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Here we go

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Thanks, so have any ideas?

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I'm open to anything. You're the one that posted to request, so you decide. :)

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Have you ever seen Harry Potter or read the books?

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Yup! Numerous times!

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Oh thank god! Finally someone who's read and seen them! Would you care to do a roleplay on Harry Potter?

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Sure! With characters from the books or our own? I'm fine either way.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments With characters if that's okay, I kinda had a plot that I've been wanting to do though, do you prefer singles or doubles?

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Whatever works better for your plot. I'm fine just being the guy, if your reasoning for doing doubles is to make the gender of characters fair.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Well I was thinking it would be based around my character joining Hogwarts and meeting Draco Malfoy and they fall in love during their fourth year and they start going out their fifth year, and when they graduate they get married after Draco gets a blessing from my girls father of course, then my girl gets pregnant two years after they graduate. Blah blah blah, she has twins and names them Fred the III and George the II after her favorite people. Are you willing to play Draco?

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Yeah! Sounds good!

Should I make a profile for him even though we both already know what he's like?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments You can if you want to lol

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I'll make one just for fun haha

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Kk, I'll make my girl

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Name: Draco Lucius Malfoy
Age: 14
Year: Fourth Year
House: Slytherin
Status: Pureblood
Parents: Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy

Appearance: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photo...

Personality: Draco is your typical rich, spoiled brat. He grew up with two parents that gave him everything he asked, and ingrained their own beliefs into their young son. Draco believes he is entitled to most things in life simply because of his blood, and isn't used to hearing the word "no". But underneath his tough exterior, there is a softer side to Draco that few ever see. His father has made it clear that kindness is a weakness, and Draco's greatest fear in life is letting his father down. So instead of letting people see the real Draco he hides behind the snobbish attitude and rude remarks.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments He would be fourteen in his fourth year, he'd be fifteen in his fifth

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Fixed it :)

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Alright then, I'll post my character and we can get started ^^

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments

••• Identification •••

∞ First Name: Elizabeth
∞ Etymology: Oath to God
∞ Reason: Billius Weasley named his daughter Elizabeth because it was all he ever wanted.
∞ Middle Name: Billy
∞ Etymology: Will, desire + helmet, protection
∞ Reason: Billius gave her this middle name so that she would remember him when he died
∞ Last Name: Weasley
∞ Etymology: Like a Weasel
∞ Reason: No one knows where this name came from.

∞ Nickname: El, Eli, Ellie, Eliza, Eliz, Liza, Liz, Lizzie, Beth, Bethie, Betty, Bill, Weasel, Queen of Snakes

••• Birth •••

∞ Gender: Female
∞ Age: 14 years old
∞ Date of Birth: June 5th, 1980
∞ Time of Birth: 5:00 PM
∞ Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland

∞ Nationality: Irish
∞ Ethincity: European
∞ Race: Pale
∞ Species: Human/Witch
∞ Blood Type: Type -O
∞ Languages Spoken: Irish, Swedish, Scottish, and English

••• Appearance •••

∞ Images ∞

∞ Hair Color: Blonde
∞ Hair Length: Waist Length
∞ Eye Color: Hazel
∞ Eye Shape: Round Almond
∞ Height: 5' 6"
∞ Weight: 120 lbs
∞ Skin Tone: Fair
∞ Markings:

∞ Scent: Fruits, Wood, and Ocean
∞ Body Build: Slim, Skinny, and Muscular

••• Background •••

∞ Personality: TBRPD

∞ History: TBRPD

∞ Likes:
~ Magic
~ Dark Magic
~ History
∞ Dislikes:
~ People
~ Life
~ Dogs
~ Cats
∞ Strengths:
~ Sleeping
~ Magic
∞ Weaknesses:
~ Death
~ Fire
∞ Fears:
~ Small Spaces
~ Death
~ Fire
∞ Secrets:
~ She follows in Lord Voldemort's footsteps
∞ Goals:
~ To become the greatest Dark Wizard
~ To start a family

••• Magic Background •••

∞ Year ∞ 4th
∞ House ∞ Slytherin
∞ Blood Status ∞ Pureblood
∞ Wand ∞ Chestnut wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ¾" and brittle flexibility
∞ Patronus ∞ Black Mare
∞ Boggarts ∞
~ Small Spaces
~ Darkness
~ Death
∞ Amorentias ∞
~ Blueberries
~ Strawberries
~ Soon the scent of Draco Malfoy's hair
~ Lilies

