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message 1: by Jude [ semi-hiatus ], Rae Berns (new)

Jude [ semi-hiatus ] (crazy-fangirl) | 90 comments Mod
This is where many of the recruits in Euphoria train. They'll need it one day...

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Genesis was sitting on the edge of the training grounds. She knew she should have been training to use her weapon but she just needed a bit of time to connect with her emotions, and art was the only way to do that. All Genesis wanted to do was doodle at the moment.

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Rae wandered towards the training grounds, lost in her thoughts. The past days had been stressful. A group of rebels she had sent out had been ambushed by Bullets and only a few of them made it back. Rae blamed herself fully for their deaths. She hoped that some target practice would help ease her nerves.

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Genesis, oblivious to Rae's arrival, continued doodling. She heard footsteps and looked up, jumping up immediately, her notebook sliding on the group with a slight thump. Genesis saluted, wondering frantically where she'd put her gun.

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((i need to run, i'll be back in an hour, is that okay?))

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Rae smiled, but there was a hint of sadness in her face. "No need to salute." Rae walked over and picked up Genesis' notebook. She glanced down at the doodles. "They're good. The guys who draw our plans aren't half as good." She smiled.

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Genesis turned red, embarrassed. No one had seen her doodles before. She kept them secret, always afraid that she'd be scorned for day-dreaming instead of training for a fight. "T-th-thank you, ma'am," Genesis stammered, turning even redder. Dammit, why couldn't she talk?

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Rae laughed. "Just Rae, please." Rae took a seat next to Genesis. She smirked at how red Genesis had turned. Rae had noticed that whenever she spoke to people they treated her as if she was royalty or something. Truthfully, she was just like most of them.

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"Alright. Rae." Genesis tried hard not to look at Rae. "Um... No one's seen my drawings before... so... um..." Genesis bit her lip, a nervous tick she had acquired from her mother ever since she was a child and had never been able to drop. It annoyed her, especially in the present situation, since anyone who knew her would know how she was feeling.

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"They're good. Like I said, the idiots who draw our plans could use an artist like you to help them." Rae chuckled softly. "At least it would keep them in line." Last Rae had checked, most of them were asleep. "You're shy about your drawings, but I'm sure they would brighten someone's day here."

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Genesis let out a soft laugh. "Really? You think? Honestly, I've never shared... No one's really seen my drawings except for my parents, and they're... gone." Genesis sighed and shut her eyes, rubbing her temples. "I always thought if I showed anyone my drawings, they'd tell me to stop daydreaming and start fighting."

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Rae smiled. "There's nothing wrong with dreaming." Rae fingered her ring, a pang of pain shooting through her heart. "My father always used to tell me that unless you dreamed, you'd never have anything to work for." Rae bit her lip, thinking of her father. "He's gone too."

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"Oh. I guess I should say I'm sorry? But saying that can't bring back the dead, so that's useless," Genesis said. "It's just... people here seem to be so set on fighting the Bullets. And I mean, so am I. But I would like some time to do the things I like, not just focus on fighting." Her gaze landed on Rae's ring but she quickly looked away, not wanting Rae to notice her looking.

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Rae saw the glance at the ring. "I don't like to fight, no matter what everyone thinks. But I'm not going to let the people who-" Rae cut herself off. Murdered my parents. "took countless innocent lives go. They need to be stopped. I wish that there was another way." Rae held her hand towards Genesis. "The ring was gift from my father."

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"It's very nice," Genesis told her. "Again, I'm sorry." She'd never known the leader of Euphoria to be so open. Genesis reached out to Rae, showing her the ring that she had, her mother's gordian knot ring. "Look, I have one too," she said with a laugh tinged with sadness.

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Rae smiled. "Don't be sorry. It won't fix anything. Besides, none of it is your fault." Rae touched her ring, imagining her father's face when he gave it to her. And her mother's. And...she couldn't even bear to even think his name. Rae bit back the tears that threatened to spill down her face. She hadn't felt like this for a long time, and Rae could barely bear the pain. Everyone expected her to be a leader, a leader she could barely be.

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Genesis took in Rae, watched as the shadow of suffering flitted in her leader's eyes. But Rae's expression remained the same. Genesis recognized what Rae was going through- she'd seen her mother go through the same thing, and she knew how to help. Without a second thought, Genesis had scooted a bit closer to her leader and pulled her into a hug.

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Rae stiffened when Genesis' arms wrapped around her. No one ever showed her such kindness. They all expected her to be unbreakable, but her heart was broken beyond repair. A single tear spilled down Rae's cheek, but she didn't wipe it away. She hadn't cried in years and it felt nice to let it out. She returned Genesis' gesture and hugged back, smiling that someone was able to see through the walls she built up.

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"It's alright. It's okay," Genesis whispered to Rae, her mind already filled with a memory. Firelight. The first night she'd ever seen her mother crying, right after her father had died. A warm embrace. Genesis shut her eyes, trying to keep the tears from flowing. "Things will get better. They always do," Genesis continued, trying to get her mind off of her flashback.

