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Post finished characters here. They must be approved before rping.

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Name: Raelyn "Rae" Berns
Nicknames: Rae, Iron Rose, Captain, Sir
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Camp of birth: Utopia
Affiliated with: The Rebels (Euphoria)


Rae Berns is not what you'd call beautiful. She's scarred and broken. Most of her traits come from her father - her black hair and her dark brown eyes. Rae's face is speckled with scars. She doesn't mind. The pain they give her is nothing compared to what she's felt. Rae has a mature figure. Her body is covered in wounds. Don't stare, she hates it, and may just poison you in your sleep.
Height: 5 ft 4
Weight: 53 kg
Distinguishing features: Rae has a scar underneath her eye and on her shoulder from a run in with Bullets. She never hides these scars. She also has a skull burned on her neck. Rae never hides this, as if to say she survived.
Hobbies: Shooting for target practice, sketching, drawing
"I am no rose. I am not fragile. I am Rae Berns and I refuse to be scared of you."
"These are the days when you have to decide who you are. Are you the one who needs to be protected by the rest of us, or are you the one who will fight beside us?"


Personality: Rae Berns is one of the people who lost everything, including themselves. Two years ago, Rae was the girl who didn't fight back because she didn't need to. Rae was privileged, being the daughter of an important politician. She had everything she could have wanted - toys, money, a family. Now she has none of that. Rae doesn't do things for herself any more. If someone else's life is one the line, Rae will do everything to save them. If it's her own, she'd rather die than have anyone risk themselves for her. Rae makes strong look invincible, and broken look beautiful. She's not easy to talk to, and only shares things with those who mean the most to her. Rae doesn't think of herself as leader, but she leads the rebels anyways. Rae wants nothing more than to step down and let someone else take the reigns, but she can't make herself abandon the rebels. Rae is unbreakable, and would rather die than tell anything to the Bullets.
Strengths: Rae's commitment is what keep her and the other rebels going. She has the stamina to fight back against Bullets. She had great self defense skills and perfect aim, which comes in handy. Rae is the sort of person who, when she talks, you can't help but listen to her, which makes her a great leader.
Weaknesses: Rae's only weakness is her family, whom she lost. If anyone speaks about her family in a disrespectful manner, she loses control.
Goals: To destroy Bullets, restore the world, avenge her family
Fears: Even though Rae wants to destroy them, she is still a small bit scared of Bullets, who wants to destroy everything she knows. She's seen what they can do up close.
Likes: The rebels, thinking of her family, sketching
Dislikes: Bullets, those who aren't loyal to the rebels
Flaws: Rae refuses to let anyone in. If anyone could care about her even the smallest bit, she pushes them away.

For seventeen years, Rae grew up in the secluded paradise of Utopia, one of the largest camps. Her father, a well respected politician, earned her family a great fortune. Her father was one of the ones who helped create Utopia. Though he also made many friends, her father made many enemies. There were people against the paradise camps, and Rae could never understand why. Her father always reassured her that they could never harm those in the camps. But one day, they did. Bombs hit Rae's house, shaking the ground. Her father had taught her about weaponry when she was little, so Rae stayed calm enough. She got her mother and brother, Rusty, out of the wreckage. She never found her father. Rae and the remainder of her family ran out of the camp into the vast wasteland known to them as "The Carcass". Rae had never understood the name before. When she entered The Carcass though, she saw why. It quite literally was the carcass of a world of long ago, sprinkled with garbage. The three of them found the wreckage of an old car and Rae and Rusty put it in working order, using gas they found throughout the Carcass. The car didn't make it too far. Rae and her mother and brother camped out for a day before Bullets caught up to them. Rusty and Rae ran to the safety of a rock. However, they could never un-hear their mother's screams as she was tortured. Rae watched as the leader of Bullets cut her mother open. Rusty watched too, and that was his breaking point. He raced forwards into a mob of terrorists. Rae only ripped her eyes away when they dragged him away screaming. Rae ran away, but they saw her. They sent only two men after her, thinking a girl would be easy to catch. Her father's favourite, Rae had been taught self defense by her father. However, she was overpowered. One of the men held her down while the other branded a skull, the symbol of Bullets, onto her neck. They thought she would die of bloodloss but she knocked them unconscious. Rae stole their weapons. She went quickly to another of the camps, Euphoria. There, she was treated. She then gathered as many people from the unharmed camp as she could and led them away from the camp. On the way, she developed romantic feelings towards Gilbert Nox, a boy from the camp. As they grew closer, she trusted him fully. One day, however, the large group of rebels was ambushed. When Rae ran to Gilbert for help, she found that he had been working for Bullets all along. She killed him then, and still feels guilty. Rae and twenty-nine others escaped. She led them into the mountains, a remnant of the old world before paradise camps. There she formed a rebel camp. Every week she took some rebels out to find more survivors. Many of them doubted that a now-eighteen year old was a good leader, but if they saw her fight they were proved wrong. Rae made a name for herself as the leader of Euphoria, which was what the rebels chose to call themselves.. Rae was the true leader of Euphoria, through and through.