••• Family •••

∞ Mother ∞ Unknown Woman, According to Molly she was a beautiful young woman - Deceased
∞ Father ∞ Billius Weasley ( or Black or Prewett ) - Deceased
∞ Sisters ∞ Unknown
∞ Brothers ∞ Unknown

∞ Aunt ∞ Molly Weasley, Unknown Aunts
∞ Uncles ∞ Arthur Weasley, Fabian Prewett, Gideon Prewett
∞ Cousins ∞ William Weasley, Charles Weasley, Percy Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Ronald " Ron " Weasley, and Ginevra "Ginny" Weasley

∞ Pets ∞ Horace - White Owl

••• Sexual Orientation •••

∞ Sexuality ∞ Heterosexual
∞ Crush: Draco Malfoy
∞ Realtionship Status ∞ Single

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Sweet! You want to post first?

And just to clarify, they're friends to begin with right?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Sure I'll post first, and yes they are friends to begin with

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Alrighty, and just an fyi I'm heading to a baseball in about thirty minutes so probably won't be posting much after that.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Elizabeth couldn't believe her eyes when she looked directly into the eyes of her cousin Ronald Weasley, a boy who hated her guts and snapped at her every chance he got, according to school records and foster records Elizabeth Billy Weasley was the evil sister of Ronald Weasley. Elizabeth sighed softly as she listened to Ronald babble on about hateful she was and how everyone hated her for what she does and for everything she does to other people. Elizabeth sighed and just rolled her eyes and just listened, when Ronald was out of breath she grabbed him but the chin and smirked, " Try saying that again Ronald Weasley, say it again and you'll end up with pink hair and a tattoo," Elizabeth threatened.

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Draco softly snickered as he spotted an unsuspecting pair of Gryffindor first years confidently walking down the corridor, acting as if they were going to be friends with all the students at Hogwarts. They obviously haven't heard of me yet, he thought with a smug grin, his hand wrapping around his wand as he contemplated putting a spell on the pair. Then again, the trouble he would get in wasn't worth it for the sniveling pair of first years. Instead he settled for a quick shove against the wall, and a warning word about the temperament of Malfoys.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Elizabeth sighed and let Ronald go, " Run off to your friends Ron, and don't you ever cross my path again, as I keep saying year after year," Elizabeth said as she turned around and walked to the Slytherin commons. She passed Severus Snape, her long time idol and favorite godfather of all times, she nodded a hello and then walked on, she ignored first years since she was tired, and didn't want to terrorize them after terrorizing Gryffindor students and other house students. Elizabeth chuckled as she spotted Draco, " Hello Draco," Elizabeth said as she watched him terrorize some little kids, she loved watching him terrorize kids.

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Draco watched as the two first years scampered off, only turning when he heard his name being said. "Ellie," he replied with a rare genuine smile. He couldn't quite figure out what it was about Ellie that he liked so much, but who really cares, she was one of his closest friends and thats all that mattered. "Sent anyone to the infirmary lately?" he teased.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " Nope, I think I sent Ron into shock, so who knows, perhaps I have sent someone to the infirmary today," Elizabeth said with a shrug, lately she had lost all hope in her beliefs and lately she has been hearing voices in her head, not her voice or Draco's, or anyone else's, it sounded dark and murderous and Elizabeth was going crazy. Elizabeth lost her Pranking and sinister ways, she needed someone's help to get those back, so she sighed and looked at Draco, " Look, I need your help with something, it's important that you do this or I may lose it forever, are you willing to help me if I make a deal with you?" Elizabeth asked. Elizabeth's hazel eyes sparkled in the dull light as she looked at Draco, her hair was done in a neat pony tail and she wore a rather skimpy little school girl's outfit, but she didn't even care, it was winter and that was the season she normally didn't care what she was wearing. Elizabeth patiently waited for Draco's answer, something she never really did unless she needed to.

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Draco's eyes lit up when she mentioned possibly sending a Weasley to the infirmary. He opened his mouth to insult the Weasley's, especially Ronald, when he noticed that Elizabeth wasn't quite herself. Usually she'd be bragging up a storm about messing around with Ron, her favorite person to mess around with. Draco got fidgety under her gaze, the way she looked at him with those big hazel eyes making him nervous. He dropped his gaze only to have his eyes land on her scantily clad body, only adding to his nerves. He quickly brought his gaze back to hers, hoping his face wasn't as red as it felt. "Um... Yeah, I'll help. What do you need?"