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I wish they did... Rae thought, her brother's face flashing through her mind. It was the moments like this that kept Rae going, kept her fighting. She wasn't about to give up on the memories of her family. "Thank you, thank you." Rae whispered, feeling reassured by Genesis' kind words.

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"If you ever need someone, I'm here," Genesis told her, forcing the memory from her mind. "I know it must be hard to have to take care of so many people. So I'll be here to listen if you need to tell someone something. You can't do this all by yourself." She mustered a smile. Rae had seen her notebook, so Genesis supposed the two were now at least on friendly terms, though to Gen anyone who saw her notebook was immediately considered to be as close as family.

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Rae smiled. "Thank you, not many people are willing to do that." Rae had never had many close friends, and now she hoped she could count Genesis as one. "And, if you ever need someone, I'm here. It's hard for all of us to bear the weight of what has happened." Rae wished her family could have been here. She knew they would have gotten her through this.

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"We'll be like... stop-each-other-from-going-insane-from-pressure buddies or something," Genesis said, trying to make the mood a little more light-hearted. "I think when it comes to my family, I've shared all I can. It's fairly typical of most of the people in this camp, really." She noticed her notebook, lying forgotten on the ground next to Rae, and picked it up, pressing it firmly to her chest.

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Rae laughed. She smiled at Genesis. "I guess for me, it's not just the deaths of those I loved, but those I barely knew. A few days ago, a rebel squad went out to scout on my orders. Less than half of them made it back. They didn't deserve what happened to them. None of them." Rae looked down. "I can't help but blame myself for all of it."

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"They died fighting for what they believed in. If anything, they're heroes. You shouldn't feel responsible, they wanted to go out there. If anything, they died trying to better their lives." Genesis paused, trying to think of something else to say, but thought she'd summed it up pretty well.

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Rae appreciated Gen's words, yet she still felt a pang of guilt. Guilt for their death, for her parent's death, for Rusty's death. Even though they weren't her fault, she just wished she could have done more. Maybe it came with being a leader, always wanting to do more for the people you led.

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Genesis frowned, focusing on Rae. "Look... It's hard to fight wars like this, to save people, people you care for." Genesis rubbed the binding of her notebook. "But what you do is amazing! You're not only talking care of yourself, but of others. What you're doing is going against your very nature and taking care of others, not just yourself, which... which is something I can't say for myself. So don't feel guilty. You're doing your best, I know, we all do."

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Rae stayed silent for a moment. She swallowed. "His name was Rusty. It's his death that I feel the most guilty about. There was nothing I could do about it, yet I still wish I could go back in time and fix things." Rae said. "He was my brother. He was the boy I thought would always protect me and I'd be there for him." she whispered.

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"Well..." Genesis thought about what to say. "You still have him, and now you have me." There. That sounded right to her, something that would help to comfort. "And one day... you'll find him again, no matter what happens."

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Rae nodded. "Thank you, Genesis. Sometimes I'm just not made of iron like everyone expects me to be. I just..." Rae thought for a second. "need help sometimes." That was true. She'd killed people, she'd seen unthinkable deaths, felt unspeakable pain, yet she was still thought to be strong.

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"You're not alone. Don't worry yourself over it." Genesis reached out and took Rae's hand, squeezing it comfortingly. "You have my help now. And besides, you have the support of an entire camp behind you- you'll be alright," she said, mustering a smile.

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((are we still role-playing here, jude?))

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((sure! where to? or right here?))

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((well, i'll only be roleplaying on weekends because of the same reason. :D ))

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Rae smiled. She wanted nothing more than to let someone else take over, lead the rebels, yet it was because of this that she stayed. Because of people like Genesis, who had lost so much yet stayed beside her. They would have followed her to their deaths. It unnerved her, how loyal they were. She was sure she didn't deserve that. "Thanks, Gen." Rae fiddled with her ring, her sad smile lingering on her face.

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"You know, I've been training for months," Genesis stated, trying to keep her tone casual. "It's been quiet around here. I guess you can say I've been yearning for some action." Excitement made her mind buzz. "Maybe... I could finally do more than just train. Finally help. It's just a thought, of course," she added, not wanting to get Rae angry.

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Rae took a shuddering breath. "Two days ago I sent our fifteen of us." A tear trickled down Rae's face. "Three of them came back." Rae hadn't killed them, yet she'd been the one who had sent them out. It was selfish and stupid and she should have gone with them. "You are one of our best, Genesis. If anything big happens, we need you here." Rae could tell how much Genesis wanted to go out. But she was so young. Rae didn't want to be held responsible for any more deaths.

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Genesis let the breath she'd been holding. "Somehow I knew you'd say that," she replied, trying to keep her voice flat instead of letting on her disappointment. She fingered her ring, turning it around her finger, wishing she were useful. "D'you think they'll actually attack us? Right here?"

