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{My Other Journals}

* Main = The Girl with the Twisted Thoughts
* Anon letters = Lost in Translation
* Rants/deep topics = Playing with Fire
* Lyric pics = Cait_2_World



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Yesterday/today has been a really good music day. After writing all about it to BlackStar, I decided to make this a real thing since my music obsession is not letting me go to sleep. So, I'll just go one by one (sorta cheating since I wrote it already so I'm mainly copying/pasting, but I'll add pictures now and separate them and make it look pretty XD

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Heathens - twenty one pilots


This came out first. I heard it basically right after I woke up on June 16th. Strange, but good song. It's catchy and has a way of getting stuck in your head despite hearing a ton of songs after (like now), which really makes no sense. It's most likely got to do with the whole 'music you like scratches your eardrum or brain or something and that's how it gets stuck in your head' theory. Idk, I don't care. People seem to be liking the song. Some don't. That's life. I see people trying to figure out what it means and arguing and stuff. The way I see it is, no matter what you think a song or poem or story is about, it's good. People interpret things differently. This has happened a lot to me personally with my writing. The point is, the writer obviously has a meaning for writing, but that doesn't mean the reader or listener has to see it the exact same way. That's the beauty of writing. People take different things out of it and connect with it in ways that sometimes even the writer never thought of. In addition, there doesn't have to be ONE right theory. I know for me, there have been a few times where I'd write something and it would have like 3 different meanings to me itself. So, take home message is to just stop jumping down people's throats and enjoy music and writing pieces in the way you can. If it happens to be the same as intended, awesome.


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Where the Light Gets In (album) - Jason Gray


I was never really crazy about him until recently when I realized his last album and this new one actually sound good and have nice lyrics. Anyway, I pre-ordered it on iTunes 2-3 days ago. I got 4 songs that I get were released early because.. Well I know Sparrows is the single. The rest of the album came out today (June 17th) so sometime tomorrow later today, I'll listen to rest of it and be happy - hopefully. Most likely. He's got a new sound I like.


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Exhale (album) - TFK


So this is part 2 of the Oxygen album duo thing. The last album, or the first part of that duo, Inhale, wasn't my favorite because it had that classical rock sound and I don't like that. Wellll, funny story. I was laying there at 1am thinking "Great. I can't sleep, so now what?" So I go on YouTube to listen to Heathens again since like I said earlier, that tone gets stuck in your head whether you want it to or not-- and I see that TFK put up all the new songs from the album! I was so happy and figured it was the perfect time to listen to them. Naturally all this led to doing all this and so it's almost 4:30am now and I'm still not at all tired. But anyway, I had forgotten that the album was coming out today. I got to hear the album when it was still 1-2 hours old and the thought of that is just so cute XD Anyway, so I must admit I was on the fence before I started listening. I had heard the early release songs and some were good (ex: Running with Giants) and some I didn't really like (ex: A Different Kind of Dynamite). I knew that Exhale would be better than Inhale though at least, but I didn't know how much better! It is SOOOO good!!! I was just obsessing over almost every song. It's so good! The guitar in Off the Rails sounds like it's singing. Then Lifeline is just awesome and it came with an official lyric video that was cool because it was like the sea. And then Adrenaline.. Let me explain how this went down XD

*Plays Adrenaline all nonchalantly*
Adrenaline: *fast screamy singing immediately*
Me at 1am: Was NOT expecting/ready for that at ALL.

But seriously, great song. The guitar was tasty and there was a certain part that sounded just like an old song (can't remember which, but it's got to be from TEIWEB) and another part sounded similarly to a Manafest song which I thought was pretty cool since they're friends and stuff. The song I'm thinking of (which I also can't remember right now) might have even been a song they did together. Either way, cool stuff. Honesty was their slow song and it was so adorable! Really great lyrics. Can't Stop This is like Light Up The Sky in my opinion I think (unless I'm mixing them up now. It's late.), but either way, it's really good. Push is so PERFECT though. It's like War of Change and the drums are wonderful and ahh!! I love the album. Wish I could buy the album, but parents are hypocritically against "heavier" songs, so they don't even know what I listen to when it comes to that stuff. Maybe someday I'll finally share. I'd love to, but it could cause a lot of problems. Anyway, the album is wonderful and there are sooo many smart lyrics I need to go back and listen to so I can start using all the quotables.


