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message 1: by Renee, Mistress of the Mini-Challenge (new)

Renee M | 4709 comments Mod
Mission: Read Three books with July, August, September in the title before the end of summer. September 20.

message 2: by Jackie (new)

Jackie The 2016 Reading Challenge Group

Mini Challenges > Crazy Calendar : Summer Edition 2016

June 21, 2016 to September 20, 2016

Completed 0/3

1. Knee High by the Fourth of July by Jess Lourey
2. August Moon by Jess Lourey
3. September Fair by Jess Lourey

Knee High by the Fourth of July (Murder-by-Month Mystery #3) by Jess Lourey August Moon (Murder-by-Month Mystery #4) by Jess Lourey September Fair (Murder-by-Month Mystery #5) by Jess Lourey

message 3: by Jenny, Certified Bookworm (new)

Jenny Clark | 1510 comments Mod
Going to read July August and September of Conspiracy 365

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