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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate (pdxstitch) | 88 comments I have no idea how to separate out the various levels of this one award, the Children's Book Council of Australia award. Every year there are (in increasing order of selectiveness) notable books, a shortlist, and then the winner & honor books (like runners-up it seems).

Should there be three awards in GR for this, e.g., 1) CBCA Book Award (with winners & the notable books as nominees), 2) CBCA Book Award Shortlist, 3) CBCA Book Award Honor Book? Or should we separate them differently?

And if it matters, here is the award website:
And an example of the different tiers (from 2014):

message 2: by Elizabeth (Alaska) (last edited Jun 17, 2016 07:18AM) (new)

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 6788 comments If I were doing it, I would (with the year of course)

1. CBCA Book Award for Early Childhood
2. CBCA Book Award Nominee for Early Childhood (Honours)
3. CBCA Book Award Nominee for Early Childood (Shortlist)

The Honors and Winner come from the Shortlist. Perhaps the Notables are like a Longlist, because I see the others on there also. If you think that is how they've done it, then

4. CBCA Book Award Nominee for Early Childhood (Notable)

I don't think I'd separate into more than one award. I know we can do that. I'm of two minds with it and I can't put into words when I think it's right to separate and when it's not.

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