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message 1: by Talltree (last edited Jun 18, 2016 08:09AM) (new)

Talltree | 167 comments Mod
List of MMF or MFM romances with a committed HEA for all parties where one or more MCs are rockstars. Books containing menage scenes but with an MF ending not acceptable.


Feel free to add books onto the list and any questions do let me know!

message 2: by Aղցela W. (new)

Aղցela W. I love reading rockstar menage

message 3: by Talltree (new)

Talltree | 167 comments Mod
Thanks Angie for adding to the list! I enjoy rockstar romances even though a menage HEA doesn't seem that common in this sub-genre - although menage scenes are....

I loved the books you've added though and am planning to read the Viper books right away! Also I'm really sorry to sound picky, I apologise in advance,lol, but The Dom with the Kink Monsters sounds like MFFM right? The thing with polyandry menages is one heroine - multiple heroes, so I'm not sure thats a right fit for the list:( BUT if the HEA is MFM or MMF then my bad and just leave it as it is...Sorry again to sound so anal and picky, its just I'd hate for other readers to get books based on the list and then be disappointed!

message 4: by Aղցela W. (new)

Aղցela W. You are right sorry i will edit that

message 5: by Talltree (new)

Talltree | 167 comments Mod
Thank you for understanding:) Please don't let this stop you from adding to this list - or any other list here really - I am sure there are tons of great books you could share with us!!

message 6: by Tilly (new)

Tilly (madmat) | 42 comments Hi Talltree I've added Outsider.

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