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((Lè Park))

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Yuki walked through the park, she had an old book with her. She sat down next to a tree, in the grass and opened it. She flipped through the pages one by one. "Darn..I already..know this stuff...oh well" she said to herself, then continued to read.

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Jasminka chuckled softly to herself. So naive, these humans.. she thought to herself. Jasminka was sitting on one of the many benches in the park, waiting for someone to sit down next to her. She sipped her drink nonchalantly, looking out for any suspicious eyes all the while. Jasmine nodded to a jogger passing by every now and again, hoping to lure someone in with her charms and friendly disposition.

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Wendy walked through the park. She had a happy look on her face and was hoping to make some friends. Occasionally, the grass below her would grow longer and more green. Flowers that no one had ever seen before would blossom behind her, of course she did not notice at all.

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Jasminka was already concentrating, so it didn't take her too long to notice the presence of the other witch. She narrowed her eyes, directing her gaze towards the fellow witch. Jasminka wondered whether she was aggressive, as she didn't seem to be doing much as of now. Of course, you could never really tell. Jasmine decided that she would take a bit of a risk and call her over. She waved over the girl, hoping that she would take a seat next to her.

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Wendy saw a girl wave at her. She began to walk over, still unnoticing the ground behind her. She reached the bench where the girl sat, she waved cheerfully and said "Hello!" with a happy smile. Her golden brown eyes shining with happiness.

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"Hi! It's nice to meet you, what's your name? I'm Jasminka, but you can just call me Jasmine." Jasminka said cheerily. She had been in hiding for quite a while and hadn't had the opportunity to practice her innocent act, so hopefully it was good enough. The witch seemed untrained and rather naive, so she doubted that she would notice. Jasminka's smile looked rather sinister, though, so she stopped and waited for the witch to respond.

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"It is nice to meet you also! My name is Wendy!" she said. She smiled and sat down next to her. Wendy did not notice anything unusual about the girl. She wanted to ask if the girl was a witch..but decided not to.

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"Wendy.. That sounds familiar." Jasminka says, looking thoughtful. She waited a few moments for dramatic effect, and looked back at Wendy with sinister eyes, her pupils almost swallowing up her iris. "Say, are you a witch?" Jasmine says, her voice low. She had had her suspicions before, and now she knew for sure, the fellow witch being right next to her on the bench. Not missing a beat, Jasminka shrugged and continued to smile and nothing, eyes closed happily towards the sun.

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Her eyes widened "H-How did you know?" she asked, a bit worried that word had gotten out about her still being here. She looked down at her feet, wondering how Jasmine knew what she was. She swung her legs back and forth a tiny bit, she usually did when she was nervous or curious.

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"Oh, just a fellow witch's intuition. You really are inexperienced, hmm? I would consider taking you on as an apprentice, but you're a little too 'goody-two-shoes' for my liking." Jasminka says casually, as if this were a normal conversation to be having. She loved playing little games with people. It was one of the best sources of amusement out there!

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"I'm not inexperienced..It's just...I have never met another witch before.." she said. "But just because I am a bit smaller..doesn't mean..I'm inexperienced..And I'm not a goody-two-shoes" she said and smiled. She looked up at the sky, staring a bit blankly.

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"Well, at least you can defend yourself." Jasmine shrugs, unsure what to make of the girl now. She still seemed a little timid to her. Jasmine suddenly tensed. Was she working for the DWMA? Jasminka should've thought of it before. She was getting lazy, after being in hiding for so long. Then again, the girl didn't seem to know who she was. Which was understandable, as she hadn't started her little crimes until recently.

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"I am not very good at that..but I can at least heal" she said, still looking up at the sky. She paused for a moment before asking "What kind of powers do you have?".

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"Shields. Enchantment. Your usual witchy powers." Jasminka said, sounding very bored. The girl was starting to get on her nerves, but she would be tolerant. The witch couldn't help being easily squish-able. "Where do you live? I live on the outskirts of town, if you'd like to come visit sometime. I could teach you some things." Jasmine offered, swinging her legs under the bench.

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She nodded "I live on the outskirts too!" she said and smiled "I would love to come over and visit" she said. Wendy brushed a strand of her hair that had fallen over her face.

