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Description of each species.

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Werewolves are believed to have originated from a simple curse from a witch. A human had offended her and so she transformed him into a wolf. However, he did retain some human brains. As time went on the cursed wolf bit more and more people, transforming them. It was very crude, with the first few werewolves being completely feral, but as time went on more and more human qualities were retained. Eventually it evolved to become humans with the ability to become wolves, rather than wolves with some human sentience.

Being part wolf, werewolves have obviously retained some more generic wolf qualities. Most obvious is their pack mentality. Of course there are occasional lone wolves, but usually they operate in tight, close knit groups. Despite occasional infighting because of their natural, instinctive violence, a werewolf will never truly turn on a pack mate. Or at least would never choose another species or even other pack over their own. A wolf's loyalty is to its pack before it is to themselves. Out of all the species werewolves have the fewest overall traitors by a long shot. Traitors are dealt with internally and are executed the instant there is proof.

The Hell Hounds gang is a prime example of this. Members are encouraged to get to know each other well, and are almost never seen alone. They operate in close pairs called duos. A duo partnership is always close in some way, whether romantically, blood related, or simply great friends. They defend each other, and more importantly their pack, with their lives. Everyone no matter how high or low ranking would die for each other. Their illegal activities are more on the brutish side of things, usually involving their pure size and brawn.

Transformation - - The most obvious, werewolves have the ability to transform into wolves. They are only slightly larger than the average wolf, but a bit faster and immensely stronger.

Pain tolerance - - Of course when they are injured the injury still physically affects them, but usually they don't feel pain to the same degree as humans. They are mostly impervious to pain, and it takes a major injury for them to feel it. They generally heal faster than most humans as well, making them excellent fighting machines.

Strength - - It's in the strength part they really shine, and reports of them lifting trucks are not uncommon. Most werewolves, no matter what pack or even country they are from, are able to go toe to toe with almost any species in a fair fight because of their strength.

Aging - - Aging is slower than with humans, but they are not immortal. They age at about 1/4 the speed of humans, meaning they will eventually die of old age.

Emotions - - Since emotions cause such an obvious issue for them, given that they can cause a physical change, they're very important. Most of the born werewolves have excellent control of their emotions, since the consequences for not is high if they are around other people. Many seem cold and emotionless, but it's simply because they don't dare show or feel too much emotion with the risk it contains.

Mates - - Becoming mates is a decision made by both parties, essentially a marriage. It simply requires a blessing from the Alpha or Beta, and exchanging bites. These bites are the only ones that will not heal completely and will always leave scars, and as such are usually done on forearms or legs or a more obvious place to kind of mark the territory. Once mates it is impossible to break the bond, and even wanting to is extremely rare. Werewolves bond for life, with cheating almost unheard of. Even if one dies it is uncommon for their mate to ever get another true mate.

Silver - - The easiest way to kill a werewolf is with the stereotypical silver bullet through the heart. Silver burns their skin, and is the only metal that will harm them. A silver knife, or anything silver targeting a vital organ will kill them.

Wolf's Bane - - When looking to incapacitate rather than kill, Wolf's Bane is another common trick. It forces the werewolf to stay in human form and slows their reflexes considerably, rendering them vulnerable to attacks.

Full Moon - - During a full moon all werewolves are forced into their wolf form and their grip on humanity loosens. They are still mentally human and all, they're just a bit more wild on full moons and therefor much more dangerous. As a werewolf gains more experience and control, full moons are the only time they are forced to change.

Control - - Growing up and when first bitten, changing is much more sporadic and difficult to control. High emotions can trigger the change, which means most werewolf children are homeschooled at least through elementary and newly changed are kept with a werewolf at all times for the few few months. How long depends on how emotionally controlled the bitten person is. Unfortunately this is common, given the werewolves' aggressiveness and the fact that it only requires one bite to transform someone. Once bitten the first change occurs at the next full moon, and after that is open to emotional triggering.

Heat - - All werewolves have one week a year when they go into heat, naturally seeking someone to mate with, although mating is not necessity and the heat can be just physically sated. Each individual has one, starting in their late teens. It lasts a week and is usually pretty random, though always landing somewhere between December and early March. Often time wolves around each other for a long time experience it at the same time, most commonly duos and mates. None of the other werewolves really mess with them during this time, as for the week they have heightened emotions and physical sensitivity.

Bitten - - Not everyone survives the change to their bodies. About one in ten humans bitten by a werewolf dies, their body rejecting the change. The others will transform to full werewolves. The only way to guarantee that one will survive the change is being born one. It is a dominant trait, so if even one parent is a werewolf the child will be too. Being bitten by an alpha raises chances of survival to a one in seven chance, but death may still occur.

Born - - The born are physically no different than the bitten. But since they have been raised knowing that they're a wolf, they have much more control over their emotions and change.

Alpha - - [One] The leader of the group that the rest follow. All packs deal with alpha changes differently, though it is always physical confrontation. Some banish the loser, some kill them, others simply demote them. Hell Hounds is one that banishes, proving that although they value physical prowess above almost all else, they are not cruel.

Beta - - [One] Sometimes chosen by the alpha and sometimes simply the wolf who has fought their way to the top, the beta is always loyal to the alpha. They reinforce the alphas orders when necessary and are obeyed by everyone else.

Hitmen - - [Two] Given the werewolves' pure strength, it's hard to find the perfect hitmen, since it requires finesse. They are generally respected among the others, but since they're usually more sly and a bit smaller than the rest, the other pack generally protects them in a fight.

