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Ball-Digital Book Promotion

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Alexandra | 6 comments

1. Why did you choose this book for this project?
I chose to use the book Stella by Starlight by Sharon M. Draper because it is one of this year’s Golden Sower nominees, and one I can definitely see myself using with students. I loved how this book brought to light so many issues: segregation, education, voting rights (including poll taxes, literacy tests, and outright intimidation), and the importance of community.

2. Why did you choose the application(s) that you used to create your project?
I chose to use iMovie because I had at least some experience with it, and it was available to me with my personal technology.

3. How would you describe the ease with which you were able to utilize the application(s)?
This was fairly difficult for me, as I have never made a book trailer or digital promotion before, and haven’t used iMovie since taking a technology class in my undergraduate days (about 7 years ago). Combined with wanting to steer clear of copyright infringement, I definitely struggled with this assignment.

4. What was your reason for choosing specific music, images, and text in your project? How does each of these factors represent the book?
The use of the stars and sounds of the crickets help to reinforce the importance of night in this book, as so much of the dramatic action takes place during the nighttime hours. The music is serious, but not necessarily sad. Rather, the music to me sounds both eerie and brave, which is the delicate balance of mood that Draper utilizes so well throughout the book. I also deliberately used the wording of a community’s fear or courage, rather than Stella’s. For while Stella is the protagonist, the book is truly about how a community comes together and supports each other through strength and courage. I also chose to read an excerpt from the book, which is one of the pieces Stella writes in her notebook, to help give a glimpse of how Stella views the world she is living in, and how she is trying to make sense of it through her writing.

5. How will you use digital book promotion projects in your current/future environment?
In the future, I think digital book promotion projects would be great to teach kids how to make for books they have read, as it combines so many skills: planning, script writing, and determining mood and how to display it, to name just a few. I think this would also be great to use to promote the library and new books to parents/guardians and families via social media.

6. What would you do differently in the future?
In the future, I would definitely play around with different movie making tools, and work to create more of my own content. Almost everything in the film was made using the tools in iMovie. I think this would also help in working with students to make book promotions of their own—to see how they can make most, if not all, of their own content to create a truly original product.

message 2: by Jacinda (new)

Jacinda Drakulich (jzd116) | 6 comments It is amazing how much technology has changed! I too was a little out-of-touch when it came to using the digital application. I like your idea about making students use their own content to make a truly original product. I just had to do that in my other Lit. course!! It does make it a challenge... I spent hours gathering and creating items to take picture of, as we were only allowed to use pictures we took.

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