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Grindin' - NF feat. Marty


Okay, not a new song, BUT the music video came out today and yayyy!! It's one of my favorite songs from Therapy Session and it's just so great. My favorite part in the song and the video is when Marty says:

"They don't like us and we question they moms like
"Why did - why did you allow your kid to like bad music?""

XD It's just soo funny and they do a little handshake when he sings it and NF makes this little adorable face at the camera and ahhh it's great. Worth a search up for sure. A fun song now has a fun video to go with it!


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Okay and that concludes today's Music Obsession Session -- well until I hear the rest of Jason Gray's new album. This was fun though. I should do this more often.


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Quick Rant on Change in Music

As the times change, bands tend to change with it to keep their music fresh. It's not necessarily a bad thing though, and I feel like people often forget that. Earlier this year, Nine Lashes released their new album, Ascend. As soon as it dropped, people were tearing it apart like savages. It was disgusting to read the comments people were saying. Their issue was that the album had a new style and they don't like change. It's true, Ascend didn't have the same heaviness as World We View, and went even further into the electronic sound than in From Water to War (my favorite), but it was still good.




It was released around Easter time, so it made sense in a way why it was so light and praise-y. But what I don't get is how so called fans can say this like "You're such a disgrace." Like, I'm sorry? I'd like to see you make even one song professionally. Oh right, you can't. While bands should definitely try to please their fans, that shouldn't be their main motivation. There will always be haters. It's life and the reality is that you can't make everyone happy and you can't always get what you want. They should make music that makes them happy first. It only makes sense. You can't expect them to appear happy if they hate their own songs. I mean, TFK's Inhale was not my favorite musically speaking and I don't listen to it, but I didn't go bashing them for their change in style. That's all I really had to say.

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Feel Invincible - Skillet (music video)

So the song came out a while ago and I loved it. Skillet isn't my favorite, but they have some good songs, so I was interested to know that they would finally have a new album released over the summer. The song itself is great. The lyrics are catchy and the guitar, specifically in the beginning of the song, is absolutely wonderful. There was a joke going around about how when the put out the song on YouTube, they said it was the official audio, which is true, except normally that would mean there are no lyrics attached, when there was. It was a good surprise though. The point is that I didn't think there was going to be an official music video, but I was wrong.

First off, what the hell is THAT on John Cooper's face??


He looks like the guy from Castaway!


Maybe THAT'S where Skillet has been. All jokes aside, I'm not feeling that beard at all, but then again, I never really do like beards. Anyway, at least Jen Ledger still looks amazing, right?


Also, there was this mask guy that reminded me of RED a little bit. Either way, good song and good video. I'd check it out and I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of the album once it drops and who knows, maybe even another music video.

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Tenth Avenue North

Tenth avenue north releases their new album "Followers" for pre-order at midnight!! Even though it doesn't drop until October, if you pre-order, you get some songs early and asdfghjkl you know where I'll be tonight! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Live countdown below:

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I have a lot to write about actually, and don't exactly know when I'll manage to do them all, but these are just a few I'm hoping to touch upon. (In no particular order)

* Capital Kings drama
* TobyMac concert
* TAN's Afraid drop
* Wally Show debut of I Have This Hope
* What You Want Tour
* Skillet's newest singles
* Hollyn's newest single
* Danny Gokey - Did anyone see this coming?

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Capital Kings Drama


Jon and Cole were best friends since birth practically, so it was no surprise to find them in a duo band. Capital Kings started a few years back. They were put on Gotee Records which is tobyMac's record label. With their beats and mix of singing from Jon and rapping from Cole, they quickly rose in popularity. I even got to see them in conceet once for one of the Hits Deep Tours. They were great. Their first album was played many times over and the same took place once their second album released. My baby brother loves to dance to their songs. Things were going good. Then on February 29th of this year, Jon left the band, giving no real reason as to why he did so. Cole never commented about it, however within a few months, he was rolling with Dylan, who has now been confirmed as the new singer in Capital Kings. The two travelled Europe and are currently on the Positive Hits Tour.


