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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 32 comments Hi,

There seem to be two author pages for the same author: Hikawa Kyoko and Kyouko Hikawa. Because of these two pages, the series 'From far away' is listed on both author pages. Is it possible to combine these editions?
However, the second link has little information, so I don't know if it represents just one volume, or the whole series

Thanks in advance,

message 2: by Dobby (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 4015 comments The Kyouko Hikawa was a misspelling; I have corrected that to the spelling shown on the cover of the book: Kyoko Hikawa. The page for Kyouko Hikawa will be cleaned up by the empty-profile-page bot.

I also corrected the title of the book to match the cover and combined editions: From Far Away editions.

message 3: by David (new)

David Dagley (davidcdagley) | 2 comments Hi,

This book is mine but it is saved under a different author pen name (David C. Dagley instead of David Dagley) so GR doesn't recognize that it is mine:

Can you change the author name so I can add it to my book list?

message 4: by Dobby (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 4015 comments In future please start a new thread, as this thread is for a specific author.

This is the book to which you referred, The Women of Cho.

I corrected the name on these editions to David C. Dagley (period after the middle initial), as that is the name shown on the cover. I also added missing cover images, from Amazon and from your author website.

Because the names are so close, the system won't allow me to add David Dagley (without the middle initial) as a secondary author, so this book does not appear under your current profile.

If you are planning to publish future books under David C. Dagley, I suggest that you contact Goodreads Support to have your author profile changed to include your middle initial.

message 5: by Ronald (new)

Ronald Chapman | 1 comments Getting my author profile setup correctly (, I noticed the following two books do not belong under my profile (I didn't write them):


These books DO belong under my name but they appear elsewhere:




Thank you for your help!

message 6: by Codex (last edited Aug 11, 2016 10:46PM) (new)

Codex | 3401 comments #5: The books not belonging to your profile removed.

These two books moved to your profile:

For this book (since it does not show a cover), can you please confirm how your name is printed on the cover: ?

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