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Snook Snook (authorsnook) | 3 comments FREE FREE FREE
Karma's Kiss by Snook is Free for your Kindle!
With looks, money and success, Suga seems to have it all. Suga suffers from anxiety attacks after discovering her mother's dead body as a teenager. With her father in prison, she is raised by her uncle. She let down her guard and marries, Marlon, the provider of her lavish lifestyle who loves her more than she deserves. They both keep secrets from each other that unearths heart shattering pain and changes the dynamics of their marriage.
While coping with her husband’s painful secret, she allows herself to be manipulated. She is used as a pawn in a game she was never meant to win. Her past comes back to haunt her in more ways than one after she is caught with her panties around her ankles on their anniversary. Her most painful secret is yet to be revealed once she ends an affair and runs in an attempt to hide her treachery. Murder, sex, lies, and scandal intertwines in this tale of Karma’s Kiss.

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Stacy | 3 comments Thanks, got it!

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