Fighter - - [Unlimited] The average member of the group. Even newly changed and uncontrolled are technically classified as fighters, even if they aren't sent out to do anything. Due to the intense pack mentality, each fighter is given a partner that they like and trust, whether it's romantically, siblings, or just friends. The pair is known as a duo.

Gang Activity
Fighting - - Any and all of the fighting rings in the city have werewolf involvement of some kind. The best fighters are usually the werewolves, not from any cheating but simply because their pure strength is a major advantage in a face to face fight.

Gambling - - Although most of the gambling is involved with the fighting, they branch out. A few underground casinos are run by them, of course with them taking a cut.

Weapons Smuggling - - Most of the guns are controlled by the Hell Hounds, brought into the city by them and sold. Of course, this gives them first pick and best access to the weapons.

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Vampires originate from Romania, a result of dark magic gone wrong. The infamous story of Dracula wasn't too far off-base, which is no surprise considering the writer himself had fallen for one. The underworld, or whatever it is that lies after death, takes a toll on a person's body. Their skin becomes several shades paler than it was, and the dark ties of blood magic to new life means that blood needs to be consumed to preserve it.

The Syndicate is the gang that controls almost all the clubs in the city, certainly all the most popular ones, and are known for their love of luxury and partying. The prostitutes and escorts under their control are treated better than most, and the drugs they import are only the best. They are also the largest force in the high-end black market and any other entertainment found in the nightlife on the streets. A less known aspect of the gang is the assassins in their ranks, but they are undoubtedly the best. Bodies disappear without a trace, and although their prices for these services are ridiculously high, it's always worth it.

Immortality - - It is true that Vampires are immortal, forever stuck at the age of whenever they were turned. This doesn't mean their body is frozen, and it's possible for them to change as much as any human when it comes to hair, weight, etc.

Enhanced Condition - - Enhanced senses, strength, speed, agility, durability, and endurance. While they are typically faster than other species they are not as strong as werewolves or as agile as most fae.

Healing Factor - - With the consumption of blood, volume equating to the rate and effectiveness of recovery, whether already consumed or drank after sustaining injury, a vampire can heal almost instantaneously.

Sleep - - A vampire can go without sleeping for as long as they desire if they drink enough blood to make up for it.

Soullessness - - Their connections to dark magic have ensured that born vampires have weak souls and turned vampires have none. This makes them immune to non-physical magic, but makes them incapable of using it. The only time magic is effective on a vampire is if they are treated the same way a contract-forming demonic entity might be, but this fact is vastly unknown.

Gravity Manipulation - - Restricted solely to one’s own body, also known as wall crawling.

Other - - The truth is that the abilities vampires can have varies greatly. The only constant is that they never have anything 'magic', with only physical abilities manifesting.

Blood Drinking - - One pint every two weeks is the average minimum, but if a vampire sustains an injury the only way for it to heal is to drink blood. The worse the injury, the more has to be consumed. Extended periods of time without blood leave vampires weak and fatigued, and they will last at most three or so weeks before death catches up with them. The longer a vampire goes without blood, the less in control they are around it. It's only after a few weeks that it becomes an inescapably high threat, though. Vampires can drink from animals and even other Vampires, but this will only slow down the need for human blood. Drinking from animals is like eating plain porridge, and is not ideal in the slightest. Feeding off of another Vampire is highly pleasurable, but is a lot like sugary candy. It brings instant gratification but overall is unhealthy and unsatisfying in the long term.

Food - - If a vampire eats anything that isn't blood their body will usually throw it back up sooner or later.

Sleep - - Although a vampire can go without sleep it does require more blood. If a vampire does fall asleep they sleep very heavily right up until the point they wake up, which is when their body is fully rested.

The Body - - Serious injury such as decapitation or removing the heart from the body will usually do the job, but the idea that a stake to the heart can kill a vampire is just a twisted rumour of an already existing vampire myth; the tale of heartbreak. Vampires are heavily impacted by intense emotion, and if a human can die of heartbreak a vampire is even more susceptible.

Emotion - - Different vampires are weak to different feelings, but a common theme among them is that they are ruled by their emotions. Even the most stoic have at least one Achilles heel of an emotion.

Sunlight - - Born vampires burn quickly, but not nearly as fatally as those that are turned. Turned vampires can die after a few seconds of exposure, although there is rumour that is possible for a vampire to be born immune to this.

Invitation - - It goes against instincts to enter an abode without invitation, and vampires are more likely to try and get invitation than just waltz in. If they do enter a place without invitation they can grow unwell or dizzy and highly unsettled.

Werewolf Blood - - Werewolf blood is poisonous to vampires, drinking too much of it can be fatal. However it is one of the most enticing, intoxicating scents to them, serving almost as a trap encoded into the werewolves' biological makeup.

Born - - Those born from at least one vampiric biological parent. They can pass as human, with only a high sensitivity to the sun and require half as much blood. They are weaker than those who are turned and they do age at half the rate of the average human. Despite this they are considered more highly than a turned vampire due to their blood lines. Born vampires can become turned.

Turned - - Those that were born vampires but were also turned. While regarded highly they have a reputation of instability after the process, both physically and mentally.

Created - - Born human but after being drank from by a vampire and, in turn, drinking from them, have become vampires themselves. This process must happen a number of times before it is complete, and if stopped only part way through can be fatal. No vampires are allowed to be created without express permission from the leader of the clan.

