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Y.A. Marks (yamarks) | 2 comments If anyone is interested in reading Class Zero in exchange for an honest review, it'll be available until July 5th. Simply email me and I'll send it to you. Please put "Read for Review" in the subject line. Thanks a bunch!

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I’m sixteen. I’m p*ss poor, and I steal to eat. Me? My life is great.

In my brilliance, I “adopted” two hungry orphans. When I’m not with them, I avoid every human being I can, trying to keep the kids safe and protected. It’s pretty easy to do because half the country lives in abject poverty.

A week ago, I treated myself to a cup of coffee, and ran into a mysterious boy with intense gray eyes. After a security drone worth billions blew up above my head, he chased me down to simply tell me that “change was coming.”


When I got back to the homeless shelter, where I live, guess what was on TV? Me and the gray-eyed idiot who happened to have half his face covered. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky.

Oh, but there’s more! The government, which shoots first and asks questions later, not only think that I’m a part of a rebel organization that they’ve been trying to eradicate for the last seven years, they actually believe that I’m the leader.

I could stop there with joy, but unfortunately the government kidnapped the two orphans—my two orphans. That's when they really started to

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Y.A. Marks (yamarks) | 2 comments Cool, Thanks

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