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((Ok! It's fine^^))

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(( Going to end here :) ))

Jasminka smiled. Maybe she could corrupt the girl, but for now at least she had an alliance with another witch, and she would need all the help she could get if she were going to continue with her plans. "If anyone asks, you didn't see me. It was great meeting you, though. If you'd like to come visit, feel free to anytime." Jasmine said nonchalantly. She doubted the girl would reveal her. What was her name again? Wendy. "Bye bye for now, Wendy." Jasminka said, gathering up her snacks. She drew a pentagram in the dirt with her foot and muttered an incantation, vanishing in a thick, pink fog.

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(( For Shinra's weapon, Hiro ))

Nana bounced into the park, eyes glistening with excitement. She was going to be meeting up with Hiro today, a weapon. Nana hoped that she could be friends with him! Most people disliked him, but Nana didn't really understand why. That was okay with her, though. Nana liked most people, so she was certain she would get along with Hiro. Maybe he would even agree to be her weapon! That excited her even more. Hopefully he would show up soon.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Kurokida ducks into the gates, clinging from one random person to the next, his breathing hard. Tears well up in his big chestnut eyes and he crawls over to a big patch of bushes. I want Nii-sama! I want Nii-sama! I want Nii-sama! he thinks, the tears now slipping down his cheeks. Suddenly a dog shows its face through the bushes and begins growling at barking at him. He shrieks in fear, leaping to his feet and running until he accidentally bumps into someone and falls back. "Watch where you're going, you dumb brat!" the woman hisses. His ears go back on his head and he leaps to his feet once more, sprinting to another patch of bushes. This time, he transforms into a kitten, trembling hard.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments After running through many neighborhoods and checking in small places, like inside garbage cans, in a couple bushes, and even in some mailboxes, Aki pauses as he gets near a park. With his knees bent and his head dropped, he is barely able to catch his breath from all that running which he doesn't do much of. "Ku..Kuro-chan!!" He calls out while cupping his hands around his mouth. After a couple of seconds and no response, Aki begins his search again but this time he asks a bunch of people that were walking through. "Hey have you seen a little Neko boy about this tall..." He lifts his hands and spreads them about three feet about. "...He's also wearing a butler costume." He mentions to a lady that looked a little upset. Aki's hair was disheveled and his clothes were a bit wrinkled but he only cared about finding his Kurokida.

((Sorry that I'm late. I didn't know you already posted here.))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Kurokida's ears flick at the sound of a familiar voice and then, tears streaming down his flushed cheeks, he leaps out of the bushes in his "human" form, throwing his arms around Aki's waist. "Nii-sama!" he sobs, the poor boy shaking. The woman huffs and walks away but he couldn't care less, Aki being the only tuing that matters to him right now.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments "Kuro-chan!" Aki exclaims happily as he squats down and hugs the boy back. "I'm sorry Kuro-chan, I should've paid more attention to you." He says while hugging the Neko close to him as tears spilled from his eyes.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Kurokida's small body is shaking hard, memories of when he and his twin were abandoned and lived on the streets flooding his mind. Memories of her dying. He only sobs harder, hugging Aki as tight as his small arms can. "Nii-sama!" he cries.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Aki kisses the top of Kurokida's head and continuously apologizes to him in a whispered tone. "I'm so sorry, Kuro-chan." As he apologized to Kuro-chan he made a mental note that he would have to end things with Edogawa. He had to focus on making Hiroshi and Kurokida happy even if he would not be able to have his own happiness. "Kuro-chan I won't choose Edo-sama over you anymore..." He whispers with a cracked voice as tears spill out of his eyes. He really wanted to be with Edogawa but Kurokida came first.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Kurokida stares up at Aki for a moment and then wails out another sob. "Bakaaaa! Jus' 'cause he's a jerk doesn't mean you gotta make him go away! Jus' tell him to be nice!" he sobs, ears completely flat on his head. "N-Nii-sama...I... I wanna go home now. Go home and cuddle." He sniffles, wiping away his tears with the arm that isn't bruised.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments Aki looks over Kurokida with a worried expression then picks him up and carried him in his arms. "Kuro-chan, when we get home I'll make you anything you want." He says with a small smile on his lips as he heads back to their house.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) "Udon," Kurokida says softly, wrapping his arms tightly around Aki's neck and resting his head on the man's shoulder. "Did...did the nice waitress lady bring out my lemonaid? I forgot to ask her for it." His tail wraps tightly around one of Aki's arms, almost like he is clutching to a security blanket or something of the sort.

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Oreo (smore_oreo) | 1109 comments "Sorry Kuro-chan. I kinda of crushed it when I was mad at Edo-sama." Aki says softly while wiping away his tear with his free hand. "But I'll make you some when we get home...Do you wanna help me?" He asked with a smile as they got nearer to the house.