Last week, Capital Kings released a new song titled I Can't Quit. My sister made a joke about how maybe Cole wrote the song to get at Jon for leaving, but I'm going to hope that wasn't the case. The song features a man by the name of Reconcile. I had never heard of him before, so I don't have much information on him. However, the song itself was a lot to take in. The music in the beginning sounds like that of Upgraded from their second album, II. As soon as Cole begins to rap though, you can immediately tell the difference. Now, I don't want to judge them off of just one song and I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I do have some concerns.


Cole always rapped clearly, yet in this song, I found it very difficult to understand what any of them were saying. No one has a lyric video yet, but I did see what someone believesto be the lyrics, and what I found was even moe troubling. After Cole states that he's been "up for like 4 days. Paranoid, man, I can't think straight", it is rumored that he says, "And I know that it sounds like me but it ain't". If that doesn't give you the chills, there's something wrong. Now, there could be a lot of reasons why those lyrics are there, if they are correct, however, it might not be the case. I'm hoping they'll make their own official lyric video to clear things up. I'll be waiting for future songs to see if Capital Kings has truly made a turn for the worse. Let me know if you hear him say that if you want. It'll be towards the beginning of the song.

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TobyMac Concert Announcement

On August 20th at Six Flags, NJ, tobyMac will hold a concert with other people and speakers. I'll be going, so I'll write about how it went by the next day. I had tried to look up the other people singing, but to quote a friend, they were pretty much "irrelevant". Who knows though, maybe I'll end up liking one of them.


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Skillet's New Album

So it just came out a few minutes ago, so I'm going to go listen to them all now since sleep isn't happening tonight. Hopefully it's as good as the singles I still haven't written about oops.


Heard them all and whoa.

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Apparently if I don't update here right away, I lose motivation to do it at all, oops.. So forget all the stuff I haven't done and I'll be starting from a new list of new things.

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Therapy Session - NF / Official Music Video

This came out a few days ago now. I hadn't known it was coming, so it was a good surprise to see it waiting for me on YouTube. When I first noticed it, I was babysitting, so I couldn't play it. I went home and my sister and I got prepared to see it when before it began, it had a warning saying that some things in the video may be disturbing to some people. Basically viewers discretion is advised. Given the fact my baby brother was watching with us, I knew I had to wait. However, as soon as my sister and I went out to youth group, we watched it. The video didn't bother me. It fit the song perfectly, but I can also see why it would need a warning. It features things like:

Kid slitting his wrist
》Kid slitting his wrist

Creepy family wearing masks
》Creepy family wearing masks

And also a little girl shaking behind a couch while her mom and dad fight and the dad beats up the mom.

In the end, it is a very strong song in both its lyrics and its video. It's good to touch up on topics that are considered taboo even though they are highly important.

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Carry On - Memphis May Fire



Okay, so I knew Memphis May Fire was on the heavier side. I knew they were Christian sorta, but that's about all I knew. It wasn't until I stumbled on Veridia's song Pretty Lies which featured Matty Mullins did I really start looking around. I heard Matty Mullins solo album and loved it and so I decided to see how "bad" Memphis May Fire could be because he has such a nice voice and I couldn't imagine him screaming. Well, he can. At first I didn't like it, but it's slowly growing on me a little. That is, until their brand new song came out yesterday.

Carry On starts off immediately with screaming. The chorus and bridge are sung regularly. All that aside, it's the lyrics that mean everything. In their more recently albums, they have become more open with putting faith-based stuff in their songs. For some people, it made them angry. This new song is basically about that. He's telling them that he doesn't care if they don't like it. He also calls out the industry, similarly to twenty one pilots' song Lane Boy, but wayyy more critical. It says things like "sell your soul for gold" and stuff. Awesome awesome song! So happy. It's like a punch in the face. They'll do what THEY want.

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Clear the queue and start over. I need to remember this exists and stop waiting around and just say it.

"Possible" Things to be discussed:

* Jon Steingard's fracture
* The secret voice in TAN's song
* Royal Tailor's "unthreading" (I'm sorry, I had to)
* Why Christmas music should wait to be played until December
* VERIDIA's Still Breathing video and bad news
* The Digital Age's Galaxies steal
* Expected music for next year so far
* We As Human's death

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Update 11/23/16

Okay, so the thing is that I really want to do everything here and stuff, but it's the whole looking for pics thing that takes forever and I am unwilling to sacrifice putting these up without awesome pics. Also, I might be changing something here, but I haven't fully decided yet because decisions like this are hard to make. Hopefully it'll all work out. If nothing changes, forget about it. If something does, I'll make another update.