Sovrano - - [One] Also known as the King, no matter the gender. The Sovrano is the leader of the clan who stays in that position until they are dead or unfit to lead. In their place the clan will vote democratically as to which of the Concilio members will become the next Sovrano.

Concilio - - [Three] Picked by the Sovrano in power, the position of Concilio is there as a mix of a general, advisor, and deputy. From the Concilio may rise the next Sovrano, should the clan wish it.

Campioni - - [Six] Chosen by the Sovrano under the guidance of the Concilio, this rank acts as the top soldiers of the clan. While the number of Campioni differ wildly between each clan, Syndicate has six.

Brother or Sister - - [Infinite] Those who have become accustomed to their new life as a vampire and have served the clan enough to be more trusted. This rank makes up a majority of covens.

Recruits - - [Infinite] Whether they are new to immortality or have been disowned or are considered minor criminals, the recruits are the lowest ranking of any coven. They are often looked down on and called derogatory nicknames such as ‘baby’ or ‘child’, and are expendable. No new vampires are allowed to be created or invited into any coven without the Sovrano's permission, which is also true for The Syndicate

Gang Activity
Escorts - - All pimps and escort agencies in the area can be linked back to the clan, and all of the men and women are treated better than most in their position would be. That being said they are hardly pampered.

Establishments - - Most of the best bars and clubs in the area are owned by them, with some that are for non-humans only and a couple with mostly vampires. Their base of operations is run in a very high class bar named Pandora

Drugs - - While they do not make narcotics they do import only the finest from other gangs and from private suppliers. High class and very expensive, if you want a guaranteed good hit go to Syndicate.

Assassinations - - Vary rarely and for a lot of money they will carry out hits. The hit will be simple and quick, they will not do anything petty or needlessly wasteful no matter how much money is tacked on. There is never any evidence or suspicion raised.

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Shapeshifters are exactly what the name itself sounds like: they can shift their appearance. They can change their looks into any other human form, up to and including gender switches. Of course, they do need a reference of something to change to, they can't just come up with it on the fly. Some of the more recent ones have started playing sims or other character creation games to give themselves references.

The Wildlings are far more close to a stereotypical gang than most of the others are. They are the ones that delve into the more kidnap and torture area of things. They're underestimated, since just changing shape isn't exactly a dangerous or offensive power. But they know exactly how to use it to their advantage. Wildlings are incredibly dangerous, deceptively so. But their ability to change shape has left them jaded and untrusting. They know better than anyone that it's easy for someone to pretend to be something they aren't. They barely trust each other, and outsiders they are blatantly paranoid of.

Shifting - - As expected, the shapeshifters have the ability to change their physical appearance at will. It can only be into another human, and they must have a reference rather than just making it up. There are many ways around this, from simply looking up pictures to model off of or creating appearances on character creation sites.

Healing - - Given their ability to change their shapes, experienced ones are ables to shrug off almost any non-fatal injury with a change in shape, as their muscles and skin change when they switch to a new look and it will fix injuries as well. They are immortal, for the most part. The only way to be sure they are dead is to damage the brain itself. The other way to get to them is generally through a lucky shot, catching them mid-transition. Given that the transition is generally incredibly fast, it is next to impossible to really get them mid-change on purpose.

Control - - As with most species, the young ones have the most difficulty and are the easiest to detect. Their control can waver, and the most common tell is the eyes returning to their normal color, sometimes just in cameras. They don't have to keep concentrating to remain in control, but they have to have some part of their mind aware of it, even subconsciously. As such, it is impossible for them to retain their changed form while asleep or unconscious.

Silver - - The touch of silver burns shapeshifters, and that burn will remain no matter what form they shift to, having to heal at a normal pace. It is no easier to kill them with than normal metals, but too much of it around them and they will be forced back to their original form and unable to shift out of it.

Scent - - There are some things that physical appearances can't mask, and scent is one of them. No matter what they look like, a shapeshifter will always retain their same, original scent.

Regent - - Given that there's so few ranks in the gang, the regent has a lot of power. The aides follow their lead, so as the leader the regent is a near dictator within the gang.

Aide - - In charge of everything from protecting the Regent to directing the fighters, these two juggle multiple jobs. They are typically the strongest and best fighters of the group, as the Aides are the closest thing to enforcers they have. But they also need to be smart, since they're advisors and the only hitmen the gang officially has.

Fighter - - yeah they um fight good

Gang Activity
Kidnapping - - Generally even the shapeshifters have a purpose behind the kidnappings, usually ransom. Sometimes they were just hired to do it by someone else, which is alright as long as they get their money. But not all of their motives are as pure as simply cash, and it is not uncommon for them to take someone to torture information out of them.

Hired Thugs - - Since they have such a reputation for brutality, the ____ have capitalized on this fact. Quite frequently they will rent out their fighters as anything from bodyguards to simply giving threats for people.


Given that the werewolves are able to identify their scents, the shapeshifters have never been fans of them. The werewolves return this favor, having no love for the shifters they see as inferior.

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Witches have existed as long as humankind has been around and rumours claim that they may have been around even earlier than that, although their origin and source of magic is actually unknown. They served pagan gods all over the world, and many remain that way to this day, standing beside leaders and religion and offering their services. In many countries, though, Christianity and a hatred for witchcraft arose. Witches shrank into the background as best they could, but were violently prosecuted. A harsh disdain for humanity arose, and with it an elitist attitude towards all the other supernatural creatures who had not helped them in their years of need.

