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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Hi:3 I love you

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Hey sexy. So, any ideas?

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Teacher and student maybe? Or we can do...cousins. Or best friends

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments I kinda want a plot and all. If u want I have plots we can look at to get ideas from

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Yeah. Hit me

message 6: by Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (last edited Jun 18, 2016 09:47AM) (new)

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Guy A is a smart mouth. He doesn't let anyone get to him. He's smart, everyone knows it. It's not like he acts stupid. People know not to make him mad. Because be has anger issues. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have friends. In fact, when he's not angry, he's a funny guy. He doesn't date, just picks up girls here and their. He likes to get his way. So what happens when theirs a new girl in school and they happen to bump into each other? She's a sweet girl and loves to have fun and do things without thinking. Except what will he do when she challenges him, something no one has done. Will he change? Or will he get angry?

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Sarah | 2189 comments I'd rather not do anything supernatural like

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments The last three are not. But that's okay.

What if we do an asylum type of rp? An patient and therapist?

message 9: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Sure.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments U sure? I don't want u to feel like ur forced.

message 11: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments I like the second to last one.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Okay. U know u could tell me anything. If u don't like it and what not. So u wanna be the guy or girl?

message 13: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Whatever you want me to be love

message 14: by Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (last edited Jun 17, 2016 11:41PM) (new)

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments U okay with being the main character? The guy?

message 15: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Yeah!:)

message 16: by Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (last edited Jun 18, 2016 09:45AM) (new)

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Great. So characters?

message 17: by Sarah (last edited Jun 18, 2016 09:39AM) (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Appearance: https://www.google.com/search?q=hot+g...
Anyways characters...
Name: Nicholas (Nic)
Personality: smart ass

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments It took me to google search.

message 19: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments I hate my phone. I'll get on my laptop later and fix it.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Kk. Give me a moment to get my character

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Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments ||Name|| Vee Sky
||Age|| 16

message 22: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Pretttttyyyy

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Thanks. So u want me to start?

message 24: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Yas

message 25: by Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (last edited Jun 18, 2016 07:24PM) (new)

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Vee, who decided to dress in a black skater skirt, black stockings, a gray lose sweater that hung off one shoulder and black boots. Her brown long hair down. She stood in the hallway, walking with a paper she tried to figure out. Room A102? Where the hell would I find that? God this place is huge. Bigger than my last one. Actually...... Three times bigger than my last one- Vee train of thoughts were caught off when she heard someone before her. She looked down to her paper than back up, not knowing where her first class was or her locker.

message 26: by Sarah (last edited Jun 18, 2016 07:08PM) (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Nicholas was walking down the hall surrounded by a group of his friends. He had on a red plaid shirt, black jeans, a gray beanie, and some tennis shoes. "Yo Nic,"my buddy says tapping me on the arm. When he turned to see what his friend was looking at he saw it was a girl. Quite beautiful honestly but that didn't stop him from being an asshole. He walks over to her sending a smile back over his shoulder to his friends. "Excuse me miss?" He say politely."May I offer you some aadvice?"

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Vee heard someone approach her. She looks up to the guy, he honestly was quite a looker, and listened as he spoke. She smiled up to him, being a kind girl she is. Hearing him as her that politely, she was expecting him to ask her for help. She probably did look confused, and help sounded perfect. "Sure," she said to him and listened. She noticed from the corner of her eyes how there was a gathering of guys near them and the students near by seemed to watch too. Why? He was just helping her.

message 28: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments He licks his lips and smirks looking around at the gathering crowd."How bout you not stop in the middle of the hallway." He says and then purposely rams his shoulder into hers causing the papers in her hand to go tumbling to the ground. Him and his friends laughed loudly as they continued their way down the hallway and away from her.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Vees smile faded when she heard those words. But she didn't let them get to her. She didn't let people like him effect her. She stumbled back when he shoved past her, her papers falling to the floor. She pushed out the laughter from the people around her. Before she knew it she turned around, forgetting her papers, and said, "maybe next time use your eyes to see where you are going." She waited to see what reaction she was going to get. Vee wasn't rude, but she didn't let people just boss her around.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments ((Still didn't work. If ur using google just click on the imagine. Then click on the three dot to the right and click view original image. That should take u to the same image. Copy that link and use it. That way it shows the pic u want rather than the search))

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Sarah | 2189 comments Nic turned around his eyebrows shooting up. No one ever talked back to him. Who was this girl? "Honey I was using my eyes. I was trying to shake the ugly off your face." He says grinning at her as hisboys all sstarted to say ohhhhh. He was having fun fighting with this girl. No one else would have fought back against him and honestly it was kind of boring."Maybe next you'll learn not to stand in the middle of a hallway."

