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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Finished followers/rebels of Osiris are posted here

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❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ (jukeboxheroine) Basics
Seraphina Winterstaff



Sexual orientation:


Place of birth:


Physical Characteristics

A little tall for her age but not too tall

Average weight

Bright green

Coffee brown and glossy

Distinguishing features:
High cheekbones and muscles

Carries hidden weapons without even realizing it

Target practice, hunting, riding horses

Favorite Sayings:
"Shut up."


Simple and practical

Greatest flaw:
Acts before thinking a lot

Best quality:
Loyal and good liar

Seraphina is shrewd and sarcastic but her heart's in the right place. She's a spy for the true prince and works her way close to Osiris's heart as one of his rebel commanders. She hopes that by attracting him he'll spill his secrets for her to relay back to the prince. She likes joking around and doesn't flinch from hard work or fighting.

Fighting, riding, hunting, lying

Fear of getting caught, being sympathetic

Introvert or Extrovert:

Destroy the rebellion

Getting caught

Fighting, hunting, riding

Osiris, rebels

Seraphina grew up in the staff of the castle as a servant and was always dead loyal to the royal family. Not much to say.

Teen years:
When Osiris defected Seraphina swore a vow to Caspian she'd spy for him. She worked her way up the rebel ranks until she was one of his right hand men. She has been spying ever since.




Doesn't remember


Relationship status:
Single, trying to get Osiris to court her

Bow and arrows, dual swords, hunting daggers

Favorite animal:

Favorite flower:

Favorite food:


Theme song:


Birth flower:

Astronomical Zodiac:

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 260 comments Basics
Name: Nellian O'Clark
Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: straight
Nationality: Irish
Place of birth: in the countryside of Ireland
Title: Escaped slave

Physical Characteristics:
Picture: https://medievalreader.files.wordpres...
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125
Eyes: brown
Hair: red
Distinguishing features: has a brand of a slave on her left shoulder
Habits: none
Hobbies: training, spying, stealing from guards
Favorite Sayings: "You can't crush the Irish Spirit."
Disabilities: she can't run as fast due to an injury she received as a child to her right leg.
Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): battle ready
Greatest flaw: doesn't like to kill unless she has no choice, which often puts her in danger
Best quality: She knows how to get a job done with minimum violence

Personality: willful, stubborn, headstrong, smart, strong, fiery
Strengths: great with about any weapon
Weaknesses: can't run very well or climb very well, constantly has leg pain and has a limp
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Goals: to get revenge on the people who killed her parents
Fears: being recaptured or abandoned
Likes: horses, the woods, quiet
Dislikes: jerks, being told what to do, people judging her for her past

Childhood: Nellian was born on the hills of Ireland. When she was 8, her father was killed fighting against the British when they came to rule and she and her mother were taken as slaves of war. They were later sold to a French noble who treated them horribly.
Teen years: When Nellian was 14 her mother was killed by an overseer at the Noble's house. The noble didn't care and didn't even bury the body. Nellian attacked the overseer and was thrown to the ground, the overseer then broke her leg and stabbed it with his sword. Nellian waited till the injury healed and then escaped into the woods and on a boat to cross the river. She lived in the woods, stealing from villages till she was 17 and found Osiris and the other rebels.

Siblings: none
Spouse: none
Children: none
Parents: Her father was Nathan O'Clark, he died fighting the British. Her mother Ally O'Clark died as a slave after being beaten to death for spilling soup on the overseer by accident.
Grandparents: dead
Relationship status: single

Weapons: mainly duel swords and bow and arrow
Favorite animal: horse
Favorite flower: lotus
Favorite food: venison

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Approved. Welcome to the rebellion

Jude [ semi-hiatus ] (crazy-fangirl) Name: Delainey Quatroma
Nickname: Scarred, Roma, Del
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Nationality: Persian
Place of birth: Persia

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Distinguishing features: Delainey has a scar that runs from her eyebrow to her chin from a sword fight.
Greatest flaw: Lies about practically everything.
Best quality: An incredible liar.
Personality: Delainey is strong, both inside and out. She can face any opponent and has made a reputation for herself throughout the land. She is fierce. Delainey has incredible lying skills and is quite persuasive, so she often gets what she wants. When Delainey speaks, most people listen, even if it is just out of fear of what she might do if they don't.
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert

History: Delainey grew up the daughter of two carpet makers in Persia. Her family was never rich and she was beaten on a daily basis. When Delainey was shipped away from her family to Africa, she endured a much harder fate. Forced to work on carpets while chained to the loom, Delainey acquired the resolve to fight back. When she severely injured one of her overseers, she was sent to a camp in France. There, they hoped that they could stop the violence she now craved. They couldn't have been more wrong. Delainey killed most of her overseers and fled, eventually finding the rebels.
Relationship status: Single
Weapons: Daggers, swords

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Approved. Welcome to the rebellion

Jude [ semi-hiatus ] (crazy-fangirl) Thanks!