((After you post I'll post at their house.))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Kurokida frowns at what he is told, silently wondering why he was mad at Edogawa, but keeping his questions to himself. "Nnn," he replies quietly, ears still back on his head. "I...I jus' wanna go home.."

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Neo sat at a bench in the park with one leg resting on the other. She twirled her umbrella around and looked at everyone around her. One eyes was brown and the other was pink but at about every thirty seconds, they would switch sides. She had a smile on her face.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Shikima looks around with his bright orange eyes, gazing at the people while being backed away from. "Boo. It's like they think I'ma eat them... I'm not you," he grumbles, addressing Okashi. She simply huffs and states, "I'm glad you're not me." He pouts a bit but continues walking until he sees a girl with hair that reminds him of ice cream. Immediately, despire Okashi's protests, he walks over to her. "Hello! I love your hair! It looks so much like ice cream, and I love ice cream, especially the chocolate flavor, 'cause I love everything chocolate!"

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Neo looked at him with the same smile and nodded as to say 'Thank you'. She pointed at his eyes and grinned. Neo then took out her phone, went into new contacts and then handed it to him. That way she wouldn't have to talk when she needed to respond.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Shikima blushes when his eyes are pointed at, thinking for a moment that their odd color might freak her out. He offers a small smile when she smiles, then taking her phone and ignoring the shiver along his spine as their hands touch. "Okashi, how do I use this?" he whispers, seemingly to himself. "You're hopeless. Type in your name and your number, baka. We got cellphones last year," Okashi responds. He scowls while doing as she says. "Well, you've been the one in control for most of that time. I haven't gotten to learn how to use one," he grumbles in response.

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Neo smiled at him again and notice he was acting a bit strange. She tilted her head to the side in confusion and twirled her umbrella again while uncrossing her legs. She scoot over so he could sit down. Neo's eyes changed again but the transitions sped up but not to fast. She curiously put her face a bit close to his just to look at his eyes more.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Shikima grins cheerfully at the girl and hands her back the phone. "I'm Shikima!" he says, and then Okashi states through his lips, "And I'm his sister Okashi." He groans the second she finishes speaking, crossing his arms. "Okashi, I told you to quit doing that." She answers with a taunting laugh.

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Neo looked at her phone and texted him. 'I'm Neapolitan..Just call me Neo for short. You both have nice names..'
She closed her umbrella and waited for a response. Thankfully Neo was quick at texting. She still looked at him confused. 'So there are two of you?' She texted him.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Shikima yelps when his phone buzzes, pulling it out of his pocket and then opening the messages. He glances from Neo to the phone again and again until his welcoming eyes land on the girl again. "Yup! And thanks! Okashi is my sister. We're just a bit special... I'll ask her if she wants to say hi," he says. He asks his sister mentally, and then, glancing around to make sure no one else is watching, allows Okashi to take over. It doesn't take long for the body of the tall young man to be replaced with a shorter, full-chested young woman. "Hi. There, I'm done, Shikima."

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Neo's eyes widened in amazement when she appeared. She noted that they both were very attractive but she kept that thought in the back of her head. Wow..She texted him. She looked at the girl and then waited for what Shikima had to say. She looked at her phone again. Aw that sucks, you're still taller then me
Neo texted.

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((I fixed it a bit))

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ivy (cunning239) (( XD))

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((XD *Waits somewhat patiently for CP*))

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ivy (cunning239) (( lol she's probs busy- don't rush?))

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((Yeah, I figured.))

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ivy (cunning239) (( omg! I woke up at 5 in morning for nothing!))

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hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) (Lol, sorry. I was sleeping)

Okashi raises a perfect eyebrow at the question, leaning toward Neo and watching the girl with inquisitive violet eyes. "Why don't you speak out loud? Are you like, a mute, or something?" she asks bluntly. "Okashi, be nice! You can't just ask people that! You asked a woman if she was pregnant and you got bitch-slapped, remember?" Shikima butts in.

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ivy (cunning239) (( XD))

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Neo leaned back as she leaned forward. Her eye changed again as she thought of what to say. Neo looked at her phone. 'I just don't' She texted bluntly. She gave a small smirk and scooted back in the bench while putting her chin on her knees.
((Lol it's fine. I have a feeling our timezones are different also))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) (When the speaking is italicized, then they are speaking in their mind.)

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