The Royal Circle gang, or simply the Royal Circle as they really are, started as a coven with good intentions. It took in magic users who needed shelter and gave them a home, food, and taught them the ways of magic. What could have remained a home and a school shattered with the next leader, a sour person who saw fit to use it for personal magic gain. Those who sided with the new leader remained, and any who spoke against them exiled from the territory and what was now publicly known as a gang. Although the years have seen the gang become less harsh on its own members and people it remains as savage as ever on the business side to things.

Magic - - Through the use of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language witches and wizards, sorcerers, and warlocks can exploit supernatural forces to varying degrees, with their skill, personal power-level, bloodlines, knowledge, and or morality as limits. Powers that this manifests as are magic attacks, healing, animation, spell casting, summoning, transmutation, minor telekinesis. Powers that are available to witches and wizards and sorcerers are minor hexes, potion creation, and minor illusion. Available to warlocks only are teleportation of oneself through will or the ability to move open temporary portals, runes, and a myriad of wild card abilities.

Mysticism - - Unavailable to warlocks, sorcerers, and dark magic users. Witches and wizards who follow pure or natural magic may follow the path of mysticism and can gain access to astral projection, aura perception, soul perception, minor telepathy, dream-walking, animal communication, and are stronger at controlling any supernatural beings they summon. Mysticism relies on one’s own connection to the earth and the things on it.

Divination - - Witches and wizards and sorcerers can have the talents of clairvoyance, precognition, and/ or retrocognition. Warlocks do not have access to divination past an enhanced instinct of what people refer to as ‘gut feel’. The specifics of divination vary from person to person and one must be born with the talent, they can’t learn it, although they can strengthen existing skills. The use of mysticism may be in the form of dreams, symbols, visions, prophecy, mirrors, cards, etc.

Voodoo - - Mostly used by sorcerers or by foreign magic users and occasionally by dark witches and wizards, voodoo, while not necessarily a dark practice, is rendered so by those who use it. Warlocks have a type of voodoo that does not comes with any of the cons that other magic users may encounter. It includes animation, immortality, re-animation, card manipulation, divination, ritual magic, sex magic, love manipulation, and advanced hypnotism. Users of voodoo are typically haunted by the darker side to magic, as to use it one must make deals with malevolent beings.

Companions - - Witches and wizards and sorcerers may have the ability to connect with an animal and make it their familiar, a close companion that can help them. Warlocks do not have access to any above forms of companion.

Magic - - A doorway goes both ways, and when one opens themselves to eh use of magic they become doubly as susceptible to it. Other magic users and even their own magic can be their biggest threat.

Balance - - There is always a price to everything in magic. At the very least it may be a drop of blood or your respect to the earth, and at worst it may be your life. The darker or stronger the magic the more severe the price. The only ones who appear to be above this rule are warlocks. The one thing that stays true for all is the price you pay with your energy and focus.

Vampires - - Because of their ties to dark forces from their creation, as well as their ‘soulless’ nature, vampires are immune to all non-physical magic. Non-physical magic may even distort or backfire when used on them. Using divination on them is difficult as well.

Unpredictable - - Even the strongest magic users simply can’t claim that they have full control over magic. It comes and goes and has a temper, and nobody can tame that. Nobody can half-ass magic, and must always be fully attentive when using it.

Witches and Wizards - - The same class, but witches is the title for females and wizards for males. They make up a majority of the population of magic users in every coven, and are more your stereotypical magic user. Anybody can train to become a witch or wizard with enough study and practice, but those who have magic in their blood have a kickstart.

Sorcerers - - Witches and wizards who have embraced dark magic without letting it corrupt them or who have unlocked enough power to be considered worthy of the title, sorcerers are magic users who are stronger that witches and wizards and warlocks. Usually relying on a conductor of some kind, such as a wand or staff, so that the magic doesn’t consume them sorcerers are considered rather unreliable. While highly respected they can’t be trusted not to chase after more power or to not let the power take over by attempting to go without a conductor. To avoid a power struggle there is usually very few in a coven at a time.

Warlocks - - Thought to be descended from whatever the source of all magic was, one can’t train to be a warlock, they must be born one. Unlike witches and wizards a warlock’s abilities will never be latent and they develop during puberty. In modern times warlocks are considered little more than pets with a handful of basic human rights. A majority of the already small warlock population are males with females being considered rare, but the child of either male or female warlocks and any magic user or human will be a warlock.

Dark magic users - - Dabbling in dark magic has an obvious toll on the physical body with practitioners of dark magic looking sick or perpetually tired. Their magic has invited in poisoned magic to contaminate their being, causing major instability and a short lifespan. Those who use dark magic are not kept in covens because of their dangerous nature and their connections to malevolent beings.

Priestess or Priest - - The most powerful member of the coven will be known the Priestess or Priest, the leader of the coven, and usually addressed by their last name. They will stay in that position until they die, are cast out of the coven, or are defeated by another member. There is no saying ‘no’ to the position if it is clear that you are fit for the job. Only witches and wizards may be the priestess or priest.

Inner Circle - - Available to witches and wizards and sorcerers, the inner circle are the nest most powerful magic users who are also trusted by the leader. They hold higher rank than others in the coven and act as the leader’s deputies. There is supposed to be no favouritism but it is common knowledge that there is usually one of the inner circle who is closer to the leader than others.