Wafflez ~In my world, there is only night and the harshness of day. The darkness stirs and awakens imaginations.~ (wisebooklover) Basics:
Name: Destiny Drakokiwska
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight
Nationality: Polish
Place of birth: Poland
Title: Assassin

Physical Characteristics:
Picture: description
(Not the dress though) She wears dark clothes and a cloak, which the cloak can camoflauge her. She is flat out gorgeous when it comes to looks, and she can charm anyone if she tries hard enough. Most of the time she hides her face under the cowl.
Height: 1m 67cm
Weight: 71kg
Eyes: brown
Hair: Chestnut-colored
Distinguishing features: long scar down the side of her right pinky
Habits: Chewing on cookies (if there's cookies) when stressed, slowly drinking water (if there's water) when bored, studying people for lies when she's talking to them (she does this subconsiously)
Hobbies: Reading, spying, learning how to be an assassin, parkour, ninja stuff
Favorite Sayings:
"I may look calm... But in my head I've killed you 3 times"
"Someday, when karma comes back to punch you in the face, I wanna be there... in case it needs help"
"Don't judge because I'm quiet, nobody plans a murder out loud!"
Disabilities: None
Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): Creepy, gothic
Greatest flaw: Draws conclusions very fast, and can change her mind in a moment's notice
Best quality: Great lier, can almost get away with everything. Also, she can sneak around without being detected.

Destiny is a strong-headed, stubborn girl. She loves to be the leader of a group and will try to lead the group well. She's incredible in arguments, winning almost every one with her skill of debate. She is curious about the world around her and loves to learn new things. As a learner, she learnt the secrets of manipulation, alchemy, and debating. She'll do anything for the right price, even betray her best friends. She is fierce, fearless. She is unafraid in the face of death (unless it's a slow, painful death).

When she wants to please someone, she can be mischievious, playful, quiet and mysterious. Kind, caring. She's the natural charming, which can cause a lot of males to fall for her.

She's intelligent and cunning and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Insult her, and she'll come back at you so fast your mind won't register it quick enough. Outsmart her? Good luck, look out for her cunning and intelligence.

Strengths: Sneaking around unnoticed, lying, her skills in debate, her extremely fast self, her skill in swordfighting, accuracy with a bow, since she's an extremely good lier, she can pick up on other people's lies, and her alchemy skills
Weaknesses: Draws conclusions quickly, tends to speak before thinking
Introvert or Extrovert: (What are those?)
Goals: To become the most creepiest, sneakiest, quietest killer. (Bent on revenge)
Fears: To die a slow and painful death
Likes: Reading, practicing her ninja-y, sneaky, creepy stalking, swordfighting, talking with her friends about her adventures, getting paid by someone for her to do something (like assassinate someone), the wilderness
Dislikes: Show-offs, Cowards, Betrayals

Childhood :She lived a happy childhood with her parents, the count and countess in her home country. Afterwards, when her parents found out what a selection was, and when it was happening, they sent her to live in the town where it was happening, hoping that Destiny would catch the prince's eye.
Teen years: After living in the town for a few months, Destiny began to miss the wild, and mother nature. She ran off, anyways not interested in marrying some random prince. She lived in the woods alone with her trusty bow and arrows, and a sword. She met a mysterious man cloaked in black that taught her the art of the assassins, which she still uses to her benefit. On one of her hunting trips she ran into the rebels, and thinking it would be fun, she joined the rebellion. After some time in the rebellion, she worked her way up into a trusted commander of the rebel leader.
Adulthood: N/A- She's 18
Elderly years: N/A

Siblings: Sister- off to marry some prince
Spouse: (Whats that?)
Children: None
Parents: Count and Countess
Grandparents: Dead
Relationship status: Single

Weapons: Bow and arrow, sword. (Give her any weapon and she can fight with it)
Favorite animal: Wolf & Dragon
Favorite flower: Primrose
Favorite food: Waffle (Mild-sweet)
Pet: She somehow made friends with a large brown hawk
Theme song: Fight song
Birthstone: Aquamarine
Birth flower: Daffodil
Astronomical Zodiac: Aries
~Symbol: A howling wolf with a moon in the background
~Element: Physic?
~Lucky Color: Blue
~Lucky Number: 7
~Jewelry: None
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Approved. welcome to the rebellion.