Siblings: Ruston "Rusty" Berns
Parents: Michael Berns, Em Berns

Weapon of choice: gun, dagger/sword
Significant other: Previously Gilbert Nox
Crush: None
Jewelry: Rae always wears a ring with a copper rose on it. It was her father's last gift to her and she refuses to take it off. Unbeknownst to most, there is a small compartment in it in which Rae holds a lethal poison in case she is ever captured by Bullets. Rae is willing to sacrifice herself to save Euphoria.

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((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Name: Silver Ora Smith
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Camp of birth:
Affiliated with: the rebels

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 136
Eyes: left eye is silver with a scar, going 2" above the eye, through it, and 2" above the upper lip. Right eye is black
Hair: white in the dark, silver in the light and moonlight
Distinguishing features: she always wears black leather jacket, t-shirt with catching saying, jeans, tennis shoes
Hobbies: singing, making things with tech, solving and thinking
Sayings: death? Fine. Torture? I'll take it. Murder? Get your butt out of here, before I murder you.

Personality: When she was younger than 7 she was the happiest child on the planet. She had money, toys, and parents who loved.
She was always a worrier and get parents helped her. But when she started to show powers her parents became worried about her. Then Harry kept asking for Silver. Silver became even more worried about everything. After her parents died she couldn't bear their deaths. She blamed herself every day. When Harry was arrested, she did her best not to see him and punch the living daylights out of him. Now 13 and in charge of a gang. She oftens makes hard decisions and tries to cheer up herself and others. She has done a lot of negotiating between gangs. But she never allows her people to kill. She knows to well the consequences. But every death of her own she blames herself for the death. She does all the good things in her parents name, in a way to ease the pain, grief, and sadness.She is also sad because the people she loves always seem to desert her. But most of the time, she is the one who deserts them.
Strengths: Solving, tech, singing
Weaknesses: running away, fighting a lot
Goals: living the day, finding her place
Fears: hieghts, drowning, murder if loved ones, people dying because of her
Likes: tech, reading, learning,
Dislikes: losing, no books,

History: (This needs to be very detailed!) She was born into a rich family. Mother, Sarah Smith, was married to her father, John Smith. They were in charge of a boosting company called Smith Inc. She was homeschooled till the age of 7 and she would get straight As. Her parents had a life long best friend named Harry Jones. His company was going downhill for a while now but the Smiths didn't help him. When he found out that Silver was super smart at her age. he wanted her himself. And he didn't know what she could do! He thought Silver would boost his company and he would be able to get back at her parents for not helping. But every time he asked her parents said no. So one night after her birthday turning 7, she woke up and found her parents dead on the floor with this carved into the necks. 'Silver is mine - Stalker'. 3 days later the police caught Harry, they put him in prison for his lifetime. And she left the grid till she turned 13. She now lives on the street in charge of a group of kids called Silvernight. She owns the company and the cash goes to her savings account. She has left trusted people in charge till she gets old enough to run it. But she only uses cash to survive, but she knows no amount of cash will get her family back and the reason she left that life is because it would be a daily reminder of her parents. and then she came here.

