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Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) Hi everyone,

We have a three-way tie. We are going to have a tie-breaker vote between The Summoning, 13 Little Envelopes, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It will be up in a couple of minutes. Please vote.

message 2: by Catamorandi (last edited Jul 25, 2009 02:08PM) (new)

Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) I forgot to mention that the poll ends at July 29th.

message 3: by Catamorandi (new)

Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) We have another quick tie-breaker between A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The Summoning. We will have this last tie-breaker and see what happens.

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Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) By the way, the voting ends at August 2.

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