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Alright here it is:)

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Character sheets or no?

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yep! One second!

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Muse A is a prince. Muse B is a princess. Both royals are from neighboring kingdoms that have had a tenuous alliance for hundreds of years. Muse A’s kingdom has a formidable army; while Muse B’s kingdom has plentiful gold and silks. War is threatening to come to their lands and the only thing that can secure peace for both kingdoms is a union of families by marriage of the next heirs to the throne. The prince and princess are set to be wed shortly after their first meeting, once Muse B is of age to bear children. At first, the betrothed couple do not get along. Bad blood between their fathers have tainted their views of each other long before they come to meet. Gradually, as they are forced to engage in the courting process for the sake of the kingdoms, their negative impressions of each other fall away.

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Do you mind if I am Muse B?:)

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Same here:) so we are good!

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Yea! I have to go run an errand and I will be back!

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AHH! Sorry just saw this:P will post my character now!

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Name:Vivienne LaCroix

Age: 18

Gender (Does not have to be binary): Female


Personality:Very abrasive when you first meet her, she may look sweet and innocent but she is very dangerous, if you stick around to really get to know her she will eventually let you in a will accept you as her friend.

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Awesome:) would you like to reply first!

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Kk! One second!

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Vivienne sighed as she walked up to stand by Nikolai, her now fiancé. She hated this whole arranged marriage situation and would love to see him and his father leave her kingdom immediately. Today was their engagement party. Many of the neighboring kingdoms would be there, they would make more allies. It was important that they do everything perfectly and act like they are in love for one night. Then she could go back to hating him. She placed her hand on his arm and leaned in to whisper in his ear. "Stand up straight, slouching is not fighting for a royal." She hissed and moved to look ahead once more. Her dress was a cream ball gown with a corset bodice. Her hair was worn down in soft curls and little white flowers were placed delicately on top of her head. She moved her free hand up to touch her tiara making sure it was straight. She looked absolutely an angel. But don't let that fool you.

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Vivienne reached down and took his hand in her own dainty one before smiling and waving to the other guests. She walked with her fiancé up to where their thrones were and took a seat. She sighed looking around at all the people.

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Vivienne felt Nikolai's eyes on her and she slowly stood to make the first speech. She took a glass and softly hit it with a spoon a few times to get everyones attention. "Thank you all for coming tonight...and for the engagement gifts. It means a lot to Nikolai and I that we have the support of both kingdoms. Both kingdoms that were strong on their own...but will now be Powerful together. Long live Raudren!" She smiled to her people and the crowd burst into cheers and applause. She moved to sit back down at her throne and looked over at Nikolai. "What?"

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Vivienne cringed at the thought of having children with him. She kept her glass raised and smiled at Nikolai lovingly. It was fake. All of it. This whole marriage had been forced upon them and they hated it. They hated one another. She moved to stand beside him and kissed his cheek before moving her arm through his. She couldn't deny that he had certainly won her kingdom over with his looks and charm...but that wasn't enough for her. He had to prove himself worthy and he had yet to do so.

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Vivienne was completely caught off guard by the kiss. She had been too wrapped up in her thoughts to even notice the crowds chanting. But when it happened she kissed him back and then pulled back. She was blushing a deep red and she couldn't understand why. Maybe because it was the first time they actually kissed. Yea thats it. She smiled softly and sat down as the festivities continued. She watched a group of children dance in a circle. She smiled at their laughter. Her eyes gleaming with happiness

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Vivienne giggled softly as one of the children fell on their behind. She loved children. Always has. She dreamed of the day when she would be able to have her own child....but now it seemed that the dream would be more of a nightmare. She stood up before excusing herself to go outside. The party scene wasn't for her right now. She just wanted to go think. She started to walk towards the horse stables.