She misses her parents. Everyday she blames herself about their death and wishes she was never born.

Siblings: none
Children: none
Parents: Sarah Smith-49-dead, John Smith-50-dead
Grandparents: (Mother side.) Sarah Jackson-dead Hunter Jackson -dead,(Father side) John smith-dead Hazel Smith-dead

Other: she can see through her left eye.
Weapon of choice: scythe
Significant other: she wants a home, she knows where her parents lived, she has flashbacks.
Crush: none

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TechnomancerAyze wrote: "^^^Working on it ;)
EDIT: Finished xD"

Okay, it's approved.

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name >> genesis ampora.
nickname >> gen.

age >> eighteen.
gender >> female.
sexuality >> bisexual.
camp of birth >> none.
affiliations >> euphoria [ the rebels ].

face claim >> kaya scodelario.
height >> 5ft 6 in.
weight >> 54 kilograms.
eyes >> bright, azure blue.
hair >> wavy, elbow-length, and black.
distinguishing features >> her eyes. no one could mistake her eyes.
hobbies >> drawing, singing, plotting and planning.

"they say that fire burns brighter in the dark... to fair, i think i prefer the flower that blooms in the rain."
"courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."
"in order to be happy oneself it is necessary to make at least one other person happy."

personality >> cool, calm, and generally collected, genesis is the somewhat shy girl in the corner who seems afraid of confrontation but emerges as a strong-willed fighting machine when prompted. she has a way with words and is extremely good with debates and negotiations. her confidence and cold exterior only adds to her ability. however, on the inside, genesis considers herself to be a bit of a mess. her core emotion is sadness, so when she gets to retreat and really examine her emotions, genesis is swept over by a wave of melancholy. this rarely comes out in public, but when it does, it only serves to humanize genesis and creates stronger bonds between her and her friends. she is also fond of doodling and singing to get more connected with her emotions. her artistic skills and logical mind often times help her with detailed planning.

strengths >> her ability to debate and her loyalty towards her friends and those she cares about.
weaknesses >> her stubborn nature ; once set on something, genesis is rarely swayed from her position.
goals >> survival above all.
fears >> water and drowning, getting caught in a situation she cannot control.
likes >> solving tough problems, singing [ only to herself - she won't sing for anyone unless they're very, very close ], and drawing.
dislikes >> losing any argument, being forced into situations she doesn't want to be in.

history >> genesis was born outside of the camps, raised by the ocean. her family was constantly moving around, sticking to the seaside, so genesis never had a place to call home. she was happy in her youth, and when thinking back to her childhood, genesis always remembers good times and memories. her parents were alway very loving and constantly showered genesis with praise and attention. the first eight years of her life passed peacefully, and though her ninth was filled with a few moments of turmoil due to the bullets, it wasn't until genesis turned ten that she experienced her first tragedy.

genesis had never seen a hurricane before, so when one entered the area her family was camping out in, genesis was fascinated and wandered out of the camp. she was absolutely hypnotized by the powerful storm and accidentally wandered into the ocean. genesis almost drowned but was saved by her father. though genesis managed to survive, her father was swept out to sea while trying to rescue his daughter, and genesis never saw him again.

now alone with only her mother to take care of her, genesis began to feel guilty for the death of her father. her mother assured her that it wasn't her fault, and, believing her, genesis managed to slowly get over her guilt, and instead felt an overwhelming fear of the ocean. this forced genesis and her mother to move towards more wooded areas. food shortages and unfamiliar territory forced the pair to seek help, and the two accidentally wandered into a bullet camp. genesis, who was twelve at the time, was forced to watch as her mother was killed.