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Jon's Fracture


Jon Steingard, lead singer of the wonderful Hawk Nelson, decided to do what most people would do: not go to the doctor. He fell off of his hoverboard in October. He wrapped up his wrist thinking it would be fine and went along for a whole week of touring casually. Once he finally went to the doctor on November 1st, he found out he had fractured it and got a black cast. The cat should be coming off now by next week.
Take away message: Hoverboards are dangerous.


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Random Things Worth Sharing

* In TAN's 2014 album Cathedrals, there is a song called "I Need You, I Want You, I Love You". In the song, there is a higher pitched voice singing in the background. Due to the fact that guitarist Jeff Owen is usually the backup vocals, everyone assumed it was just him using his high pitched voice. Turns out it was actually singer Mike Donehey's sister.

* Royal Tailor apparently broke up for whatever reason. Tauren Wells, the former singer of the group, is now solo and released an album earlier this year. I was never really a fan of his voice, so I can't say if the album is good or not.

* The Digital Age guys don't get enough credit. Their new album, Galaxies, dropped in late October. It consists of 16 songs and yet it was only $7.99. I kinda feel bad for them. It was a really good album and with so many songs, it should have been more. Definitely check out my favorite from them, "One Pursuit". It has the most beautiful piano in it.

* We As Human was pretty good. I liked their one album they had out that was self-titled. I had stopped listening to them due to getting into other music, but in early November, I remembered and listened to them all over again. It was great. I was wondering if they had any new music, but fell upon some bad news. Apparently the singer got caught having an affair and the band broke up. Unfortunate for sure.

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Update 11/24/16

This is that update that I said was possible. I'm not going to be the only person posting stuff now. To broaden the horizon here, I asked for assistance from a great music expert who will introduce herself down below XD

NOTE: She has been given permission to add on to what I do here. This does not give anyone else the right to try and do the same.

Thank you and okay!

Mackenzie Brianne (sameasyou) Hello all!
Looks like I'm the music expert joining the Obsession Session.

Caitlyn and I share a relatively large spectrum of music, but at the same time, have largely different ones.

Some genres I'll be talking about:
-And then some

So there you have it, a basic introduction to Mackenzie's music library.

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Owl City's New Song

With only one more Adam Young Score to go, Owl City is on its way to a new album that will be coming out sometime next year. For now though, he released an early Christmas song. In the video update, he discusses how it's the time of year where people go shopping for presents to give people on Christmas. He explains that the song is a reminder to even himself not to stress out about finding the right gift because the best kinds are the ones that can't be bought in a store. The song is relatable and funny. It seems to have the same tune as "This Isn't The End", which I thought to be pretty ironic given how heavy that song is compared to this one. Though, he does suggest jumping out a window in "Humbug". Oh well. Check out the song, which is currently a free download on the Owl City website. There is some cool merch that is available too, including a pullover I just HAD to buy because it said "*SHRUG*". Also, how about that new hair color he's got?


Mackenzie Brianne (sameasyou) Seafret, A Christmas Album, and a Musician's Dictionary Entry

The first order of business: Seafret's new song, Blank You Out. Often times, I find myself disappointed or skeptical of new songs, post album. Especially debut albums. Especially after a really amazing debut album. But this was not the case.

This song starts with the same acoustic sound that was so prominent it the Tell Me it's Real album from earlier this year. The sound builds as the song progresses, allowing room for some tasty electric, while maintaining a lighter feel.

Jack Sedman has a unique voice, and he does the lyrics justice, singing of an unforgettable love that he can't blank out. On the surface, Seafret's tunes might feel shallow and lacking true meaning, but give it a listen and let it sink in a little more. I'm not going to give anything away, but their songs are more than meets the eye.


In other news, Sleeping at Last is out with a Christmas album to start the holidays off right. Something special to take note, Christmas Collection 2016 is free! That's right: a whole album of new and old Christmas tunes, free of charge.

You can find the album on Noisetrade or stream on Spotify.


To wrap it up, entry number one to the Musician's Dictionary:

Tasty: adjective, delicious sound that fully satisfies your musical ear

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