Sorcerers - - Technically just a part of the coven but socially separate, they are respected but feared more than a witch or wizard might be, and with good reason.

Coven - - The majority of the coven are witches and wizards who go about their own business. If one wishes to be inducted into the coven they must be accepted by the inner circle and the leader unless they are born into it.

Warlocks - - Many covens have as many warlocks as they can get their claws on as warlocks are useful pawns and are considered somewhat expendable despite their increasingly diminishing population. They are at the bottom of the pecking order, and in some covens such as the Royal Circle they are assigned to the members of the Inner Circle, although ultimately they are at the mercy of the priestess or priest.

Gang Activity
Smuggling - - Being the gang in control of the port they are the ones to go to for smuggling or escaping the area undetected.

Drugs - - They bring in drugs from internal and external national and international sources and make them better before sending them off into the world.

Information - - Their dark detective agencies are open to humans and supernatural beings. Nobody gets information faster or more reliably as the Royal Circle’s private investigators, the information mercenaries.

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To understand how the Fae began you must look back to the stories from which their nursery rhymes were formed. To be Fae is not as simple as having the powers that are given with the bloodline. They are proud and strong and no matter how much someone dares strike at them, they will not falter and they will not fall. Their mother made sure to give them that versatility to survive as one tribe of seven strengths.

Once upon a time there lived a woman of great abilities. She was has known as Danu, a sorceress worshiped as a goddess among the Tuatha. She was known as a goddess, among the seven tribes of Tuatha. However, Danu was no goddess, she was woman who desired what the tribes had. Alas she had only their worship.

She was all alone, at least until a young man from the first tribe sought out her abilities to grant wishes. He was bold and beautiful in appearance, but cruel and ambitious at heart. He demanded Danu to give him power so that he may become the next High Chieftain of his tribe. The sorceress warned the man that magic came with a price. He did not heed her warning and so she granted him power. But his power consumed him and it became a curse. He doused himself in the blood of his tribe, to bear the burden of the redcaps.

Danu was all alone again, at least until a cripple from the second tribe sought her out. He was short and stature and had a kind face, but a fire burned in his soul. He pleaded for his goddess to give him his hands back. Danu warned the cripple that magic came with a price. The cripple did not heed her warning and so she granted him his hands at the cost of his face. The cripple returned home only to be chased away by his tribe. He ran away to mountains to hide, to bear the burden of the dwarfs.

Danu was once again all alone, at least until three sisters from the third tribe sought her out. They had great beauty and were desperate for love, so they prayed to Danu to give them what they desired. Danu warned the sisters that magic came with a price. The sisters did not heed her warning and thus the sorceress gave them love. They became one with nature, to be loved by all, but with love came pain. The sisters fled to the trees and waters to bear the burden of the nymphs.

Once again Danu was all alone, at least until a child from the fourth tribe sought her out. He was greedy for the family he never had. Danu warned the child that magic came with a price. The child dismissed her warnings and demanded to have his family and so Danu gifted him a family. The child was overcome with joy at least until his mother realized that he was a false replacement for her true child. The boy fled from the home, to bear the burden of the changelings.

Danu was all alone once more, at least until a tall slender man from the fifth tribe sought her out. He had a curious mind, but desired more knowledge. He demanded to receive the knowledge of the world. Danu warned the man that magic came with a price. However, he would not hear of it and so Danu granted him his knowledge. The man was elevated and no longer shared the weaknesses of his tribe whom withered away. The man watched as his loved ones grew old and died, leaving him alone, to bear the burden of the elves.

Once again Danu was all alone, at least until a wily woman from the sixth tribe sought her out. The woman plead for Danu to grant her and her sisters the ability to transcend the men that held them back. Danu warned her that magic came with a price. The woman didn't care; she was willing to accept that price, and so Danu granted her wish. The woman became a warrior with thirteen of her siblings, together they lost their lives and became the undead, grander than the men of their tribe. Together they bore the burdens of the dallahan.

Danu had been left all alone again, at least until a pair of mischievous twins from the seventh tribe sought her out. They wanted to get revenge on their older brother who always picked on them. Danu warned the twins that magic came with a price. The children ignored her and so Danu granted them their revenge. The twins went out and caused mayhem for their tribe, but were driven out, left to cause mischief for weary travelers. They were to bear the burdens of the piskies.

Danu was all alone, but no one sought her out anymore. The old witch watched as her tribes fell into chaos. At least until a blood-covered man, an impish blacksmith, a lonely child, love stricken maidens, a wise fellow, a headless killer, and two mischievous pranksters sought her out. They didn't ask for anything aside from an answer. Why? Why were they given these curses?

A smile light the sorceress's lips. She looked at her children and gave them her words of farewell.

"My children I give you beautiful gifts, how you use them are up to you. They can be your greatest assets or your gravest weaknesses. You have surpassed humanity and are reborn in divinity as the Tuath Dé Danann. No longer are you seven weak, but one strong. You are my children, you are the Fae. And never forget that.



Despite the legend behind the beginning of the Fae, they are an old and proud race. Over the many years they have changed and altered their way of life. Two courts had been formed - the Seelie and Unseelie - each had their own king and queen and different creatures. Though with the creation of this gang came hat some would say the third court; the Raven Court. While they still recognize their former courts, they member of this gang are from both Seelie and Unseelie, either outcasted or banished from their former homes to become members of a new court.