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Vivienne hurried to her steed. Blossom. She has had her since she was 11 or 12. As soon as Blossom saw her she neighed happily. Vivienne hushed her. "Keep it down girl...we are gonna get caught.
" She quickly hoisted herself up on Blossom bareback and smiled.
She kicked her sides gently and they took off out of the stables towards the forest.

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Vivienne had returned nearly 45 minutes later her hair windblown. She tried to sneak back into the room without being noticed but the her father, The King spotted her from across the room and glared. Vivienne cringed softly and kept her head down before moving to sit back down at her throne. Her father walked up to her with frown. "You can't keep walking off like that Vivienne!" He scolded her. "You aren't going to be able to do this when you are queen, you can't just run away from responsibility." Vivienne didn't dare talk back to her father. Instead she replied with, "Yes daddy." Before quickly getting up and head straight for Nikolai. She took his hand and stood beside him. Biting her lip and fighting tears.

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Vivienne blinked back the tears. "Great everyone is scolding me today." She murmured and hid her face in his chest. Trying to calm down. She wiped under her eyes softly and hugged him back. Around them people murmured words about how precious they are together. She rolled her eyes and knew it was still just an act.

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Vivienne growled softly and glared at him in annoyance. "Husband of the year aren't you?" She said sarcastically and continued to scowl at him.

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Vivienne rolled her eyes as well and laughed bitterly. "Yes, it helped however you did nothing to help get closer to me, which you should be more worried about seeing as we need to produce an heir before you father passes." She raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms.

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Vivienne bit her lip and watched him storm off. She was satisfied that she had struck a nerve....but her heart was beating too quickly and she was out of breath. He scared her. That was new. She shook her head lightly and moved to find his father, She smiled softly and offered him a delicate hand. Nikolai's father smiled at her and took it before she led him to the dance floor.

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Vivienne was saddened by his words. She smiled lightly up at his father. "He is perfect for me Your Highness...thank you for bringing him into my life." As much as she wanted to cringe from the words that were coming out of her mouth, she refrained.

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Vivienne smiled. "Feel better Your highness." She said bidding him goodbye. She was about to leave the dance floor when Nikolai came up and pulled her close. "He was just saying how happy he was that we were getting along so well." She hissed and looked into his eyes smiling back. "I told him something he wanted to hear."

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"Now why would I ever want to upset your father?" She questioned lightly shaking her head slightly. "I am bad...but I am not that bad." She murmured to him softly and leaned her head on his shoulder as they danced. "Everyone is watching us now." She whispered to him.

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Vivienne smiled and laughed gently, "Well then, we have something in common after all." She murmured amused. "My father has wanted me to produce an heir since the age of 16. But I refused to marry anyone at that age, the only reason I agreed now was because my father is getting older, and with my mothers passing a few months back...I don't know how much strength he has left."

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Vivienne laughed softly and curtsied. "You are most certainly" She said back just as sweetly before standing up straight. She flipped her hair behind her shoulder and gulped. The wedding was in a couple of made her nervous.

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Vivienne held her hand out to him and nodded. "I was just about to say the same thing...I have a dress fitting in the morning." They were sharing a room now that they were engaged. It was tradition. But of course they could not engage in anything intimate until they were married. It wasn't ethical.

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Vivienne curtsied to her father who gave her a brief nod before pulling Nikolai out of the ballroom and towards the stairs. Once they reached the stairs she let go of his hand and removed her shoes. "I think I lost a toe because of these blasted things." She grunted.

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Vivienne watched as he took the stairs two at a time and she huffed. "Hey! Short legs!" She protested and hurried up the stairs behind him. When she finally made it up the stairs she was out of breath. She had exerted more energy than necessary. She huffed once more and flipped her hair out of her eyes. Before walking ahead of him to open the door to their suite.

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Vivienne shook her head lightly. "No..I had slipped out before she had the chance to talk to me...she didn't mention anything to you?" She asked lightly and sat down on the bed. She sighed. "Would you mind helping me with this corset?" She asked.