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"If they didn't kill the rebels I sent out, then yes. All of them knew the base." Rae ground her teeth, her blood boiling. She still couldn't understand how people could be so evil. "We have enough resources packed away that we could flee if worst came to worst." Rae hoped it wouldn't, but hoping had never gotten her anywhere. "Look, if I send you out, anything could happen. You're eighteen." Rae knew how unfair that sounded. She herself had been so young when her family was murdered.

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"Run? We'd run?" Genesis asked, her jaw dropping. "That's not right! You may have me pegged as 'only eighteen' but sure as hell I'm going to stay here and fight!" She finished her speech by clasping a hand to her heart and setting her face in a determined expression. "I may be young, Rae, but I know how to defend myself. And I will put those skills to good use. I've lost enough already, I'm not losing my home."

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Rae laughed bitterly. "You call this home? You call this hell-hole a home?" Rae's hand shook. Home was supposed to a safe place, not a place where you might be murdered in your sleep. For the past years, Rae hadn't let herself call anyplace home. The last home she'd had was in ashes. Rae didn't want to have to feel the pain of losing something again. "Think, Genesis. There aren't very many of us. Bullets could storm the camp at any moment with hundreds of soldiers. It would be a massacre. It's not safe anywhere. So we'll move if we have to until we're strong enough."

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"It's all I've got for a home," Genesis said, hanging her head. "I want to protect it." She folded her arms, as if protecting herself from the cold. "It's shameful to be weak. We've got to guard our turf. Show them we're better. Drive them out of here like the dogs they are."

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It's shameful to be weak. Rae unclenched her fists. Blood pooled where her nails had dug into her palms. Genesis was right - it was shameful to be weak. But a few years ago, there was no need to be strong. "Gen, you're a good fighter. You're strong. You could protect the camp. Not everyone is like that. Others are rash. They think they can win any fight." Rae tried to push that out of her head. For the past years, that was what she'd heard in her head. She was weak. They all were. Some of them didn't know what Bullets was capable of. Some of them hadn't seen people die. Rae wiped her bloodied hands on her shirt.

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"Oh- oh my gosh!" Genesis, alert to the blood, rushed to check that her leader wasn't hurt. She inspected Rae's palm, realized the wounds were nothing too serious and didn't need immediate medical attention, and flushed, stepping back. "Sorry. Instinctual reaction." Her expression softened. "This topic must have stressed you. I can make a real great tea. It'll help you relax," Genesis offered. "Mom taught me how to make it."

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Rae nodded. "That's good instincts. Attending to the wounded in a fight." Rae knew she should've let Genesis fight. As a leader, she had to make calls she wasn't always happy about. People like Genesis were the army Rae needed, not arrogant fools who thought that fights weren't hard. It was thanks to Rae that some of them were alive. How did they repay her? They did nothing. "A-a tea would be great." Rae said, snapping herself back to reality.

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"Great! Come on, let's go back to the bunks, I can put the kettle on there and we can relax," Genesis told her, taking Rae's uninjured hand. "I'll take good care of you, I reckon I even have plasters and we can bandage you right up." She smiled, picking up her art book from the ground with her free hand. "And we can talk about girly things. Or things. I'm guessing you don't get to talk about girly things or things too often anymore, am I right?"

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Rae smiled. "I barely even talk to people, to be honest." No one even considered the fact that she may have wanted to talk. She wasn't close with many girls, and boys seemingly only talked to her for one reason. Rae sighed, grateful that Genesis was there. Were there more rebels like Genesis, Bullets would be done for. It wasn't that she was an incredible fighter, just how good she was inside. People like Genesis fought because they had hope, something Rae hadn't had for ages.

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Genesis let go of Rae's hand and circled an arm around her shoulders, patting Rae's back. "What am I, a potato?" she joked, trying to bring up her leader's sour mood. "You just talked to me. Was that hard? Oh, please tell me it wasn't hard," Genesis said worriedly. "I know I may be an idiot when it comes to conversation but maybe I made you feel the least bit better?"

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Rae nodded, but rolled her eyes at Gen's remark. "It wasn't hard, and yes, I feel better." Genesis reminded Rae so much of her brother. He'd been like this too - an argument had been easy to shake off for him. "You know, there are some plans you might want to see." Rae had been planning something for ages. "In a week or so, there'll be a shipment of arms across the country for Bullets. we're planning an ambush. No promises, but maybe you can tag along."

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"Aww yeah, sweet!" Genesis exclaimed, fist pumping. "Oop. Sorry. That was kinda... um... explosive." She tried again, whispering. "Aww, yeah, sweet!" She let out a little laugh and whirled away from Rae, arms out. "This one's for you, Mom!" she told the sky, looking up the sky with her hands stretched up to it, one of them gripping her sketchbook.

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