,happiness & success.
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Leads you to find your lost self-esteem,self-confidence,self-discipline, self-control,hopes,dreams,ambitions,life's missions, energy,strength,power,faith,happiness and success.
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Teaches you lessons of life,morals,wisdom,motivations,inspirations, life's goals,aims and objectives,self-help,self-esteem,self-believe,self-control,happiness & success.
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Have courage in yourself..... Have faith in yourself.....: Gear up your inner strength,self-esteem,self-confidence,self-believe,self-discipline,self-control,winningmantras,happiness & success.
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Makes you realize your inner strength,thoughts,feelings,morals,conscience,wisdom,hopes,dreams,life's lessons,self-esteem,self-confidence,self-believe & self-control.
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Boast your lost strength,energy,power,self-esteem,self-confidence,self-believe,self-discipline,self-control,hopes,dreams,never die spirit and inspiration.
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Keep your dream, Hope & patience alive!): Helps you to re-discover your self-esteem,self-believe,self-confidence,self-reliance,courage,dreams,happiness & success
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Live a new life..... Live in your new world.... Gives you new resolution in your life!: Helps you to realize your love,happiness,work & discipline.
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SELF-CONFIDENCE (Build the super foundation of your self-confidence)

A self-guide to regain your lost self-confidence, self-esteem & self-believe....
“If you’ve self-confidence, you can do anything in your life; you can achieve anything in your life. The whole world is yours. Nothing is impossible for you.”

Are you wanted to improve your self-confidence and want to achieve grand success in your life?

If your answer is big ‘YES’, then I urge you to read this book.

START NOW, and build the super foundation of your self-confidence within you and achieve your cherish goal.

What you can gain from this book:

* Increase your self-confidence.

* Improve your self-image.

* Enrich your self-esteem.

* Boast up your low morals.

* Wear out your weak points.

* Realize you your strengths and calibers.

* Build your self-believe.

* Transform your personality.

* Help you to re-discover your hidden potential.

* Guide you as a true mentor in your success path.
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Novel (Women’s fiction)


It's a story of love, relationship, courage and sacrifice......
'You & Me' is a story of a young girl, Rupali. She became mother without getting married. Nobody knows who was the father of her child. And she couldn't disclosed either. Rupali's mother and the entire society cursed her, tortured her and humiliated her. She was sinner in their eyes. They punished her. They tried to sell her in bidding. But her father came forward for her rescue. Her family was about to banish from the society, when Rupali left her house forever carrying her child. Wherever she went, she got disappointments. Nobody came forward for her help. Rupali tried to commit suicide, but she couldn't because her child's innocent smile stopped her. Her child's sweet smile gave her new hope. She decided to live for her child. But how can she fight with the cruel human society? Can she give name and identity for her child?
It's a story of love, relationship, courage and sacrifice of a young girl who was alone in her journey.
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The Night Queen (Adult)

She starts hunting when her preys are in deep slumber......
There is no light….
There is no hope……
There is only darkness and darkness…..
It is a door of ditch, once anyone got trap in its jaws, fall in its deep darkness forever.
There is no rescue…..
There is no turning back…..

Rani is a simple and naive girl, living in her own beautiful and imaginary world. She is unknown to the external world. She is like a butterfly, hovering hither and thither. She is like a bird, flattering her wings to sour in the open sky.

However, one day, her beautiful world came to the abrupt halt; her own uncle, Raghu cajoled her to accompany with him to see her ailing elder sister. But Raghu betrayed her, and trapped her like a prey and hurled her in the midst of hungry human beast to quench the appetites of their lust.

Helpless and hapless Rani, tried to free herself from the shackles of that dark world, but in vain, she is all alone, nobody is there to rescue her, the more she tried to unknot herself, the more she is trapping herself into the deep ditch of darkness.

Poor Rani is mentally and physically tortured, humiliated, and treated as a beast of burden. Her mind, body and soul is killed. She is dragged into the dark world of prostitution. She is forced to transform into a sex symbol. She is renamed as ‘Dolly’ and tagged her ‘the Night Queen.’

Can Rani free herself from that dark world and wear out her tagged ‘the Night Queen’?

What happen to her elder sister?

Can she ever find her?

Can she take her avenge against Raghu?

‘THE NIGHT QUEEN,’ is a realistic story of dark world of prostitution, unseen crimes, humiliations, sins, evils, revenge.
Available @

Romantic & Young adult fiction

The Destiny of 2 hearts

‘Destiny of life is always mystery…. You don’t know where your real destiny is……But your destiny always finds you…..’
‘The Destiny of two hearts…’is a real story depict of love, temptation, longing desire, separation and destiny.
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Your love is still in my heart

Your love is still in my heart…. is based on a real story that shows you true love that never dies even one’s beloved left this mortal world forever. Their love ever remains immortal.
Available @

Romantic poetry books

Still I remember You

Memories never die…..
Still I remember you, is a story of love, which recalls you your first love. It’s a collection of romantic poems.
Available @

A Garland of My Love

True feelings of love...
Love happens in everybody’s life knowingly and unknowingly. But love happens. It’s a nature’s law. Nobody can deny it. Love is a beautiful feeling which we can’t express in words. Love is like a flower that blooms in our heart. Its fragrance is sweet and divine.
A Garland of My Love……
True feelings of love…
Available @

School days memoirs (Novel)


Stories of my school days...: When expectations met disappointments.....
Your parent’s expectations are very high for you.

You, too, have high ambitions and aspirations.

You’ve firm believed that the goddess of success always smile for you.

You’ve never seen the dark glimpses of failure in your life.

However, when your hard work and luck didn’t confluence in your favor.

And your expectations met with disappointments.

Then what would you do?

Exactly, the same fate was happened with Vicky, who was a top most boy in the entire school. He was excellent in every field. He never witnessed any failure in his entire school life.

However, Vicky couldn't come with flying colors in his board exam. Though he passed his exam, but not up to the mark. He was very upset. He couldn't believe his bad result. He didn't know what to do. His life was engulfed with darkness. His friends who were poor in their studies, they did very well. His expectations met with disappointments. He didn't know how to face his parents and his teachers, who were expecting a grand result from him.

Can Vicky face the first failure of his life?

‘My expectations’ unfolds the real meaning of life- that success and failure is a part of everybody’s life. And everybody should accept it with a bright smile.
Available @

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