All Fae share similar strengths and weaknesses alongside their unique abilities.
Tongues - - The gift of tongues allows them to speak any language at will, sometimes without even thinking about it. This gift allows them to work the elements, much as a witch or sorcerer would.

Glamour - - Glamour is basically the power of illusion, except that these illusions are very sophisticated and supernaturally powered. These illusions allow for virtual invisibility and a change in appearance. The Glamours can only be held for a short amount of time (usually about an hour); however, there are Fae that possess the ability to stay within a Glamour for as long as they wish although these Fae are rare.

Sight - - They have the ability to foresee possible futures and observe what may happen. As knowledge of the future invariably causes that future to change, visions of the future are subject to frequent shifting. While not being able to select futures or travel through time, these visions may assist in possible courses of action.

Iron - - Iron is poisonous to the Fae and may kill them if there is too much in their system. Iron can be passed into a Fae's system by the slightest touch so most tend to avoid Iron with a vengeance.

Rowan Wands - - Rowan wands can break a Fae Glamour prematurely.

Honesty - - The Fae are compelled b an unknown force to always tell the truth, which is why many of them make great lawyers. While they must tell the truth they are able to bend their words into loopholes.

Deals - - Another weakness that can also work in favour as a strength comes in the form of deals made. When a deal or contract is sealed it cannot be broken no matter the circumstances, unless one party is to die that is. The terms conditions change for every deal, but one thing is certain that the conditions will be met no matter what.


These are wicked fairies who live in the Border country between England and Scotland. He will dye his cap red with the blood of his victims but he cannot attack if a cross is held up to him. Red Cap is a thoroughly evil creature. He is a short, stocky old man with long gray hair and claws in stead of hands. He lives on the Scottish Border in ancient ruins of castles, especially in those with a bloody history of war and murder. He owes his name to the fact that he wears a red hat, which is colored by the blood of his victims. Red Cap moves with remarkable speed, despite the fact that he wears iron boots. He can overcome even the strongest man, unless the intended victim remembers to quote a few words from the Bible.

The Redcaps were the first group of Fae created and are considered the oldest, however, they are also the least respected due to their biological blood-lust. Thus, they are given the most unwanted and sleazy of jobs within the gang.

Strength - - Redcaps are able to lift things three times their body weight with ease. Although some can even overpower object five times their body weight, though they are much more rare.

Enhanced Speed - - Along with their strength, they are able to move with extreme speed.

Enhanced Vision - - Redcaps have eyes that adapt to their situation and environment to allow for them to be the strongest predators possible. They are able to see farther distance as well as get better images of their surroundings at night or in situations of intense light. Their biology uses their small reserves of glamour, that all Fae contain, to all their eyes to adjust properly.

Blood-lust - - All redcaps have an irrational blood-lust as payment for their abilities. While some can control their blood-lust, it can be easily triggered especially the longer that a redcap goes without shedding blood. Although there are alternative ways of satisfying this blood-lust, such as animal sacrifices and drawing their own blood.

Religion - - Similar to creatures like demons, redcaps are repelled by holy artifacts, such as blessed crosses, sacred seals, and icons of religious figures.


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They are said to be the souls of the dead who were not baptized as children and thus could not enter Heaven, however, they had done no wrong to enter Hell. The Pixies have lead travelers astray by bringing bad luck. They also steal horses which they ride around in circles to create gallitraps. Anyone who sets foot in a gallitrap will become under the power of the Piskies. If that person is a criminal or wrongdoer then they will be hung.

Piskies are seen as pranksters and have a vile nature for luring unsuspecting victims to their deaths. They help with kidnappings as well as tracking down prey for predators; the few that work as Sabaids are usual in a duo. Typically pretty little faces they are the 'innocent' devils of the gang.

Flight - - They have delicate looking wings that are not visible to non-Fae. Similar to redcaps with their eyes, the Piskies' wings use glamour to naturally hide from anyone who is not a Fae.

Size Manipulation - - They are able to grow and shrink in size, however, it must be proportional.

Bad Luck - - Especially inexperienced Piskies get trapped within their own aura of bad luck. Though typically they are just surrounded by things going wrong around them such as things falling down, crashing, or just breaking for no reason whatsoever.

Wings - - Although given the ability to fly, their wings are extremely sensitive and even the slightest touch can put them off their game. Likewise if their wings are removed it can kill the Piskie because even when they are removed a Piskie can feel as their wings slowly die, killing them with it.


The dwarfs also sometimes referred to as dark elves are small and misshapen creatures. The dwarfs use to live inside the mountains deep deep down in the dark underground, in a place called Svartalfheim also known as Niðavellir. The dwarfs are known for being some of the best blacksmiths, not only do they have natural abilities to craft weapons and jewelry. Some of the dwarfs also have magical powers which they use to add special powers to their creations. The dwarfs just love rare metals and treasures so they spend a lot of their time digging in the mountains to find more. The dwarfs are so great craftsmen, that they have created some of the most known artifacts for the Gods and Goddesses in Asgard.

The dwarfs are recognized within their gang as the best blacksmiths to ever live. Despite the prejudice they receive for being 'unappealing' to the eye, their are able to create beautiful products for their gang to both use and get a profit off of.

Sight - - Very similar to precognition, it allows for dwarfs to envision what they want to create before they even begin forging their product.

Strength - - While they aren't nearly as strong as the redcaps, they are able to maneuver heavy machinery and tools with ease as they begin to forge.