Spouse is like husband/wife

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments description

Name: Wilfred Mark Warfstache
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Bisexual (we all know it. we know the septiplier)
Nationality: French
Place of birth: Little town in the middle of no where France

"I'm not scared. Not even a little bit."

Personality: He commonly takes on an exaggerated facade of courage and bravado when clear of danger, proclaiming his superhuman strength, bravery, and incredible good looks. He (jokingly) his incompetence with solving puzzles, and threatens off-screen monsters, and sometimes real people, with a variety of awkward-often chair related-violence.

Upon the appearance of an enemy, he often panics, giving his trademark (no pun intended) screams and fleeing towards the nearest available closet. Upon the escape from the threat, his smooth attitude returns and so do his jeers of derision towards the game's antagonist

However, on any nonsensical puzzle, he goes into a fit of rage. He is often very fired up while playing such games.

Strengths: Solving puzzles
Weaknesses: The face of danger
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert
Fears: Mythological evil creatures
Likes: Mustaches, pink,
Dislikes: Monsters

"Wait a minute... (When he notices something in a puzzle that was in his face all the time. Usually followed by an "Oh, god damnit! I'm an idiot!" )

No one knows where Warfstache came from. All that is really known about him is that he grew up in a little village and is a for hire con man that is currently part of the rebellion. He is part of the side that is trying to dethrone Caspian.

"My little biscuit"

Weapons: Little baby gun (who knows)
Favorite animal: Tiny Box Tim
Favorite food: Pasta
Pet: Tiny Box Tim
Theme song

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Spades (thequeenofspades) | 175 comments Basics:
Name: Helene Laverne
Age: 19
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Nationality: French
Place of birth: France
Title: Peasant

Physical Characteristics:

(view spoiler)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Distinguishing features: Freckles
Habits: None
Hobbies: Horseback riding, archery, reading
Favorite Sayings: "Well done is better than well said."
Disabilities: None
Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): Humble, but charming
Greatest flaw: Overly cautious
Best quality: Rational

Personality: Helene is very dutiful and hard-working, never taking anything for herself unless everyone else is cared for. She masks a lot of her negative emotions as not to cause trouble to those around her. She's very cautious and thinks everything through, trying to ensure that those she loves won't get hurt.
Strengths: Housework, horseback riding,
Weaknesses: Slow to warm to others, easily manipulated
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Goals: Care for her family
Fears: Being discovered as an impostor, her family being harmed
Likes: reading, sewing, gardening, helping others
Dislikes: cheating, lying

Childhood: Helene was the oldest of five born to a peasant family in a small village in France. As such, she spent most of her time helping out with housework. She never complained and always worked hard to help out her family.
Teen years: Despite her siblings growing older and able to get jobs, her family began to fall into more and more debt. One day, she was approached by a man who offered her a substantial amount of money in exchange for her help in the rebellion. She took his offer in order to help her family. In order to infiltrate the castle, the rebellion has asked her to enter the Court of Roses. She's impersonating Duchess Morgane Provence, a rich and influential bachelorette.

Geoffrey Laverne (Brother)
Silvie Laverne (Sister)
Ouen Laverne (Brother)
Prue Laverne (Sister)
Spouse: None
Children: None
Demetre Laverne (Father)
Nadine Laverne (Mother)
Grandparents: Deceased
Relationship status: Single

Weapons: A small dagger, although she's very inexperienced at using it
Favorite animal: Sparrows
Favorite flower: Iris
Favorite food: Stew
Pet: None
Theme song: Butterfly - Christina Perri
Birthstone: Aquamarine
Birth flower: Daffodil
Astronomical Zodiac: Pisces
~Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical
~Weakness: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality, can be a victim or a martyr
~Element: Water
~Sign Ruler: Neptune
~Lucky Color: Lilac
~Lucky Number: 34

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Astra  (sayomina) | 1 comments Spades wrote: "Basics:
Name: Helene Laverne
Age: 19
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Nationality: French
Place of birth: France
Title: Peasant

Physical Characteristics:



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