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Tara Woods Turner | 63 comments Adult coloring books are all the rage and constitute a surprising share of book sales. Just for fun, is there anything about your own author catalog or daily life that would lend itself to a great adult coloring book? Have you come across any of these awesome books yourself lately? Feel free to share :)

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Joe Turk | 52 comments I love this idea. :)
Do you have any titles to suggest?

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Joe Turk | 52 comments I don't know why but it makes me think of the paint by numbers I used to do as a kid. Looks fun!

Tara Woods Turner | 63 comments Ikr! I will be buying my first one this weekend after i narrow it down and try to get a sense of how it will look live. We picked one up for my niece in France and it was breathtaking - stained glass (and much more effective than having her sit on the naughty step!)

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Teymour Shahabi (teymourshahabi) | 1 comments At the risk of revealing the tremendous nerd that I am... When I was a kid, I loved coloring books that included highly detailed pictures of the ancient world (e.g., drawings of Egyptian gods or the interior of a Roman house)... Today's coloring books seem to represent mostly fantastical images vs. actual scenes, and historical periods seem oddly absent. How cool would it be to color an ancient Greek battle scene or the Mongol hordes? (Please don't say: not that cool.)

Tara Woods Turner | 63 comments Teymour
As long as Alexander the Great is hefting a spear in, like, every scene I'm so cool with this idea. Gladiator scene? Spot Alexander. Edward Ii at Bannockburn? There's Alexander! Napolean at the baggage claim on Elba? Good old Alexander :)

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