Magic - - They have limited access to magic that is primarily elementally focused, such as earth, wind, fire, and water. They are able to create stronger and lighter weapons that are enchanted with glamour and essentially their own life force. Due to high toll making those weapons cost, Magic isn't used very often; especially not outside of forging items.

Poor Vision - - Despite having the gift of Sight, their actual eyes can tend to fail them due to the years that previous dwarfs spent in the depths of dark, mountain caves. However, instead their other sense are much improved.

Curse of Hideousness - - Although many of the dwarfs are average to attractive beings they are viewed as hideous, malformed creatures as their payment for their incredible forging abilities. Only other dwarfs can see the true form they hold.


Forest creatures from Scandinavian myth. They were known to cause disease by shooting people with arrows. Where the arrow struck a person that person would develop pain and sickness in that part of the body. The Elves could be appeased with food and offerings in which if accepted the Elves would be king and helpful to humans. Later they became supernatural beings with a human appearance, described as tall slender looking creatures with long hair. They had no gods but instead they worshiped the trees mountains and waterfalls. According to Celtic folklore, Elves are the same size of a human.

Elves are revered as they strategists of the gang. They have taken over the research on Harvesting human children and have expanded their research beyond just extracting emotions. They are also frequently serving as medics for the gang and sometimes even lawyers.
Superhuman Agility - - Elves are fast and graceful, dexterous with their hands (making them amazing archers and light-arms fighters), and precise in their crafts. The typical adult elf is about three times as fast as a human.

Superior senses of sight and hearing - - Elven distance vision is some 10 times better than that of humans and they are able to see in near total darkness as though in the light of day (light amplification). Their hearing is extremely acute, allowing them to detect sounds unnoticeable to humans and at greater distance.

Magical Abilities - - Though they do not practice the magic arts as humans do, all elves are able to Sense Power and resist magical attack or influence (as a mage of equivalent Power Level). These abilities do not require formal training, but are natural talents which increase as the elf matures and gains experience.

Travel - - The elves know the world far better than men do and are able to use their innate magical abilities, or glamour, to locate and use magical PATHS which link certain locations. These operate much like intra-planar portals, providing instantaneous travel without the restrictions of teleportation which mages use.

Knowledge - - They have an immense thirst for knowledge that must be quenched. Elves have been driven mad by their thirst for knowledge and will do anything to get the answers they seek.


Changeling, in European folklore, a deformed or imbecilic offspring of fairies or elves substituted by them surreptitiously for a human infant. According to legend, the abducted human children are given to the devil or used to strengthen fairy stock. The return of the original child may be effected by making the changeling laugh or by torturing it; this latter belief was responsible for numerous cases of actual child abuse.

A non-human child that has been left in the place of a stolen human child. The old superstition was that young children could be abducted by fairies before they were baptized, and in those days children were watched carefully until that ceremony was completed.

If a fairy is caught in the act of stealing a child, the mother can halt the abduction by calling on the help of God. To prevent an abduction she could lay a Bible beneath the child's crib. Strangely, hanging the father's pants on the wall has the same preventive effect, but the best preventative remains baptism. Occasionally older children and even adults are led away to fairyland and never seen again.

Like in the old stories the Changelings are children, or rather they are creatures that never grow into what one would expect to be adulthood. They are switched with human children to both infiltrate families they are trying to destroy, but also just to help continue their research with human children.

Shapeshifting - - Unlike shapeshifters, the changelings are only able to create cheap versions of those they are impersonating. Their spell also only works as long as their intended victims truly believe that they are who they are pretending to be.

Strength - - While they aren't nearly as strong as the redcaps or dwarfs, they are able to take on a grown human man.

Precognition - - Similar to dwarfs, changelings are able to see short distance into their own immediate future which allows them to escape from tight situations before they occur. However, only experienced changelings are able to proper control this ability.

Religion - - Just like redcaps, changelings can be warded of with holy artifacts, such as blessed crosses, sacred seals, and icons of religious figures. However, even with scaring away the changeling, it doesn't completely guarantee the safety of the child they tried to steal.

Family - - When a changeling is pledged to their family, if the head of their family dies, then the entire family can and will die. Nowadays, it is rare to find many large family pledging groups due to the high risks. Though the benefits is a telepathic connection that connects every member of the family.


Nymphs are female spirits of the natural world--minor goddesses of the forests, rivers, springs, meadows, mountains and seas. They are the crafters of nature's wild beauty, from the growing of trees, flowers and shrubs, to the nurture of wild animals and birds, and the formation of grottoes, springs, brooks and wetlands.

Nymphs bodies mold with their habitat, making them the perfect spies. They blend until they are invisible, being women of nature they are revered to hold immense beauty, but are typically more passive when it comes to the gang related affairs.
Camouflage - - Unlike shapeshifters, they only have one face, however, they are able to disappear within their natural formation. i.e. trees, rivers, mountains.

Immortality - - Like most Fae, they aren't invincible, but their lifespan is elongated and as they mature into their powers is when they begin to truly age.

Nature Kinship - - As beings tied to nature, nymphs can communicate with plants and animals. They don't control the elements, but usually they and the elements get along, meaning they can generally encourage some sort of cooperation. In addition, nymphs can move through the woods without cracking a single twig or disturbing a single leaf, due to their kinship with nature.

