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message 1: by FranklinRPer (new)

FranklinRPer | 3 comments Alright, so I read this book when I was a teenager around 14-16 years ago. It was around the age when I was reading Animorphs, if that helps date it for anyone.

What I remember: There were these creatures (one was featured on the cover) that were pack hunting cyclists. I remember that later in the book the protagonist(s?) discovered that they were cyclists who had just stayed on their bikes for too long or something like that. Their skulls had grown over their helmets and they had reflective glasses. They had some sort of symbiotic relationship with their bikes and if the bike got destroyed they basically withered and died without it.

I remember that the protagonist was in some kind of underground cave or something with no light and there were these little creatures. He survived with them and they made some sort of society. He eventually came out of the cave with them and it blinded him. These creatures that were his allies weren't human and they treated him with respect. I THINK there was a girl with him in the book as well.

I've been searching for this book for a long while and I just can't seem to find it. Any help at all would be great.

message 2: by Tab (new)

Tab (tabbrown) | 4967 comments What time period/location did the story take place?
Part of a series?

Was it more of a humorous scifi, scary scifi, or something else?

message 3: by FranklinRPer (new)

FranklinRPer | 3 comments From what I recall:

The time frame was near future at the beginning, and then far future by the end.

I assume it's part of a series, it had that feel, but I never saw any other books from it.

In tone, I'd say that everything was decently serious. Not sure I'd call it scary scifi, and it had some quirky moments, but overall it was serious. Kind of like how Dresden Files can be funny, but for the most part it's serious business.

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Rosenberger (sarahatothek) | 37 comments Sounds like Endsville.

message 5: by FranklinRPer (new)

FranklinRPer | 3 comments Sarah wrote: "Sounds like Endsville."

Bingo! That is indeed the book. Thank you so much Sarah.

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