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The Ghost of Graylock
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De Zeeuw Digital Book Promotion

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message 1: by Camille (last edited Jun 20, 2016 10:48AM) (new)

Camille De Zeeuw | 4 comments My digital book promotion:

1, I chose this book because it is way out of my comfort level. Ghosts and anything scary are NOT for me. I scared the pants off myself putting together the digital promotion! Why put myself through this kind of torture? If I want to be able to promote a variety of books in my library someday, I want to be able to personally recommend books to students. This promotion goes beyond the books I like and feel comfortable reading.
2, I chose Animoto because I have never used it before. As a future librarian, I want to have experience with as many digital applications as I can.
3, Animoto is very easy to use. The site is very user-friendly and simple. I had a harder time deciding on pictures I was going to add than learning how to use Animoto!
4. The book is scary and suspenseful; therefore, I wanted my music and images to represent those characteristics. I also wanted the images to highlight some of the pieces of the story and heighten curiosity. When I am choosing a book, I like to be drawn in by the summary but not given too much information. I tried to make my text simple yet informational and enticing.
5. Currently, I teach fifth and sixth grade science and social studies. I would like to make promotions for different sections of our textbook, especially in sixth grade when we learn about United States history. Also, I would like to have my students make their own book promotions in order to get fellow students interested in new authors and genres.
6. I would like to try different genres of books and different styles of book promotions. I would also like to play with my background music in order to build suspense or highlight information in my digital promotion.

All images came from the iCLIPART website on my school's Media Center Resources webpage. The music was courtesy of Animoto.

Poblocki, D. (2012). The Ghost of Graylock. New York: Scholastic.

message 2: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 6 comments I appreciate that you pushed yourself outside your comfort zone for this (I don't like scary stuff either!), thinking about serving the reading styles of all students.

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