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The Yesterdays of Tomorrow (Hawk of Stone Duology #2)
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Jessica Hernandez | 7 comments I can provide pdf copies of THE YESTERDAYS OF TOMORROW. :)

Here’s my novel’s blurb:
It’s been a year since Kaia’s first encounter with the turned ones. Every day since then has been fraught with uncertainty. Most in the Kingdom of Mar prepare for a life wherein they will be free. Kaia, however, knows that even if the curse should be lifted, the Marian people will not be unburdened in the near future. King Sol promised them a war with Darlbent, and a war they shall have if the fog dissipates. Swords have already been thrust into the hands of every man in the kingdom, filling Kaia and her friends with trepidation. Things have changed in Mar, and Kaia worries that it is only a matter of time before some blades are turned against them.

The moment of truth is approaching. Soon, it will be known whether or not the curse was meant to have an end. If it wasn’t, can Kaia and the others learn to make lives for themselves in a forsaken land like Mar? Will they ever truly know safety there?

To further complicate matters, Kaia has Ruelena to contend with…

THE YESTERDAYS OF TOMORROW is book two in the Hawk of Stone duology. If you haven’t read book one, CAPERING ON GLASS BRIDGES, but are interested in receiving an ARC of book two, fret not! I'll happily provide you with a copy of CAPERING ON GLASS BRIDGES. Upon reading book one, feel free to contact me and I’ll send you an ARC of THE YESTERDAYS OF TOMORROW.

I plan to release THE YESTERDAYS OF TOMORROW on 19 August 2016. In order to receive an ARC, I ask that you please agree to post a review—preferably to Amazon and Goodreads—on the aforementioned date.

Interested in reading and reviewing? Please send me an email—I can be reached at jessyhernandez7 [at] att [dot] net—or comment down below with your email address. Please include the following statement in your message to me: I agree to post a review of THE YESTERDAYS OF TOMORROW on said novel’s release date.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

- Jessica

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Hi I am looking for some new books to read and review, I don't have a set genre that I would read. I want to open my options to many genres! I have lots of spare time because of summer and would be happy to help!!

You can send me any PDF's here and or ask questions
Leah x

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Jessica Hernandez | 7 comments Hello, Leah! I've sent you an email. :)

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That's great I'll have a look now

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