Natural Formation - - Each nymph has a special tie to her natural formation, and can retreat into it regardless of normal impossibilities. A nymph cannot stray far from her natural formation without weakening. Her life is also dependent upon it - if something detrimental happens to her formation (a tree sickening, a river being polluted), she too will suffer. If her formation is destroyed, she dies. This relationship is not reversed - if a nymph is harmed or slain, her natural formation will remain untouched.

Human Vulnerability - - despite their strong connections with nature, nymphs are still vulnerable to common weapons. They can be injured the same as any other human being. They are not particularly strong, nor fast, but have a knack for surviving through retreating.


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credit to kiks for archetype

Dullahans are unusual creatures. There are many legends surrounding this ancient race, and they are mostly found in Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and America. They are the undead members of the Unseelie Court – a group of fae who bring unhappiness, misfortune and are unholy. They are unusual for this one little thing; they are headless and are always depicted riding a very mysterious horse. Most have found objects to replace their old and lost heads – such as pumpkins, boxes, dummies' heads, motorcycle helmets, or even human skulls – but some haven’t bothered, as they are too bitter about the loss. Those who do find their original heads either place it on the saddle-bow of their horse or have it upraised in their right hand. Normally by the time they find the head it is the color and texture of stale dough or moldy cheese and quite smooth. A hideous, idiotic grin splits the face from ear to ear, and the eyes, which are small and black, dart about like malignant flies. It is very rare to find their head in a manner unlike this. The entire head glows with the phosphorescence of decaying matter and the creature may use it as a lantern to guide its way along the darkened lane ways of the countryside.

They work as both omens and bringers of death. Some blow a horn which warns hunters not to ride the next day as they will meet with an accident. Others seek out and kill the perpetrators of capital crimes. Their penalty for these crimes; a painful death. A dullahan’s preferred weapon is either a sword, a human spine used as a whip, or an ax.

Enhanced Vision - - If a dullahan has a head, it is possessed with a supernatural sight that enables it to see far distances by holding the head aloft. A dullahan without a head might have poor vision but is equipped with a bodily compass so they know where to go.

Mate - - Dullahan’s mate for life. They gain strength from each other's life force which is why they are so connected. If their loved one does die, it is only then would they be able to seek love elsewhere.

Precious Metal - - An artifact made of gold may frighten them away, for dullahan's appear to have an irrational fear of this precious metal. Even a small amount of gold may suffice to drive them off.

Water - - If they come into contact with the stuff, they will melt away and die – much like the Wicked Witch in the West in Oz. Because of this weakness, they stay well away from rivers or wetland.


Positions and Ranks

The Conclave of the Marked - - [Fourteen] The Conclave or High Council, is a group of the eldest Fae within the gang. They are made up of fourteen members, two from each archetype to get a full and unbiased view of the gang and its members. They are the advisers to the Ceannaire and are those who decide the next Ceannaire after the current one is either eliminated or unsuited for duty. They also decide upon new members of their own digression, however the leader has the ability to dismiss or replace any of them. They are also known as the Marked because after chosen for their position they are tattooed, or marked, with a symbol of advancement.

Ceannaire - - [One] Also known as the King, no matter the gender. The Ceannaire is the leader of the gang who stays in that position until they are dead or unfit to lead. In their place the Conclave of the Marked will vote to decide who will become the next Ceannaire. In this vote anyone within the gang is eligible to ascend as Ceannaire, outside of the Conclave itself.

Mòr-Sabaid - - [Four] The mòr-sabaid are the personal guards of the Ceannaire. Not only do they protect the Ceannaire, but they also act as generals for the rest of the Sabaids.

Sabaid - - [∞] Unlike what their name means, they are not physical fighters, but rather the small amount of muscle that specializes in protecting the Conclave members as well as the King and Scientists. They work more as bodyguards in that sense. They few that don't work as bodyguards, team up in pairs known as dà-sabaid.

Spion - - [Ten] They are the messengers and spies of the gang. Typically consisting of Nymphs and Piskies. They gather intel and report back to the Conclave any useful findings the come upon. This group also has one of the highest mortality rates in the gang.

Eolaí - - [∞] They are the scientists and crafters that make the weapons and advancements the gang needs. This also allows for the gang to have a market in the weapons trade. This is also where Changelings who help with Harvesting are categorized.

Nua - - [∞] These are the new recruits selected by the Conclave of the Marked, but approved by the Ceannaire. They are often looked down on and called derogatory nicknames such as ‘baby’ or ‘child’, and are expendable. They are the lowest of the low within the court and are often given tasks to degrade them even further. Despite this harsh treatment though they also have the most potential within the court.


Gang Activity

Harvesting - - The Fae take young human children and will extract the purest of emotions directly from them to create synthesized emotions. The process can take anywhere from a couple of days to three years. This can traumatizing and ultimately damage the child forever. Side effects vary, but none are detectable; most include the loss of certain emotions and memories. During the time the emotions are extracted a changeling is sent in place of the child.

Weapon Dealing - - While their dealings are an a much smaller scale then the Hell Hounds, they have recently branched out into the weapons market. The dwarfs are a gifted group of Fae that can create nearly anything they set their minds too. With their skills in forging and the Elves ever advancing minds, they create weapons of both great and small scales for dealing out to other gangs and creatures. This is just another way for them to monopolize.

Monopoly - - Despite their seemingly hands on attitude, the Fae are quite the opposite. Aside from harvesting, they very rarely gather in that quantities at a time. This allows for them to take up positions and leadership over most of the banking and central systems of the city, giving them access over authorities which is why it is rare for them to get caught. They are a gang of corrupt businessmen.


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