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " I'm losing my sinister Pranking touch and I don't have any clue to get it back, and since the Yule Ball is coming up, I will gladly be your date to the Yule Ball instead of that disgusting excuse for a witch, Pansy," Elizabeth said with a grin, she never minded the way Draco looked at her, in fact she enjoyed the look he gave her whenever he was around her. Elizabeth was a guy magnet, she attracted all sorts of guys within the school grounds, which was disgusting really since none of the guys looked as good as Draco. Elizabeth sighed and she almost said something when she felt someone push her aside, she tripped over air and fell right on top of Draco, she grunted, " Sorry," Elizabeth muttered, she turned her head to see who had pushed her, but she saw no one.

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Part of Draco felt the need to defend Pansy even though he just used her to make himself feel good, while the other part of him was beyond ecstatic that Ellie would even consider going to the Yule Ball with him... Even if it was just some silly deal to help get her pranking touch back. He tried his best to play it cool, racking his brain for a way to say yes without sounding too excited. Draco let out a quick breath of surprise as Ellie fell into him, his hands reaching out to stabilize her. "Are you alright Ellie?" he asked with a furrowed brow, his hands still resting on her waist.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " I'm completely fine, but remind me to prank potter so bad that he'll never show his face around me again," Elizabeth said as she looked at him, she bit her lip and then stood, she brushed herself off. " Again sorry, now will you take the deal? I might even throw in a free kiss if needed," Elizabeth said, she was half teasing half not, Elizabeth would go to extreme lengths in order to get help or get what she wanted, it was why Severus Snape treated her like a spoiled brat. Elizabeth just waited for his answer as she brushed herself off.

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Draco frowned, his eyes instantly filling with hatred at the mention of Potter's name. "Don't worry, I won't forget about that idiot Potter," he grumbled. His mind filling with ideas of what to do to his nemesis that he almost forgot about Elizabeth's request. He jolted back to the present at the mention of a kiss, the images of Potter crying in a curled up ball being replaced with those of Ellie kissing him. "Of course. I need my partner in crime to be in tip top shape if we're going to teach that trio of brats a lesson," he told her.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Elizabeth grinned, " Lovely, well I best be heading to the commons to catch a quick nap, classes start in forty minutes and I need my rest, come join me if you'd like Draco, I could use the company, and I would hate to have to bring Marcus and Blaise, the two most annoying friends I'll ever have," Elizabeth said as she did her signature kiss and wave goodbye. She then left the area and left Draco standing there, she didn't even look back, " You know where to find me when your ready to start helping me," Elizabeth said.

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Draco couldn't think of anything to say, for the first time in his life he was speechless. So much had happened in the past few minutes and his brain couldn't quite handle it all. Classes are going to be impossible today, he thought as he watched Elizabeth walk away. He couldn't remember when he'd first started to realize he had feelings for Elizabeth, when they'd first met on the train he was fascinated, but it wasn't until the middle of second year that he developed a crush. He'd done his best to keep it under wraps, not wanting to deal with the rejection he knew would ensue if he dared to ask her out. It seemed that Elizabeth broke hearts on the daily, and Draco preferred to keep his intact even if it meant keeping his feelings a secret.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( I Gtg to bed ))

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(( ok! ))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Elizabeth got to the commons and she laid down on the couch, her feet hanging off the side of the couch and her eyes closed, she felt someone brush bast the couch and she opened her eyes to find Snape on the other side of the room, on the other couch.
" Yes Professor Snape?" Elizabeth said as she closed her eyes again, she didn't reopen them.
" Have you told him yet?" Snape said as he stood up and came over to Elizabeth.
" Told him what?" Elizabeth asked, eyes still not opened.
" That you like him," Snape replied as he moved her legs and sat down.
Elizabeth opened her eyes this time and looked at Snape, she sat up and smiled, " No not yet, I plan to do so at the Yule Ball, I promised him that is go if he helped me get my sinister Pranking touch back," Elizabeth said.
" Remember, you have to tell him before next year, the lord said its critical," Snape said.
" I know Professor Snape, I know," Elizabeth said as an she pushed him off and laid down again.