genesis, desperate and fueled by fear, managed to escape the bullets and race away into the woods. though some men from the camp were sent after her, genesis managed to overpower one of them with a swift kick to the ribs. she took the man's rifle and evaded her other pursuer, heading for safety.

a year passed and genesis managed to become a killing machine, powered by her need to survive and her fear of the bullets. she didn't care who she had to kill as long as she lived another day. luckily, genesis wasn't forced to murder anyone, and rather relied on her powers of diplomacy.

as she wandered, thirsting for revenge but too afraid to do anything to anger the bullets, genesis gather information. she discovered that there were paradise camps and that there was one known as euphoria, run by rebels who would protect her from the bullets. genesis managed to get to the camp, where she was taken in and accepted as a member. genesis spent the next five years training and honing her skills so she could fight the bullets.

siblings >> none.
parents >>
william ampora ->deceased.
may ampora ->deceased.

grandparents >> genesis doesn't know too much about her family besides her parents.

other >>
tokens >> genesis doesn't haven't too much to remember her family by, but she does have a silver ring that loops into a gordian knot, which her mother had. genesis keeps it on her at all times.
weapon of choice >> handgun ; genesis doesn't carry this all the time. she does keep a swiss army knife on her, just in case she can't reach her gun in time.
significant other >> none. genesis has had a few crushes but her sentiments have never been returned, so she simply pushed those feelings aside and got over them.
crush >> none currently.

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━━━━ you're part of a machine
━━━ you are not a human being
description description
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ hero wyra kade
━━━ 19, female, heterosexual, part of bullets, born in camp ecstasy, mother; luca kade, unknown father, "i'm doing the right thing, i'm doing the right thing, i'm doing the right thing..."
━━━ a P P E A R A N C E hero has dark brown hair that falls just below her shoulders, a trait common in her family. she has intelligent eyes that always betray her real emotions. hero is quite fit, as the time she doesn't spend working on designs is spent training. hero isn't incredibly beautiful, but she's easy on the eyes.
━━━ p E R S O N A L I T Y it would be unfair to call hero a villain, and yes, she sees the irony in that. she's got the right idea. after all, bullets started off the idea of freeing the world of the burden of order, allowing them to live freely. over the years, this image twisted into something horrific and sick. hero isn't evil. if anything, she's an asset. hero is intelligent and resourceful, two skills which are crucial to win a war. all hero wants to do is free the world and not have them confined. whether or not she would ever admit it, hero is actually a bit scared of bullets and the power they have. she'd seen what they can do, yet she's still with them. does she ever think it's wrong? of course, everyday. but hero keep on going because she hopes that in the end, all the struggle will be worth it. she's awfully bright, but she still can't see the glaring truth; she's fighting on the wrong side of the war.
━━━ h I S T O R Y of all the paradise camps, ecstasy had to be the worst place to be. for some people, ecstasy was less paradise and more hell. it was no wonder luca kade was reluctant to bring a child into the world. from an early age, hero kade learned that some people were better off than others. she had a great talent in art as well as mathematics and science, setting her up to be an engineer. however, luca never had enough money to send hero to a school in ecstasy. when hero was twelve, she and her mother moved to another camp, utopia, to get a fresh start. there, hero tried her hardest to fit in. she was the top of her class, and maybe the other kids felt intimidated, so they teased her. hero felt that the only one on her side was raelyn berns, a relatively quiet girl who stood up for hero occasionally. when rae spoke, everyone listened. as hero grew, the teasing just got worse. the kids would often write rude notes and slip them under the door of hero's house for luca to find. these notes really got to her. when hero asked what they were about, her mother would scream at her. hero would only come down when bottle of whiskey slipped from her mother's unconscious fingers and shattered. one day, after drinking herself unconscious, luca didn't wake up. it took hero four days to get the courage to tell the police. when she did, they simply wrote a report and moved on.
it was after this that hero started hating the paradise camps. she found them corrupt. unbeknownst to hero, someone was preying on the hatred growing in her heart. the day hero turned sixteen, a man approached her and asked her if she wanted a job. hero said yes, and that was how she came to work with bullets. even at that age, hero was brilliant. brilliant and naive. the further she got pulled into the web of chaos bullets weaved wherever they went, hero was being manipulated more and more. first it was her designs being used, then her brain. hero thought up ideas and bullets snatched them right out from under her. hero really thought she was helping the world. when the camps fell, hero was safe and sound. she too mourned the dead, but then she moved on. as the rebels grow stronger, hero is a valuable asset to bullets.
━━━━━━━━━━━━ low on self esteem
━━━━━━━━━ so you run on gasoline

