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Featherflight  (featherflight) | 20 comments Mod

When you tell what kind of magic your character uses then, please, add what they can do with it.

She has dark magic. She can make people mean and darker than their normal self, though it wears off pretty quickly,

Wafflez ~In my world, there is only night and the harshness of day. The darkness stirs and awakens imaginations.~ (wisebooklover) While Featherflight was away, I made a group with the same idea but more complex: It's called the "Ammirabilis academy for the special" Featherflight if u join I can make u mod since u gave me the idea. ANYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN!

Featherflight  (featherflight) | 20 comments Mod

Featherflight  (featherflight) | 20 comments Mod
I will now start assigning dorms to everyone's character.

Featherflight  (featherflight) | 20 comments Mod
Oh, ok

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