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Vivienne laughed so hard she thought her corset was going to burst. She smiled lightly. "Interesting choice of topic." She said and shook her head. "That women is all about sex."

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Vivienne bit her lip. "You know I had completely forgotten about that part up until now." She whispered. Shaking slightly. She looked down and started to take quick short breaths. Thank god the corset was coming off otherwise she would have passed out.

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Vivienne nodded softly. "Oh yea, date." She said and didn't bother to change in the bathroom. She dropped her clothes and walked over to her dresser to pull out a nightgown. She picked a light pink silk gown and put it on before going to the bathroom and washing her face along with brushing her teeth.

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Vivienne followed him and crawled into bed. She sighed happily and snuggled deeper under the covers. "G'night." She whispered to him before closing her eyes.

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Vivienne groaned lightly and sat up slowly running her head. She sniffed the air lightly and was pleasantly surprised by the smell. Breakfast. She smiled softly. "Thank you Annabelle. Have a great rest of your day." and with that the maid walked out the door shutting it behind her. Vivienne stretched lightly. "Good morning." She murmured to Nikolai. "Sleep well?"

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Vivienne shrugged in response. "It was alright, restless though." She murmured before getting out of bed and bringing her food over to the table to eat. She took a sip of her coffee before speaking again. "9 o'clock. And then we need to meet in the dining room to pick out the flower arrangements and a cake." She said.

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Vivienne nodded lightly and picked at her food. She wasn't particularly hungry so she just moved her food around with a fork and at little bites of everything. "Have you decided where we should go for our honeymoon?" She asked lightly curious to know what he wanted to do.

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Vivienne watched him carefully. "We don't have to go Nikolai....we can stay here. I would rather you be here with your father than all alone with me. It'll be more enjoyable for the both of us." She said. Knowing fully well she wanted to go on the trip. She decided to ignore her desires for a moment and help out her fiancé.

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Vivienne smiled lightly. "Yes I am sure. If we want to go somewhere later on that's fine..but your father is more important right now." She murmured actually being sincere.

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Vivienne nodded gently and offered him a half smile. "You're welcome." She murmured before standing up and going to change. There was a knock on the door and Annabelle stepped back through. "Need help getting dressed Miss?" She asked and Vivienne nodded. They headed to her closet and she got dressed. When she walked out she was in a light pink gown with a simple yet elegant look. She moved to brush her teeth and apply a bit of make up.

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Vivienne nodded and watched him leave. She sighed not ready to start the day. She moved to head out and headed towards the seamstresses office.

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Vivienne had finally gotten done with the seamstress and made her way over to the dining room. She walked in and everyone bowed or curtsied. She smiled softly. "Alright...where is my fiancé?" She asked as she sat down/

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Vivienne smiled. "That's quite alright." She said happily and patted the seat next to her. "Please sit." She murmured.

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Vivienne smiled back and nodded. "Alright we shall wait to do the cake testing and such until he arrives. But I do have a few arrangements I would like you to see." She said and a couple of maids fetched the arrangements. "We have white lilies with lavender and yellow daisies, red roses and white roses or there are a assortment of flowers that you can create yourself."

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"I was thinking the white lily arrangement...what about you?" She asked him lightly as she gingerly touched the flower arrangement. "I just love lilies."

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Vivienne smiled happily. "Lilies it is!" She said and then called her personal maid over to start distributing the cake samples.
(sorry I was at a party last night!)

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Vivienne moaned lightly as she tasted the cakes. She loved the cheesecake, it was her favorite. She finished eating and took a sip of water before looking over at Nikolai. "Which one?"

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Vivienne smiled lightly and nodded. "I think we can come to a compromise. I'm think a 3 tier cake with Chocolate cheese cake on the bottom , the white cake with lemon cream in the middle and half and half on top!" She looked towards the kitchen staff who nodded. "That can be done." Vivienne smiled wider and clapped her hands together. "Perfect."

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