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Vee bite her lip, not because she was hurt. But it was just a habit. Her hands were at her side, just playing with her fingers as he papers still littered the floor. She looked at him, ignoring everyone else. She looked around the hallway, as if in search for something. "I don't see your name on it," she tells him as her eyes fell back on him.

message 34: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Nic smiles widely at her as he approaches slowly. "Speaking of names... I didn't quite catch yours." He says as he tucks his hands into his pockets. This girl really intrigued him. She was spunky and beautiful and could stand up for herself. He had never encountered so!some like her and he knew immediately he had to have her. At least.....just for a night.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments ((Omg. Just for a night lol))

Vee stayed still when he approached her again, not even bothering to play with her fingers. He was pretty scary if she was to be honest. She didn't know what to expect from him. He would probably push her, or worse slap her. She didn't know, and she really didn't want to find out. But she couldn't just walk away and let him win. She looked up to him now that he stood before her. With all the courage she had left she said, "Vee, Vee Sky."

message 36: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Nic watched her eyes as he approached. He could see the emotions warring behind her eyes and could stop the low chuckle that rose out of Hus throat. He grabbed her hand and pressed his liosbto her knuckles. "Well Vee Sky…Im Nicholas Fields. See you same time tomorrow." He gives her a cocky grin before dropping her hand and swaggering his way down the hallway.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Vee stared at him in shock as he grabbed her hand and took it to his lips. That was something she really didn't except at all. She didn't protest to pull away or anything and just let her hand fall back to her side. Did he find her cool? What did he mean by meeting her same time tomorrow? Did he plan on bulling her again? She just watched him walk away. Nicholas... She thought his name. Once he was down the hallway, she bent down and started to gather her papers. The people around her seemed to get in a rush of talking to other people about what just happened. She seemed to get everyone's attention now, yet she didn't get help.

((Time skip?))

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Sarah | 2189 comments ((Sure))

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments ((The same time the next day?))

message 41: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments ((Sure))
The next day, Nic and his friends got to the spot where he has met Vee yesterday to wait for her. When he saw her he couldnt wait to start messing with her. "Hey guys!" He says catching everyones attention."Its Vee. Let's see how she fucks up today!" He yells sending a smile her way.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Vee walked into school the next day dressed in a white long sleeve shirt and denim shorts. Her side bag was singing at her side as she walked down the hallway, still holding her schedule in her hands as she looked for her locker again. Yesterday was hell. She barely found her classes. Most classes she entered late and there were a few that she didn't even make to. Hopefully today would be better. As she lunes down the lockers, Vee heard a familiar voice call her name. She rolled her eyes to him, figuring out he was going to do this everyday, and stood in front of her locker after finally finding it.

message 43: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2189 comments Nic leads his pack over to her locker where he leans againstbtge neighboring locker. Him and his friends talk for a while completely ignoring her. Then one of Nicholas's many girls stumbles and falls into Vee. "Ugh. Watch yourself freak." She says and then struts off to Nics side where she all but rapes him against the lockers.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Vee didn't look up to him nor his followers and just opened her locker. She took out some of the books she had in her bag that she didn't need to carry and placed them in her locker. "Oof.." Vee said as she was pushed into her locker by some girl. She held herself and balanced herself, looking over to the girl that pushed her with a remark that now had herself all over Nicholas. She shook her head, disgusted by her really. She didn't understand why girls would go that low. She didn't think to much about the word freak. Instead she mumbled to herself and went back to putting things away. "Throwing yourself at people is just unbelievable," she meant about how she threw herself both at her and how she was doing it to Nic.

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Sarah | 2189 comments Nic decided to step in since this girl was the girl of the day and he wanted to bug Vee."If you want to take her place your welcome to."Nic says to Vee leaning down to return some attention to the girl at his hip. "But wait...you're to good for that right? Or maybe...you have some disease to hide." When he said this all his friends snickered.

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments "Too thank you," she assured him, smiling as if he didn't faze her. She closed her locker and readjusted her strap on her shoulder. "And don't worry about disease," she assured him. "But maybe you should be careful," she said to the girl with him. "You may catch his assholeness , it's contagious." She earned her and turned around to walk away.

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Sarah | 2189 comments Nic smiled at her letting his eyes drink in her body as she turns to walk away. "You know it baby!" He yells after her not bothering to hide the laugh in his voice."Try not to dream bout me to much. It can also spread through dreams!" He yells as she walks away struggling to be heard above all the noise in the hallway. Damn she had a nice ass

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Vee kept on walking, hearing him shout after her. She couldn't help but smile. He was very foolish. She turned the hall and went on her search for her classes again.

((Maybe they could have a class together? Later in the day?))

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Sarah | 2189 comments ((Sure!)

Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) | 2041 comments Vee asked into her lay period class, lab. She had missed it yesterday so she was still entering this room for the first time. Luckily, unless yesterday, Vee made sure to go the right way and made to class on time without getting lost. She stuffed her schedule in her bag and walked in, wondering if the teacher partnered up the students like her old school does.

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