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C.E.L. Stefani | 11 comments Hey there! Thank you for interest.

I am looking for a few betas to read my multiple POV, adult epic fantasy book The Lucin Stone—the first in the series. It is approximately 166,000 words long with 47 chapters and is the 4th draft of the book. It has a little bit of everything—romance, special abilities(superpowers), mystery, action, and adventure. There is some cussing, gory scenes, as well as sexual and drug references.

I have posted the blurb at the end if you would like to find out more about it.

I am looking for honest and detailed feedback on story structure, characterization, and plot development, as well as your overall thoughts and predictions throughout the story. If you’re not able to help me with the first three, then just your overall thoughts and predictions would help greatly. I really would like to know what others think of the story.

What my process involves.

First, I will email chapters 1-5 separately with a separate question sheet in PDF or .doc—your choice. After you send me back your filled out answers for each chapter, I’ll send another. After this is all done, if I think your feedback is detailed enough then I will start sending out 10 chapters at a time with the questions.

Starting July 1st, I will send the first chapter. My deadline is 6 weeks from that date. If you’re close to done with the chapters after the 6th week I won't hit you over the head for it. I'm pretty lenient and will be willing to work with your schedule. I'm not demanding or harsh, but would still like them back in a timely manner. This way you'll remember the story better and I can collect all beta feedback around the same time.

If you're interested you can private message me or leave your email below. I look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

The blurb for The Lucin Stone

In the kingdom of Odinaty lives a thriving race of Naharians with special abilities and longevity. For centuries they considered themselves pure—better than any of their kind. But the impending future may put a stop to their “perfect” world.

King Cassius Noor is tasked to find the mysterious Lucin Stone and deliver it to an unknown village—but it may be more of a burden than he imagined. Three of his knights join him on a perilous journey across a continent, where they encounter enemies and allies, while questioning the stones true purpose. Will the burden be worth the risk of their own lives?

Oziah Oliendur, head knight of The Order, is assigned to find the traitor who allowed the enemy of the north inside the castle. He is forced to put his trust in those who may be the one he is after. Will his choices put the kingdom in jeopardy or will it work out as he had anticipated?

Princess Valinia Noor is an outcast in her kingdom—hated because she resembles the enemy. When she reads an ancient diary written by the most evil prince in history, everything she had been taught may be a lie. Her life takes a drastic turn when she meets an intriguing young man of the north, but can he be trusted?

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C.E.L. Stefani | 11 comments I'm still searching for a few more if anyone is interested.

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Shan Lewis (fountainpendreams) I will beta read for you. I don't mind.

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