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Jacquline's Breeding room.

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Jacquline wandered back into her room after the bell ringing, signifying their return. She waved goodbye to one of her closest friends Dratella. Smiling kindly to her guard she nodded politely before slipping into her room. She collapsed on her bed with an aggressive sigh and laughed. She wrapped her hands around her stomach to stop the pain that came when she laughed too much. After a moment she stopped and smiled day dreaming as she gazed up at the ceiling

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((Ohh, she's so cheerful :) ))

Alexander walked up to the door. He nodded at the guard.
The guard nodded back and knocked before walking in. "Hey, how was your day?" He asked, breaking the ice. He was retiring and this was his last day.

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Jacky jumped up as her door opened. For a moment she though it was her guard. She giggled and grinned before she froze for a moment. She was hanging off her bed and her hair easing hanging to the floor. She blushed and smiled. "Oh... Haha hello there" she giggled.

(I know!)

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((It is her guard talking to her. He's going to introduce his replacement, which is Alexander.))
((Sorry I took so long, went out with the kids))

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(Oh no worries!! And ok!! )

Jacky smiled and flipped off her bed and giggled. "Hey Alex! " she smiled. He was one of the best guards ever. At least in her mind he was. He was so kind to her

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"Hey. Im pretty much done my last night." He gestured to the dark red haired man who still stood mostly in the hallway. "This is your new guard."

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Jacky frowned slightly but then smiled warmly. She slide under her bed for a sec and then came back up with a card. "Hey. So you don't forget me" she smiled before hugging him tightly. Her eyes wandered and spotted the man hiding slightly out in the hallway. She smiled and pulled away from Alex. She fluffed her hair. "You have red hair like me" she giggle and waved. "Hello!"

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The guy nodded a hello and looked down the hall.
Alex patted her shoulder, "he's not a big talker. I suspect shyness. Just work your charm and you'll have a trusty friend in no time," he assured her. He then opened his card.

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In the card was a drawing a a lovely flower. Full of many colors and at the bottom said "a loving friend, Jacquline"

Jacky smiled and blushes slightly. "Hope you like it!" She nodded. She rounded the corner and poked the man outside. "What's your name?" She asked curiously before jumping back in her room and flipping on her bed

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"Christopher," he shrugged.

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Jacky smiled. She definitely had a challenge before her. She turned to Alex and smiled. "Where are you going next?" She asked

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Alex smiled, "I'm going to spend time with my family. I have a granddaughter on the way."

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Jackys face light up. "Oh my goodness!! Well keep well and if I ever get out of here I'll stop by!!"

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"I'd love that." He hugged her. "Be strong."

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She nodded "of course" she whispered and then waved as he left. She bit her lip and sat on her bed. Man. He really was leaving

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Chris closed the door and stood in the hall.

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Jacky frowned and tapped her foot before gripping and jumped on her bed before collapsing again. "This is a bummer,..." She mumbled

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Chris shifted on his feet in the hall. Breeding hours flew by and no one visited Jacky. Chris knocked before opening the door a bit, "are you wanting to get dinner?"

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Jacky was on the floor. She groaned. "Yes!" She nodded and hopped to her feet. "These hours are always the longest time of my day. I swear it!" She met him at the front of her door. "Can I come with you to get it?!"

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He shrugged, "sure, I don't see why not." He walked her down the hall.

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