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description description
descriptionGEMMA "gem" THOMPSON
16, female, affiliated with Euphoria, born in Camp Utopia, face claim: Daisy Ridley
a P P E A R A N C E Eyes: Hazel with gold flecks
Hair: Plain brown hair, not very well taken care of. Falls slightly above the shoulders.
Height: 5 ft 1
Weight: 49.9 kg
Distinguishing features: Gemma has many long scrapes, scratches, and bruises all over her from dodging collapsing buildings and scrambling through wreckage on her way out of Utopia. There are also a series of red lumps along her left arm and leg from the shrapnel of bombs that detonated in Utopia.
p E R S O N A L I T Y Pain has hardened this once-loving girl into someone that masks her emotions and blocks out anyone who tries to get close to her. She tries to be strong on the outside, but inside she is a wreck. It's only a matter of time before everything spills out.
Weaknesses: Gemma tends to not fully trust anyone, and keep her problems to herself. She is also secretly terrified of fighting, but is ashamed of that, believing that a coward like herself did not deserve to make it out of Utopia alive.
Fears: Having seen firsthand what Bullets will do, Gemma is utterly terrified of the group. She is also afraid of the other rebels finding out that she is not nearly as calm and confident as they might think. The thought that the lives of the other rebels might one day be in her hands also terrifies her.
Likes: Spending time alone, doing things to distract herself.
Dislikes: Talking to people- Gemma is very antisocial, although she knows it could be dangerous to isolate herself from the rest of the rebel group.
Flaws: Gemma believes that she needs to block everyone out, and can be quite self-centered.
h I S T O R Y Growing up in Utopia, Gemma had heard of the war and bloodshed that came before the Paradise Camps, but had never thought much of it. Like the others growing up in the camps, Gem was told that they were safe in Utopia. She was happy- she was popular with the others for her gentle nature and positive outlook on things, and although she was naive, she was content. As far as she knew, the ravages of war would never touch her life. That is, until she was forced to run with her little brother when much of Utopia was bombed. Thanks to her father's quick thinking, Gem and her little brother Wally got out undetected, dodging wreckage and collapsing buildings after watching them claim their father's life. For days, they journeyed through the Carcass, trying to make use of the garbage littered around in the area. Day by day, they wasted away little by little until they were unable to move fast enough to evade Bullets. Her next decision was one of the hardest of her life. Wally Insisted that she leave him behind and continue on. That was the final straw for Gem- that was what ultimately broke her. Knowing that she deserted him, that he sacrificed himself so that she would have a hope of survival. From them on, Gemma pushed out all emotions, focusing only on survival and the hope that things might one day get back to normal.
description description description description description description
o T H E R Wally Thompson (deceased, brother), Hugh Thompson (deceased, father), Elaina Thompson (deceased, mother).
Weapon of choice: Poison- Gemma likes the idea of slipping a poison into a drink or meal instead of physically fighting, but has never attempted that. She is quite proficient with a handgun, but she knows that she would be hesitant to use it in a fight.
Locket: Unbeknownst to the others, Gemma wears a small, delicate golden locket around her neck, the only item from her mother she has. Her mother, who died when giving birth to her brother, Wally. In it, she keeps three tattered photographs, one of each member of her family, as a remembrance of them and a reminder that she cannot let them down.

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Gemma is approved!

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