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Nikki Stafinski | 26 comments Looking for a beta reader for the second draft of my YA novel! It's set in a dystopian world, zombies included. Just be warned- it's heavy on the romance, and the science fiction is more of a backdrop. Any takers? Looking for honest opinions, character flaws, plot holes, realistic dialogue, what's done well and what needs work...anything and everything you can give me! It's about 90k but feel free to read as much or as little as you'd like!

Synopsis below!


Texas natives Emery and Porter have been best friends since childhood. They've been through it all together- from mud pies and frog catching to first kisses and heartbreaks. When their relationship takes a devastatingly unexpected turn, the two friends drift a part and lose touch. Two years later, the world has been ravaged by an all out epidemic, leaving cities in ruins and the human population scarce. The world is now shared between the survivors and the zeroes. When Emery finds herself infected and on the verge of zeroing out, she and her brother Finn begin the search for a cure. On their journey, they come face to face with Emery's past or more specifically, the one person she had thought she had left behind with the old world: Porter.
**Told partially through flashback and partially through present day!**

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Nikki Stafinski | 26 comments Willing to swap manuscripts as well!

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Katie Lee | 8 comments If you're still looking for readers let me know!!!! (boundlessbooks

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Tiffany | 1 comments Hi Nikki!

I am happy to give it a fun read and let you know any thoughts I have! (



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