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Draco took a couple steps towards the commons before stopping in his tracks, if he went to spend time with Elizabeth now he'd just become more of a scatterbrain. "Gotta clear my head before class," he muttered as he turned around and began walking in the opposite direction. Maybe he'd go to the owlery, he liked watching the birds zoom in and out with purpose to their every move. Draco quickened his pace once his mind was settled on a destination, trying to push out all his mushy feelings for Elizabeth out and focusing on ways to get her sinister ways back. After all, she's just going to the Yule Ball with you for the deal, he reminded himself.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Elizabeth sighed softly as she looked at the ceiling, she noticed Snape hadn't left and she sighed again, " Is there anything else you need?" Elizabeth snapped as she sat up and looked at Severus Snape. Snape rolled his eyes, " Are you really letting him believe you lost your touch?" Snape asked, he stood up and just looked at Elizabeth and awaited his answer. Elizabeth stood up and growled, " he's been in love with me since second year, he needs this opportunity and I actually have lost my touch, instead of sending Ron to the infirmary as I always do, I just ended up threatening him," Elizabeth whispered in anger, just in case Draco was listening in.

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Draco found a relatively spot to sit down in the owlery, his gaze turned upwards to the hundreds of owls milling about the room. He'd never told anyone how much he enjoyed it up here, it was the only place that I felt alone and like no on was watching. Not his parents, not Snape, not Lord Voldemort. It was just Draco and the birds. His thoughts drifted to Ellie, a normal occurrence for him, as he leaned his head back against the cold wall of the owlery. A soft yawn escaped him, part of him wishing he'd gone back to the commons for a nap of his own. "Too late now," he muttered, taking his wand out to practice some spells on the thousands of feathers on the ground.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Elizabeth sighed, " Well I can't sleep now, thanks to you," Elizabeth muttered, she stood and decided to go to the owlery, she loved going there and talking to the owls, who seemed to understand her and talk back, she has become friends with at least a few of them. She walked away from Snape and the commons, she slowly entered the owlery and smiled, " I love this place so much," Elizabeth said, she didn't notice Draco at all, sne we lakes over to an brown owl who hooted like crazy when she walked in, she smiled.

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Draco spotted Elizabeth just as he flicked his wand, a tornado of feathers spiraling around. "Crap," he muttered, quickly putting an end to the tornado with a flick of his wand, hoping Elizabeth hadn't gotten too many feathers to the face. He looked at her, doing his best to hold in his laughter when he saw the feathers in her hair and in her clothes.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Elizabeth was twirling around but when feathers ended up in her face, hair, and on her outfit she gasped, and shook herself off, she looked at herself in the mirror and noticed she didn't get the feathers off her outfit. She growled, " Draco Lucius Malfoy, I know this is your doing, get out here and help me get these feathers off my outfit and out of my hair!" Elizabeth said as she stood there. She begun to pluck out the feathers out of her hair, she would leave a few in, but she dealt with the larger feathers first.

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Draco slowly got to his feet, making his way over to her. "I honestly didn't know you were in here until it was too late," he confessed, still softly chuckling at her appearance. "You're one odd looking bird," he taunted as he stepped closer, gingerly taking feathers out of her hair.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Elizabeth growled and turns around, " I dare you to call me that again Draco Lucius Malfoy," Elizabeth said as her eyes flashed in anger, she turned back around and began plucking feathers from her outfit.

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Draco toyed with idea of continuing to push her buttons, but knew in the end it was much better to remain on Elizabeth's good side. "I think you use my middle name more than my parents ever have," he muttered, a small smile remaining on his face as he continued to pluck feathers from her hair. "I think I got most of them out of your hair..."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " That's because you act so bloody perfect around them, but around me, oh no you act like such a bloody idiot," Elizabeth replied as she looked at herself in the mirror, " I didn't know you came here to the Owlery," Elizabeth said, deciding to change the subject.

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Draco rolled his eyes at her comment, he knew she was right. He was a total mama's boy at home, doing everything that his parents wanted and expected him to do. "This is kinda my secret hideout," he said, with a nonchalant shrug, trying to downplay how much he liked it up here, "I come up here whenever I need a break from Crabbe and Goyle... I don't think they even realize this place exists."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments " Most people don't, I only use this place to get away from Snape and his questions about when I'm....uh never mind, I also love coming here, it's been my favorite place since first year," Elizabeth said as she looked at Draco through the mirror, she had finished getting the feathers out of her outfit.

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"Yeah, but Crabbe and Goyle probably don't know what an owl is," Draco said with a smirk and soft chuckle. He liked having Crabbe and Goyle as friends, but they weren't his favorite people in the world. His brow furrowed at the mention of Snape, making a mental note to ask about that later on down the road. "I'm surprised we never ran into each other up here before today," he said, meeting her gaze in the mirror.

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