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Stephanie -BooksLessTravelled (bookslesstravelled) How do blog tour companies or organizing services get started?
I've had a hand full of authors ask me already if I could help them with a blog tour, and though I wish I could, I'm still new to blogging myself.

So how does someone start a blog tour service, and how does it because a business?

Tara Woods Turner 1. Establish a strong relationship with a network of successful bloggers.
2. Get their feedback about best practices, trends etc.
3. Spend some time studying the sites of successful blog tour companies and look for commonalities.
4. Decide what you want to focus on so you know what services to offer.
5. Create your site and be prepared to beta with a few volunteers.
6. Map out your mareting and promotion strategies.
7. Establish social media accounts for your tour company and build your following.

I'm sure there's more but I'm still on my first cup of tea. Best of luck.

Stephanie -BooksLessTravelled (bookslesstravelled) Those are all great tips, thank you for sharing!

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